When electric cars demolished, in order to prevent damage to components, to improve efficiency and to create favorable conditions for future maintenance, repairs, should abide by the following principles:
One must understand the structural and mechanical works of each part before electric cars demolished. Types of electric forklift trucks and tractors, model more, the new structure emerging in front of its structure and working principle is not to find out, do not blindly disassemble, otherwise it may cause damage to components or other accidents.
2, before electric cars should clean the whole car disassembly to prevent dirt from entering the interior of each assembly.
3, from reality, demand removal. Disassembly for inspection, maintenance and repair, if the individual parts of machinery to ascertain without disassembling the case, do not disassemble this part; but also to avoid the failure of small pieces of split assembly, demolition of a multiple failure phenomenon. This can save labor, to avoid damage and reduce assembly precision parts in the disassembly process. To avoid demolition of part, must be able to ensure a maintenance and repair intervals.
4 shall incorrect removal order. Before disassembling to be outside cleaning; demolition, demolition first external accessories, and then order assembly, components, parts, and put away the demolition.
5, to the rational use of tools. When removing the tools used must be disassembled and the parts fit. Removing the threaded rod member as to choose the size of a considerable wrench; when removing static mating parts, use special tools or dismantle press; avoid chaos hammer, Luanqiao, resulting in severely deformed or damaged parts; more not use measuring tools, pliers wrench instead of hand tools hammer and cause damage.
6, when electric cars assembled ready for demolition. Removing non-interchangeable parts should be marked or placed in pairs in order to ensure its accuracy during assembly. Such as multi-way valve with the valve stem of each, they are not interchangeable and should not be placed in pairs mistake. Disassembled parts should be kept classified in order to find, prevent loss, damage and wrong.
Seven electric forklift tire abnormal wear reason
Under certain load and driving conditions, there is an electric forklift tires suitable tire pressure when the tire pressure is lower than the standard value of the running time, the tire radial deformation increases, excessive deflection sides, so that both sides of the tread crown grounded, the inner wall liftstar Electric fork over stacker of the sidewall pressure, sidewall wall tension, tire cords have a greater body deformation and alternating stress. Ply between the tire and the ground and the relative slip increases, increased heat generated by friction, a sharp rise in the tire temperature, the tensile strength of the rubber cyclical compressive deformation, fatigue failure will return speed cords, the tire is reduced when the cord loose and partial delamination, in case of a flat tire barrier impact generated. Uneven tread pressure so badly worn tire shoulder part, a " bridge effect" tread jagged or wavy. Easy tread recess nails and stones embedded in the road, causing mechanical damage. Carcass increased rolling resistance, fuel consumption increases. Tests showed that when the tire pressure is less than 20% -25% of the standard value, a corresponding increase in fuel consumption by 20%. When the tire pressure is higher than the standard value of the running time, so that the crown of the central land, the contact area between tire and road surface is reduced, increasing the load per unit area, the central tread wear increased. Tire cord unduly stretching, stress increases carcass cords, cord fatigue process accelerated, causing the cord to pull off, resulting in early tire puncture.
/span> Under certain load and tire pressure, vehicle speed increases, the frequency of the deformation of the tire, the carcass of vibration and distortion and lateral tire circumferential deformation (formation of stationary waves) increases per unit time and the heat generated by internal friction increases, decreased performance tires, and even ply cracking and spalling tread, accelerated wear and damage to the tire.
/span> In certain tire pressure, tire overload is increased so that the deflection, stress and liftstar scissor lift table carcass cords increases, easily causing the sidewall portions broken cords, loose and ply delamination, the carcass cords of the force exceeds the design allowable stress and the tire contact pressure, the heat generated increases, carcass temperature loading capacity decreases. At the same time due to tire wear shoulder contact with the ground, especially in the face of obstacles, even a small stone can also cause crown blasting. Practice has proved that, under cornering and on uneven road surfaces, when tire load exceeds 20%, the mileage will be shortened by 35%; more than 50%, 59% shortening; more than one times, shortened by more than 80%.
/span> road conditions affect tire life is also a great, it affects the tire friction with the ground conditions and the tires subject to dynamic loads.
/span> high-temperature tensile strength make rubber, reducing elongation and hardness, so that the adhesion strength between rubber and cord fall, but also accelerate the aging of rubber. For tire at high temperatures, especially the aging tires skidding or rolling over when there is an obstacle, it is easy to tear the crown pattern. Rubber sidewall aging due to cracks and deformation of the tire wall cause serious carcass ply cord separated from rubber, once the local encounter unexpected load on the tire is likely to occur puncture.
/span> When the tire being fat, when acid is corrosive and prolonged effects, physical and chemical properties of the tire will change, carrying capacity is greatly reduced, but also easy to use in a puncture. In addition, the tire by the oil seal etched appear massive gas layer peeling rubber tire off the mouth appear small area, as well as the carcass cords and rubber from other phenomena. Due to the oil patch and rubber affinity can not, therefore, even if the wound tire damage is very small, and have lost the possibility of repair.
/span> due to the different load distribution front and rear axles, wheels and steering wheel different work characteristics and differences in road conditions, the wear condition of the tires is inconsistent, if not the same on both sides of the axle to replace the same plant, the same size, structure, hierarchy and electric platform stacker pattern tires, tire wear will be accelerated.
/span> in use, if not pay attention to with a reasonable and regular transposition caused by uneven tire load to bear, will accelerate tire wear.
then semi stacker through the slip ring with links to additional resistance
Details of a professional chain hoists, lever hoists, cranes and other lifting equipment line tackle manufacturers, the following are the motor and motor related news cranes generally use what is different.
Crane motors require high mechanical strength and overload semi stacker capacity to adapt to mechanical vibration or shock. In order to reduce the inertia of starting and stopping, the rotor do more slender.
The main crane induction motor, a squirrel-cage winding type two, which are composed of two basic parts consisting of the stator and rotor. Wound rotor part by the rotor core and three phase windings. Embedded in the rotor winding grooves of the rotor core and form a star semi stacker connection. Each phase of the rotor windings are used flat copper strips are three slip ring and the shaft is turned on, and then through the slip ring with links to additional resistance. After winding motor rotor winding access additional resistance can be improved motor starting performance and speed to accommodate frequent starting, overload and shock. So wound motors are widely used in the crane.
After the truck down, there are a few things to note
After the truck down, there are a few things to note: longlonglong longlonglonglong 1, reversing the curve should also see the car case, under conditions permitting, before reversing longlonglong longlonglonglong 2, straight reversing rear should remain upright longlonglong longlonglonglong 3, the steering, the rotation direction, the speed is not too fast longlong longlonglonglong 4, when the truck reversing, first carry out the surroundings and, if necessary, to get off to observe longlonglonglong 5, reversing turn, take care of the entire vehicle under the premise of trends, but also special attention to the inside rear wheel and fender whether outside or driving way out to touch and obstacles. In reversing the process, the pile should be close to the front or obstacles in order to avoid obstacles and timely correction direction. longlonglonglong 6, reversing the curve, as close to the outside edge driving, avoid touching or pressure line inside hanging longlonglonglong 7, note the difference in the round, placing the front wheels touch the obstacle outlet or hanging longlonglonglong More, all in Hebei earthworm forklift.