Manual Stacker accessory role:
Manual Stacker accessories main cylinder, forks, handle, valves, valve seats and so on;
Manual Stacker accessory role:
Valve: Valve points early intake and exhaust valves two ice whose role is to open and close the intake and exhaust passages, it was composed in the head and rod. Head for opening and closing the intake and exhaust passages, hurried: Part is used to guide the movement of the valve. The intake valve is made of heat-resistant alloy steel prices together with ordinary steel, the exhaust valve, exhaust valve head because direct contact with the combustion gas " serious heat. In order to ensure the valve head and valve seat snug fit and thermal conductivity, asked the guide section. often dumped dead valve shaft Kai Lang cut a recess to install cone release tablets.
Valve seat: the cylinder valve seat is on the (side-mounted valve) or
liftstar electric riding pallet jack cover (overhead valve), directly machined circular seat hole, play with it and the valve seal. Some wear-resistant alloy cast iron valve seats available for processing into seat view of the catheter: its role is to guide the air to ask for the correct axial heat transport pill while also indirectly transmitted to the valve stem portion of the water jacket. To facilitate the repair, replacement, valve guides alone create shelter and then pressed into the cylinder block (or cylinder head). Valve guides pressed into the river (or cylinder benefits) should be a team of interference and pressure on people and the depth to ensure good heat transfer.
Valve Shan superfluous: its role is to ensure the valve and valve seat seal, and products to mitigate and overcome Island gas transmission roundworm and other research generated even loan Shakti, to prevent burn-breaking move Valve is working properly.
Structural features of the Chinese Dragon of the van brief
1, earthworm van Baosteel no reliable breakpoint quality 4mm steel weld strength. 2, earthworm truck using integrated cast cylinder, cylinder loading rate of decline from the impact. 3, imported seals, chrome plated piston rod. 4, the internal relief valve provides overload protection, reduced maintenance costs. 5, the rotating shaft is connected to the heart of the high-quality roller bearings, flexible and do not shake. 6, vans using the integrated casting wheel frame and fitted with front and rear guide wheels, fitted with wheels to protect against impacts extend wheel life. 7, tapered fork arc designed for quick and easy access to the tray. 8, equipped with moving parts wear and guide ring, absorbing partial load and prolong life. 9, the handle of the fork truck is equipped with a rubber pad Ministry, greatly extended service life.
the structural characteristics of earthworm DLSPN semi- electric stacker brief description
Brief description DLSPN series of semi -electric stacker structural characteristics and maintenance of hydraulic components : Chinese Dragon of storage equipment knowledge First, the structural characteristics of earthworm DLSPN semi- electric stacker brief description : The car is a human walking and electric hydraulic lift , use of hand when walking mop turning mechanism driven by lower rpm turning , turning easy and convenient . When stacking with mast lifting handle of the object is able to be stacked to where it is needed . So that when the object to improve the work by a small hydraulic lift cylinder work , pump station Combined , the overall design with low noise , high pressure, appearance, compact structure , simple operation advantages. Red is for electric car batteries, ( battery use and maintenance see below ) , consisting of one vehicle equipped vehicle charger , very convenient and practical , it should be the correct use and maintenance will extend the life of the vehicle and improve efficiency . Two , DLSPN semi- electric stacker hydraulic part of the use and maintenance : Hydraulic station takes about 1-2 years to replace a hydraulic oil , cleaning suction filter, hydraulic oil 20 # -40 # machine oil or hydraulic oil , but does not allow the mixing of different grades of oil to use. Hydraulic cylinder piston rod should be taken to keep from damage , where there is not enough lift force or loopholes should replace the seals and dust ring .
exports amounted to 1,133 units
First half of 2010, China's four major categories of construction crane sales totaled more than 24,000 units, an increase of 48.9%. In addition to exports, the major economic indicators are close to record levels during the first half of 2008. As of September 2010, China's only truck cranes, truck-mounted cranes and crawler crane sales reached 33,712 units, more than 2009 full-year sales of 345 units 4 categories crane. Construction crane industry once again restored in 2010 a rapid growth momentum.
First half of 2010, exports of construction cranes rebounded, exports amounted to 1,133 units, exports amounted to 1.86 billion yuan, respectively, an increase of 43.6% and 40.0%. Among them, exports of 893 crane units, up 40.5 percent; crawler crane export 171 units, up 141.0 percent; crane export 96 units, down 6.8%.
From the first half of 2010 corporate sales situation, Xu Zhong, Zoomlion, Sany Automobile Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. and other four companies Liugong truck cranes sold 17,463 units, accounting for truck cranes 87.15% of total sales, Xu Heavy sales growth biggest year growth rate of 30.5%; Sany Technology, XCMG Construction Machinery, ask dug Heavy and Zoomlion sold crawler cranes 736 units, accounting for this type of product total sales 91.43%, XCMG sales increase maximum , an increase of 115.8%; XU Sui
And total sales of Shijiazhuang Coal Mining Machinery crane 2370, accounting for the types of products 70.04% of total sales, Xu grew 62.4% over year.