Electric forklift Selection and use of safety
Currently a competitive electric forklift truck has many manufacturers and brands, most brands have adopted some parts are imported or domestically produced way more stable performance, products have different features, users can compare their following to obtain a reasonable and economical selection.
An economic comparison. A low purchase cost and replacement cost of spare parts, the warranty period long.
2, compare operating performance and Omission from the attachments of. Require manipulation convenient, well-designed and Omission from small.
3, good mobility. Belong to specific product requirements of small, light weight, compact, high quality rated load of the same size attachments.
4, long service life and low failure rate, safety, and low noise, low vibration.
5, pre-sales technical services in place, due to the electric forklift attachment on the part of the manufacturers do not fully understand, which requires manufacturers to provide the necessary appurtenances technical support.
All kinds of electric forklift more by short piston cylinder, high pressure hose, hose winder, quick connectors, O-ring, is a dedicated parts and other components. These parts can be cleaned with reference to the general hydraulic parts, and maintenance. Except in the case with the use of the pipeline system should pay attention to whether there is oil leakage, rupture, but especially for the case of a permissible load, lifting height, the size of the goods, adaptation range of attachments and runtime width should be strictly press performance parameters attachments execution, we can not overload, but not partial load. For operation at partial load, medium and small tonnage truck attachments with short partial load range should be within bao 150 mm.
How to buy truck casters First, the carrying amount
According to the design load to determine a single caster need to reach carrying capacity. Carrying capacity of the caster wheels are the most basic and critical requirement, should leave some safety margin.
Second, the use of the site conditions
Select the appropriate wheel material based on actual operating
Hand fixed lift table conditions casters. Use on rough ground shall be resistant to wear and elastic rubber, polyurethane or synthetic rubber tire super sub; work in special high or low temperatures, or large temperature difference between the working environment should be a special election or metal wheels High temperature wheels; required to prevent the accumulation of static electricity in the place, preferably using a special anti-static wheels, metal wheels can also be used (if the ground is not claimed any); the presence of a large number of aggressive media work environment, should accordingly Select wheel has good corrosion resistance of. Depending on the usage environment adaptability requirements casters, to select the most appropriate model.
Third, the rotation flexibility
Special high-precision ball bearings running smooth and flexible, especially for high-end equipment and serene environment; DuPont engineering plastics manufacturing quality Patel spirit bearing widely adapted variety of corrosive media; elaborate needle bearing is still under the weight easily freely; to protect the beautiful floor, use a soft rubber, polyurethane and super synthetic rubber casters; round India to avoid leaving ugly on the ground, select a special gray rubber casters, polyurethane wheels, super synthetic rubber tire wheel and other non-print wheels ......
Fourth, the temperature requirements
Cold and scorching heat to many wheels are likely to cause trouble, the best selection and the ambient temperature to adapt wheels.
Fifth, other
In accordance with a variety of special requirements, you can select the
liftstar Electric fork over stacker appropriate accessories. Turn the single valves and double brake pawl device can effectively prevent casters; such as dust caps, seals and anti-wrapped cover and other rotating parts of the caster can keep clean and prevent a variety of fiber entanglement, so long-term use remains nimble as ever casters and steering, so you can stay in any position.
semi electric walkie pallet stacker the consequences could be disastrous.
Lever hoist, crane and other lifting equipment line tackle manufacturers, the following are details of how to buy news chain.
Small chain, the University asked. Can not ignore this little semi electric walkie pallet stacker hand chain. One hand chain hoists are very important parts, through the chain hoists to lift heavy objects, but also because many accidents occur scission and, therefore, become more and more important to choose a good chain.
In the purchase, we need a clear chain is generally used 80 specialty chains, divided by level: high-strength type 80 grade, high-strength type 80, super model 100.
Secondly, the chain has a thickness of points, remember to select the chain is too thin, otherwise once raised too high from not only hurt the hand also easily deformed, chutes and even scission accident occurred, the consequences could be disastrous.
Finally, when buying, check the chain surface is semi electric walkie pallet stacker smooth, whether welding phenomenon, how hardness.
Purchased directly affect the quality of the chain hoists entire section, and therefore can not be taken lightly when buying
Crane lifting system with friction clutch crane video
Tire crane hoisting mechanism or Caterpillar in the main and auxiliary hoist mechanism, focus-driven or driven independently, in order to ensure the independence movement, empty hook drop, usually equipped with a clutch for power cut or transferred. Crane lifting system with friction clutch crane video. Friction clutch can be divided normally open type clutch (referred to as open-clutch) or normally closed clutch (referred to as closed clutch) according to the working state. Normally open clutch hydraulic motor rotates to raise it to the winch drum, thereby stimulating work of the main and auxiliary windings. By the winding direction of the clutch control valve hydraulic oil through the rotary joint in clutch plate assembly power cylinder flow. Set in two power cylinders backplane assembly. Each cylinder, push the clutch shoes. The other end of the movable bracket clutch shoes, advancing one end of the brake shoe expansion, hold the spool, the joint is formed. The gap between the shoe and drum adjusting nut to adjust the clutch to enhance the power cylinder. The clutch shoes due to the action of the spring is reduced.