What role has the electric forklift
Dedicated electric forklift truck can greatly improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. Dedicated forklift can be realized on the cargo hold folders, rotation (cis / counterclockwise), lateral, push / pull, flip (forward / backward), separated / close (to adjust the fork spacing), stretching and liftstar work positioners other functions this is an ordinary forklift forks can not complete the action. Use the significance of forklift attachments can be summarized as the following:
(1) high efficiency, low running costs.
Safe and reliable (2) operation, reduce the accident rate.
(3) cargo loss
Walking forklift trucks use a wide range
longlonglonglong Walking forklift trucks use a wide range, mainly used in petroleum, pharmaceutical, military, railways, warehouses, chemical, textile, ports, garages, and other places containing explosive mixture. Some major handling, handling, stacking operations. Double-sided and single-sided tray can be used. According to the most popular fork forward, you can also sway the biggest load of 1t-1.5t, door frame are free to upgrade, you can also sway left and right, so that is not counterbalanced forklift trucks, warehousing, logistics preferred product center. longlonglonglong Handle assembly, variable speed. longlonglonglong Electric assembly, variable speed. longlonglonglong Drive assembly, powerful. longlonglonglong Unattended charger can ensure the battery life. longlonglonglong Traction with a combination of high-capacity battery, charging time, can work continuously for six hours. longlonglonglong Learn more at Hebei earthworm forklift.
the jack does not exceed the rated load of the load. Forklift
Jack is widely used on mobile devices or truck vehicle support equipment weight, adjust the equipment level is an important hydraulic components. longlonglonglong Operating jack Note: longlonglonglong 1, the jack does not exceed the rated load of the load. Forklift longlonglonglong 2, find the location of the focal point on the jack so the weight will not be dumped in the lifting process. longlonglonglong 3, when placing the jack to Euparagonimus. Forklift longlonglonglong 4, the upper end of the jack contact surface or the contact surface is not smooth or smooth soft metal ground plane should be tough wood pad. longlonglonglong 5, when the jack heavy overhead, should be jacked up a little, did not change after inspection before continuing from the top. longlonglonglong 6, should be required to use the jack handle. longlonglonglong 7, jack lifting speed shall not exceed the rated highly. Forklift longlonglonglong 8, when two or more of the jack to work together, pay attention to the load balancing
in accordance with the operating conditions of slewing
This paper focuses on the slewing crane use and precautions
(A) in accordance with the operating conditions of slewing. Select slick interval. General ball bearing. Each operation loo hour lubrication 1
Times; supporting the column, every 500 hours of operation lubrication 1; at high temperatures and dusty environment of continuous work truck cranes, harsh environmental conditions appropriate for the level should be reduced lubrication interval.
(2) grease to seal or reduce friction and reduce wear and anti-corrosion effect. To add a little supplemental lubricant oils, such as labyrinth seals, grease should be made over rob from the labyrinth structure overflows.
(3) must be evenly distributed fat, grease relubrication poise, to actuate the crane slewing mechanism so slow rotation.
(4) cleaning crane, to prevent steam or other fluids into the channel.
(5) truck crane for a long time after the closure, the need for slewing slick.
(6) truck crane work after a period of time, you need to turn the text Order bolts (screws) Retighten to the specified
Torque values. Interval a gel as three months. If the load is relatively heavy, inspection intervals should be shortened.