Lift platform trucks should be how to care:
A brake agencies should be checked regularly and gap adjustment wheel brake shoes and brake to ensure flexible and reliable. In the friction surface, there should exist dirt, the dirt must be washed off with a case of petrol or thinners.
2, each part of the gear box, transmission, and other
Post lift tables external gear lubricating and hydraulic oil according to the lubrication requirements of the table.
3, pay attention to check whether the broken wire rope ministries and pine stock phenomenon. If it exceeds the relevant provisions must be renewed immediately. Rope maintenance requirements should be strictly in accordance with GB5144-85.
4. Always check the connections ministries, if loose should be tightened. Body should check the tightness of bolts (can swivel arm methods to create a compressed state) under pressure in the body, all connections must have a little axle cotter pin, and the need to open fully.
5. Always check the agencies functioning properly, with or without noise, such as find fault, must be immediately removed.
6, hydraulic lift car installation, removal and adjustment Rotary, should be taken to ensure the center line and the center line of the rotary gear reducer of parallel institutions, their mating surfaces of not less than 70%, the backlash to fit.
7. Always check all the wires, cables for damage. The dressing should be promptly and replacement part to injury.
8, met with the motor overheating to promptly stop, troubleshooting and then continue to run the motor bearing lubrication to be good.
9, the various parts of the brush, the contact surface should be kept clean,
liftstar furniture movers adjust the brush pressure, so that the contact area of not less than 50%.
10, each control box, distribution box kept clean, timely cleaning dust on electrical equipment.
11, hydraulic lift trucks each safety device opening and closing limit switch contacts must be reliable, contact should be polished crater.
there are human lifting, power walking
Chinese Dragon of electric fork truck carrying two reach the top of the legs, the use of hydraulic cylinders make for low lifting forks, and are generally used batteries - motor drive form. There are walk-manipulation methods, stop, sitting several. Load from 1t-2t. Fork length is generally less than 1.2 m, walking, brake and steering wheel are completed by the vow. Sometimes the back on each side to support the installation of a small wheel driven. Electric truck lifting and running are using motor-driven, there are human lifting, power walking. Power lifting, human walking is rare. Composed of electric cars: the manipulation of the handle, hand pump, controller, wheels, motors, gears, frame, rod racks, wheels, wheel sets bracket, brake, balance wheels, batteries, and other parts of the front wheel components
Thrust Roller Bearings Feature
Thrust roller bearings for axial load mainly axial , radial joint load , but the radial load should not exceed 55% of the axial load . Other thrust roller bearings, such bearings lower friction coefficient , high speed, and aligning performance . 29000 , bearing stick asymmetric spherical roller , the roller can reduce the relative sliding and rolling in the work , and the roller length , large diameter roller quantity, high load capacity, usually oil lubrication individual low speed available greased . In the design selection , should be preferred ; 80000 -type cylindrical roller thrust bearings , 90000 Thrust tapered roller bearings and needle roller thrust bearings AXK type , can withstand a one-way axial load, it is much larger than the thrust ball bearing axial load capacity and rigidity, small axial space occupied . Thrust cylindrical roller bearings and thrust roller bearings for low speed applications , thrust tapered roller bearing speed slightly higher than the thrust cylindrical roller bearings. Thrust cylindrical roller bearings are separable bearings, can withstand axial load and a slight impact, to limit the axial displacement ( or shell ) in one direction , and therefore can be used as a one-way axial positioning . But its carrying capacity is far greater than thrust ball bearings. Roller rolling , because the roller ends of lines at different speeds , so that the rollers in the ring raceway sliding inevitably arise , therefore , such a bearing speed limit lower than the thrust ball bearings , normally only for low speed applications. Standard design thrust cylindrical roller bearings with machined metal solid cage, according to user requirements , but also other types or materials cage. Thrust tapered roller bearings can withstand axial load, can limit the axial displacement of the bearing , it can be used as a one-way axial positioning . And thrust cylindrical roller bearings compared to carrying capacity, relative sliding is small, but the lower speed limit .
while imports declined. In 2008
In 2006, sales of four categories of construction cranes (truck cranes, crawler cranes, truck-mounted crane and mobile crane) 17,403 units, up 34.1 percent. 2007 sales reached 24,831 units, up 42.68 percent. 2008 Although affected by the financial crisis, China's four major categories of construction crane sales are still growing, almost equal to 28,000 units, up 12.8 percent; sales revenue of 27.27 billion yuan, an increase of 60.2%, total profit of 2.61 billion yuan, an increase of 46%. 2009 policy of stimulating domestic demand in the country under the guidance of China's construction crane industry bottomed out gradually from the second half. Annual sales revenue reached 31.13 billion yuan, an increase of 14.2%; total profit reached 200 910 million yuan, an increase of 11.6%; sales of four categories of crane 33,367 units, up 19.2%.
Exports from China's construction crane after 2006 has maintained significant growth, while imports declined. In 2008, China's exports is the highest ever recorded crane, the annual export of various cranes and other construction machinery 5008 units, up 58%; total amount of more than 8.2 billion yuan, an increase of 88%, industry sales accounted for 30 %, exports become an important economic growth point. But the world recession in 2009 exports of construction cranes have a significant negative impact on exports fell significantly throughout