Electric Stacker safe work instructions
First, manipulate and work areas narrow channel: electric forklift trucks in special circumstances must be through the narrow passage of unauthorized personnel must leave the work area must be stored in specially prepared heavy appliances.
Second, operations management: driving speed must be adapted to local conditions. When through the corners, narrow passage, swing doors and in places not open when the Stacker must slow speed. The driver must be able to visually sufficient braking distance between the truck and the vehicle in front, but must always be in control of his vehicle.
Third, the operation field of vision: the driver must watch the direction of travel, on the situation in front of the channel is clearly visible. When cargoes block the view, the Stacker must reverse travel, if this does not work, it must be equipped with a second person in front Stacker walk to give appropriate guidance and warnings.
Electric Stacker Maintenance:
(1) Check the voltmeter indicator lines are displayed correctly within the range, when the low battery forklift system will automatically send alarm, you should immediately stop operating the truck, the battery to be charged or replaced in order to continue working;
(2) Check whether there is crack on some parts loosening or firmware problems, carefully review the lubricating oil leaks and other anomalies;
(3) Check the truck switch, horn, headlights, light is in a normal state. Whether the burning electrical components and short circuit conditions;
(4) in order to check the drive wheels, load wheels, each wheel balance wheel wear and, if damaged should be replaced to prevent accidents; when traveling, release the power switch, to check whether the drive motor holding brake spirit.
Usually forklift tire pressure checked regularly
Usually forklift tire pressure checked regularly, can reduce the wear of the tire, reducing capital investment. Forklift tire companies NOTES: longlonglonglong 1, two tires and equipment, inflatable should be consistent, not a low-pressure, a high pressure, tire damage. longlonglonglong 2, forklift tires inflated, you should check whether they are air leaks, if you find the leak should be timely maintenance longlonglonglong 3, tire pressure should the current national standards set forth in the "pressure load corresponding to the table," the pressure to inflate provisions. longlonglonglong 4, forklift tire during use, must maintain the internal pressure is normal, if the job too long, the tire pressure should be checked regularly. longlonglonglong 5, if the truck stop for a long time, then the front and rear axle must be set up to protect the tires. longlonglonglong 6, the high pressure forklift tire wear. longlonglonglong 7, forklifts low pressure tires volatility.
China earthworm - all-electric truck maintenance points
(1) Check the voltage table indicates the number is within the range. Presence of the battery pack 24V (48V) output voltage drops 21V (42V) or a single battery voltage is lower than 1.75V, which should stop using the car battery to be charged or replaced after the battery can continue to work. longlonglonglong (2) Check the wear of each round, promptly replaced if damaged. longlonglonglong (3) Check whether there is crack on each part of the body, loose fasteners, oil leaks and other anomalies. longlonglonglong (4) Check the switch, horn, headlights, light is in a normal state. Have burning electrical components and short circuit conditions. longlonglonglong longlonglonglong (5) When traveling, release the power switch to check the motor holding brake is spirit. longlonglonglong longlonglonglong (6) When charging, the battery emits hydrogen and air mixture into the large bowl of explosive gases, so the battery charging equipment must be isolated, smoking. longlonglong longlonglonglong (7) the charging process, feel free to check the proportion of the dielectric and fluid levels, and make adjustments to ensure the quality of the charge.
After starting the crane should be in an unloaded condition
This article explains the operation of the crane tire essentials to help you better understand the device (1) to start the engine. Depress the grounding switch, the Tuen Latchkey screwed to " fire" position, technology down " start" button. After starting electric door lock onto the " work" position, the starter is successful, you should immediately release the " Start" button, the " start" button technology under time should not exceed 15s, so as not to burn out the starter motor. When a successful start at the end, you should pause for a moment (about lmln), to be the starter for the second time to stop before starting. Repeated 3 times still can not start. Should follow the engine manual inspection, troubleshooting.
(2) No-load Preheat running. After starting the crane should be in an unloaded condition, low throttle, low speed (650 a 750r/min) 5-10min. While observing and check the following items are normal, and then only with load for 4k. Fuel temperature> 45 ; temperature) 55 ; pressure> o. 45MPa; voltage with the speed increased, following a maximum 230v: engine without any exception
Vibration, sound, smell and so on.
(3) the engine stop. Depress the pedal flameout, long stop, but also tick open Ground switch.