Pushing electric car
Pushing electric car is a relatively new type of material transport equipment, electric cars are pushed belongs to a forklift. Pushing electric car is relatively small size, easy to use with our electric car to push the warehouse shelf requirements is expensive. liftstar Electric store Positioner Pushing electric car is to use a power, power is more environmentally-friendly electric car is definitely pushing will not cause pollution. And pushing electric car supplies levels are low. And the cost of use is relatively low. Pushing electric vehicles to replace the internal combustion forklifts trend. Pushing electric car is its requirement for the work environment, higher than the internal combustion forklifts, first floor to be flat, dry, and second floor have a certain friction coefficient, because Stacker uses a high-strength polyurethane wheels, no friction coefficient is not normal driving.
Electric push Stacker as a new mechanical, its technical content is still quite high, although the production of Stacker companies more, but mixed, structure, security, and stability, ease of use, the strength of the design and production of different considerations , leading to the final product quality is not the same, looks the same, the same function, but the security, stability is not the same.
Today logistics handling equipment on the market with a manual forklift trucks, electric forklift trucks, diesel forklifts are three of the most accepted and familiar products. How to buy such products has now become the most troubling things enterprise
Post lift tables customers, according to the previously selected Manual Stacker, but now electric forklift trucks, semi-electric stacker higher efficiency, but also more effort. Internal combustion forklifts in some special workshops and out and can not pollute the environment, to the workshop to bring a bad influence.
  Hand pallet truck is moving mainly to make the tray off the ground
Chinese Dragon of warehousing basics : hydraulic hand pallet trucks and cars piled high distinction Hand pallet truck is moving mainly to make the tray off the ground , lifting height no hydraulic stacker high . Hydraulic Stacker is a heap -based unloading cargo , walking no truck light. My company specializes in selling a variety of hand pallet truck, hydraulic stacker and maintenance of hand pallet trucks consignments only on level ground , only to rise by 20 centimeters ; hydraulic stacker can go up according to the requirements of about two meters , is used to enliven or loading of goods . longlonglonglonglonglonglongThat truck transporting goods from the role of material handling equipment . Hand pallet trucks in the use of its bearer pallet fork inserted into the hole , the ability to drive the hydraulic system to achieve cargo tray lifting and lowering , pulling completed by human handling operations . It is the most convenient means of transport pallets , most effective, the most common loading and unloading, handling tools . Chinese earthworm can not only provide our clients with professional handling 16 categories more than 300 kinds of lifting tools and equipment, and its affiliated factories strong R & D and manufacturing capabilities can also provide users special requirements tailored in line with its conditions and requirements of special equipment. Chinese people often use " We must first sharpen his tools " to describe the importance of using the correct tools and high quality , the reputation of the EU is committed to provide users with optimal logistics solutions , using technology tools and advanced technology, developed many ergonomic philosophy, international safety standards , and user habits handling lifting equipment .
Power walking and lifting , all-electric truck wheels
Power walking and lifting , all-electric truck wheels , load wheels, wheel balancing process using a special rubber / polyurethane wheels , durable use ; ultra-small body design , Hugh plot is small, the use of lightweight, can be applied to a variety of catwalk , intersection ; run fast , strong bearing capacity , greatly improve efficiency ; large capacity traction battery. Content from Qi Hong Machinery Chinese Dragon of all-electric truck used methods: longA multifunction handle : the user can start the vehicle via an electronic lock . Easy to control speed, acceleration For accelerated simply turning the switch on the handle , the greater the rotation , the faster the speed . (2) the delay can accelerate work : If a user has been accelerated with the fastest speed of rotation , the machine can have a unique work automatically open , there will be three - nine seconds from low speed high speed , accelerating too quickly to prevent damage to the people . 3 power brakes work can be : the brake lever when standing , walking hand press down on the operating point after work , in the end when you press the brakes also , when the downhill immediate heavy cargo , users can also brake on slopes only to prevent the car coasts downhill , reduce accidents . 4 Five fulcrum structural features : a unique structure can lead to higher vehicle stability , especially on slippery ground or on a slope, better play its unique role. 5 wheels damping system : the drive wheel pressure changes with light and heavy loads , the machine damping system will be based on their own self- damping light weight cargo operations , especially when the ground is not flat , it shows the unique role . Walking on the vehicle , stable performance self-regulation . Content from Qi Hong Machinery batteries, battery indicator : easy to grasp how much storage battery , low battery alarm work can be.
Currently, XCMG crawler crane 2000t level has also been unveiled
Product sales in the domestic construction cranes , truck cranes have been dominant. However, sales data 2006-2009 , truck crane market share began to decline from 2007 to 80% in 2009 to 79.5% . With the development of economic construction , transportation, energy , metallurgy , petroleum, chemical, municipal and other areas of production equipment needs of the crane diversified trend , greatly stimulated the crane , crawler cranes and other product development . In 2008, the market share of these two models , respectively, reached the highest value of 16.5% and 5.9%.
Tonnage continuously improve product is nearly three years of construction cranes in a major trend , crawler crane is one of the fastest growing types of aircraft . In 2003, sales of crawler crane market is just hundred sets , and products are mainly small and medium -tonnage . Into the " Eleventh Five-Year " , the large-scale integration lifting mode become the development direction of large tonnage crawler cranes rapid increase in demand , China's leading enterprises have started construction crane develop large-tonnage products. Beginning in 2009 , Zoomlion , Sany, XCMG Fuwa Heavy Industry and launched a kiloton crawler cranes. Currently, XCMG crawler crane 2000t level has also been unveiled , Zoomlion 3200t design and development is underway. Large tonnage crawler cranes , it not only makes our country to rid itself of this type of product is completely dependent on imports of the situation , but also fully demonstrates the technological level of domestic production and manufacturing capacity .