Forklift hydraulic oil spray solution which
After working for some time part of the truck, in the work unit load drop, hydraulic oil often ejected from the tank respirator, accompanied by the sound of a steam jet outside.
The hydraulic oil tank truck for common industry open structure, gas within the fuel tank to atmosphere through the respirator, when the return pipe back to the oil, the excess air within the tank is discharged through the respirator. Preliminary analysis of the reasons is the lack of a respirator injector ventilation, but after working for some time to remove the respirator, the problem still exists. Remove the oil filler cap test, after working for some time to directly cover the hydraulic oil ejected from refueling.
Its brake pump, steering, multi-way valve and mast cylinder return pipe ports are arranged above the hydraulic oil level, and the nozzle is on the steel suction tube. Scene observed when working device with load drop, a lot of oil quickly back to the oil return pipe through the mouth after playing in the high-speed suction pipe, forming intense splash. After computer rentals hydraulic oil temperature, but also produce a lot of oil droplets and mist the tank, so that a sharp increase in air pressure inside the tank. The oil, the oil
liftstar shop crane droplets and mist, and ultimately through the respirator rapid discharge. Due to the blocking effect of the filter, the oil droplets and mist through the filter respirator piled up in the fuel tank, under outside pressure difference of the role of the high-speed jet of hydraulic oil from the respirator.
Because of these problems forklift hydraulic tank, through research, we decided to go back on the hydraulic tank tubing re-arranged location. Body as follows: the return oil return pipe frequent brake pump, steering return line and multi-way valve is arranged in the return line of all hydraulic oil below the surface, its back to the oil port and suction tube position offset from each other and, if possible pull these big oil return port and respirator distance.
After the return line above the forklift rearranged, back to the oil frequently three return port below the liquid level, avoiding the high-speed crash back to the oil suction tube and produce oil droplets or mist, tank respirator injection disappears. Furthermore, this improved hydraulic components also play a protective role, but also to extend the service life of hydraulic oil.
should immediately slow down after speeding to avoid accidents
But for forklift alarm ( photoelectric sensor class ) , if the forklift negative impact on long-term exercise in harsh environments , mud and dust will photoelectric sensors . Such sensors is difficult to express alarm at the failure of the initial period , but as time goes on, the mud and dust off optical receiving device , so that the alarm failure. We strongly recommend the use of this type of alarm range : Indoor , clean and dust warehouses and workshops . 3 forklift alarm alarm sounds and lights just remind forklift driver , then how to determine the driver's car alarm is still speeding after exercise , whether a record to be found ? If a security incident , the responsibility clearly how ? A: Our forklift truck alarm system is to alert the driver and optical sound on , should immediately slow down after speeding to avoid accidents. The current alarm system does not have a memory function, we are developing an alarm system with memory. Alarm system does not have a mandatory role in the speeding . Such as : cutting off the truck circuit and the throttle and so on. The purpose of the alarm system installed forklift truck driver is to be avoided because of accidents caused by speeding . Meanwhile, the company is not liable for the following reasons brought : ( 1 ) due to forklift accidents caused by their own fault . ( 2 ) due to alarm malfunction brought security incidents. ( 3 ) because the operator does not bring the relevant provisions of security incidents . ( 4 ) other reasons caused accidents. Therefore, we recommend that you should raise the security awareness of truck drivers , consciously abide by forklift alarm.
Minimum turning radius ( four ) transportation vehicles
Minimum turning radius ( four ) transportation vehicles longlonglonglongThe minimum turning radius is the handling of the vehicle transporting the vehicle load low speed , played in the steering wheel when the steering wheel is that the maximum deflection angle , distance from the center of the steering smooth handling vehicle longitudinal centerline. The size of the impact of moving vehicle turning radius and flexible operations moving vehicle . Handling vehicle turning radius is smaller , the smaller the operating space requirements . For the same type of transport vehicle , the vehicle turning radius size related to the size of the design . From the operating flexibility to consider moving vehicles , transport vehicles designed hopes , the various components as compact as possible . Weight ( five ) transportation vehicles longlonglonglonglongHandling vehicle weight is the total weight of the vehicle when transporting unloaded . Also known as wheel load carrying vehicles. From the perspective of energy saving considerations, hope handling vehicle weight as low as possible . When selecting transport vehicles , mainly for the weight requirement to consider the impact on the weight of the container handling vehicles , cars and boats . Dimensions ( six ) transport vehicles longlonglonglonglongSize handling vehicle handling vehicle is the length , total width and total height . When selecting transport vehicles , transport vehicles to consider whether the size of the venue to meet the job requirements . For example , in order to improve the utilization of warehouse , automated warehouse building , requiring roadway width as small as possible , so that the total width of the moving vehicle required to fit the width of the roadway automated warehouse .
Long Feng crane has a car through the good
Long Feng truck crane has the advantage
Long Feng truck crane is a type of small cranes, also approved various walks of life like small construction machinery, the following are the advantages of Long Feng crane introduction,
Long Feng crane has a car through the good, flexible, high-speed travel, traveling with the convoy formations quickly transferred to the job site can be quickly put to work on. Therefore particularly suitable for mobile, not fixed workplace hoist operation. The field produced by a professional factory assembly line, thus making the crane and the economy. Small differences in the classification lifting crane, truck crane also has weaknesses, as arranged by the overall vehicle chassis restrictions, the body is longer, turning radius, and only in the right and left sides and rear of the crane set up five legs can be maintained stability.
Crane lifting operations at the right venue, you can maximize stability.