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The use of electric forklifts prone environments at high temperatures
Electric forklifts in high temperature environment, the temperature difference between the heat of the engine cooling system is small, poor cooling, engine prone to overheating. In the hot summer, due to high outside temperature, engine coolant temperature difference becomes smaller and the atmosphere, liftstar work positioners causing the cooling system cooling becomes small, so that the engine overheating, which will appear the following series of questions.
1, the engine temperature is higher filling ratio decreased, the smaller the air density, the actual intake air of the engine is reduced. Since the engine overheating, the hood inner temperature higher and reduce engine inflatable capability, both the pneumatic coefficient decrease. Resulting in decreased engine power, so that cars with weakness. While the mixture is relatively thickened, vehicle exhaust emissions of harmful substances concentration increases, increasing environmental pollution.
2, the engine combustion is not normal atmospheric temperature is high, into the cylinder mixture temperature is high, causing the engine temperature increases, and low cooling efficiency of the radiator, the engine is in an overheated state, the combustion chamber unburned mixture accept more heat, increasing flame before reaction, prone to detonation. At the same time accumulated in various parts of the combustion chamber, the hot spot of coke formation, easy to produce abnormal combustion, increased engine overheating, creating a vicious cycle in which the relevant components (such as cylinder heads, etc.) produce thermal deformation, cracks or damage.
3, prone to puncture the truck running, high ambient temperatures, tire heat slowly overheat easy to make pressure is too high, causing the tire burst. The faster the speed, the greater the heat generated by the tire, more prone to puncture.
4, braking performance declined truck braking effectiveness will decrease with increasing temperature. Forklift hydraulic brake system, brake fluid vapor lock phenomenon may occur at high temperatures. In frequent braking, brake fluid temperature rises, easily lead to expansion of the cup;
Hand fixed lift table vapor lock brake fluid, brake performance degradation, affecting safe operation.
5, easy to damage the battery temperature is high, the electrochemical reaction of the battery faster, electrolyte evaporation fast, easy to damage the plate, while prone to overcharge, seriously affecting the battery life.
semi electric straddle stacker self-locking insurance and anti-explosion structure tube
semi electric straddle stacker pneumatic double teeth self-locking insurance and anti-explosion structure tube, down automatically open, to ensure safety.cleverly unique sliding system, the platform is compact, but also do not dig pits. with a secondary trolley rails, optional secondary lifting trolley.the front wheel turntable (optional) position is adjustable, for a variety of models.
With the current discussions in the light-emitting conductive plastic tray functionality continues to get ahead
With the current discussions in the light-emitting conductive plastic tray functionality continues to get ahead , use plastic pallets scale electronic product categories will be more extensive, and increasingly replaced by silicon. Plastic pallets are no longer based on simple mats used goods , but has become inseparable from the center of many new industries supporting the product , which is the product of some products not only high -level processing skills is difficult, and the total amount of plastic products in the proportion is growing , it has become the primary production process consisting of plastic semi electric straddle stacker and some occupations . Followed by acceleration and deepening of technological advance the process of industrialization , the use of plastic pallets increasingly wide scale , more profound , the plastics industry dubbed the new production industry is well deserved . Plastics processing industry to become a true modern production industry is entering the next thing the 21st century, especially the " Eleventh Five-Year" period , this change is particularly significant. " Eleventh Five-Year " is the golden age of the plastics processing industry to carry out the fastest and best. If the current is made with a polymer light emitting diode , has been used in many monochrome appear on the phone screen and show some other device. Because it is of a self-luminous characteristic , and thus made the new semi electric straddle stacker screen than conventional television screens and computer 100 times brighter , the image and text can appear viewed from arbitrary viewpoints , and now show a liquid crystal device of the human Angle constraint great. Furthermore, in some electronic devices making use of a wide range of areas , such as various cards with a microchip and the bar code reading device , etc. , polymers are gradually beginning data instead of silicon .
keep the environment clean and charge electric cars while charging
Manual hydraulic pallet trucks consists of the following five components: Handle a small lever handle is small manual hydraulic pallet trucks controlled state . ; 2 tiller steering tiller is lifting frame body with the body , down and walking lever. Tiller back and forth up and down the pressure , the body can slowly rise ; small teeth clenched on the tiller , can decrease the body ; pull the tiller forward and cargo vans can walk ; From 3 hydraulic lifting system sealed up the system can meet most lifting requirements. Pump cylinder mounted on heavy-duty protective seat, chrome cylinder , piston galvanized, low control valve and pressure relief valve to ensure safe operation and manual hydraulic pallet trucks extend the service life ; 4 front and rear wheels and wheel bearing rollers are made ??of durable nylon , rolling resistance is small. Wheels fitted with sealed bearings , flexible operation ; 5 frame body and the body frame body and the body is the use of torsional steel welded forks made ??from high tensile steel channel , wedge-shaped tines made ??of round , easy to insert the tray without damaging the tray guide guide wheel forks smoothly inserted into the tray .