, Stacker wheels or drive motor speed significantly reduces severe overload cause:
1, Stacker wheels or drive motor speed significantly reduces severe overload cause: The battery voltage is too low or too big pile head contact resistance; between the motor commutator segments coke cause a short circuit between the pieces; motor brake motors with improperly adjusted liftstar Straddle stackers leaving braking operation; drive head gearbox and bearing pedestal lack of lubrication or jamming; motor armature is shorted. Solution: Check the battery terminal voltage Stacker trailer coupling load or clean; clean up the commutator; adjust the brake clearance; check the cleaning and re-filling oil, remove jamming phenomenon; replacement motor.
2, Stacker crane lifting weak or can not reason: Gear pumps and pump mention excessive wear; improper high-pressure relief valve inside; oil pipeline spill; excessive oil temperature; mast carriage the existence of jamming; pump motor speed is too low. Solution: Replace worn or gear pump; readjust; check and repair; replacement of unqualified hydraulic oil and check the oil temperature of reasons; check and adjust; check the motor and troubleshooting.
3, electric stacker door frame Autotilt difficulties or action is not smooth reasons: tilt cylinder wall and seal excessive wear; valve spring failure within the stem; piston rod stuck in the cylinder wall or bending; tilt cylinders inside fouling too pressed too much or seals. Solution: Replace the O-rings or cylinder; replace qualified spring; replace damaged parts; cleaning adjustments.
4, less than the pump pressure or too slow. Cause: The pump cover slot ring damage, excessive internal leakage; gear wear; pump motor speed is reduced; there is blockage in the pipe. Solution: Replace; replace oil pump; check commutator, remove inter-chip coke, carbon brushes position
manual Platform Stackers adjustment; check the cleaning.
5, electrical operation is not unusual reason: electrical box Micro Switch damaged or improperly position adjustment; the main electrical control circuit fuse or fuse; low battery voltage; contactor singeing, or dirt poor contact caused by too much ; contact no action. Solution: Replace the micro switch, re-adjust the position; replace the fuse of the same type; recharged; repair contacts, adjust or replace the contactor; check whether the contactor coil circuit breaker or replace the contactor.
Full electric pallet truck hand pallet truck with respect to the following characteristics:
Full electric pallet trucks with small size, light weight, carrying capacity, easy electric platform stacker to operate features, with appropriate pallets and containers for unit handling the material, can reduce loading times, improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, is conducive to production management, to civilization handling civilization placed purposes. Full electric pallet truck in advanced foreign enterprises has become an indispensable handling, handling tools.
1, the body is small, light weight, can work in a narrow channel, can loaded into the elevator, and can work in a light load floor.
2, all control components are concentrated in the handle ends, simple operation, without professional driving.
3, high-efficiency DC traction motors, traction, walking speed, walking, able to withstand heavy material handling.
4, the lifting system using integrated pump stations, upgrade button to start gently hold the material can start declining button, hydraulic auto-reply, the material can be put down slowly.
5, walking speed control choice of the latest type MOS transistor variable
Hand fixed lift table speed system, according to the loading of goods, the surrounding environment, free of control forward and backward speed operation. (Such as the use of imported variable speed system, may be prepared a number of control programs, the better.
Description semi electric pallet stacker of the ratchet of the ratchet stop working principl
is a professional ring chain hoists, lever hoists, cranes and other lifting equipment line tackle manufacturers, the following are the details related news brief ratchet and ratchet stop working principle of.
Ratchet is lifting machinery parts that are common to one chain hoists are also structural components, is a toothed wheel having a surface or friction surface, driven by the pawl for stepping motion.
By a ratchet and pawl ratchet brake composed mostly by external ratchet semi electric pallet stacker and pawl engagement ceremony. To reduce the size of the ratchet wheel, as the ratchet mechanism mounted on the work of the high-speed shaft torque is minimum so suffered. Ratchet usually keyed by the work of agencies on the drive shaft, the pawl mechanism is set in an empty pin. When the load rises along the direction of rotation of the ratchet pawl ratchet teeth only freedom glide along the surface, does not prevent the rotation of the ratchet; under load when reversing ratchet pawl that is, by its own weight or by spring force into ratchet teeth to prevent reverse ratchet load will stop in the desired position on the.
When organizations forward, in order to avoid the impact of the ratchet and pawl noise generated, can be used as shown below silent ratchet device with ratchet rod hinged on friction ring and the friction ring is caused by friction spring force, hold on a ratchet. So that when the forward rotation of the ratchet wheel by the pawl stopper semi electric pallet stacker is pushed to the link point is reached, to avoid the generation of noise; reverse rotation, and pulled back to the engaged position.
semi electric pallet stacker safety performance of the vehicle must also decreased
If you use a high efficiency electric forklifts , and use more than 5 years of age , prone to failure. For example: Akira door frame , there are security risks forklift decreased stability ; consumable approach or reach the life span , such as forklifts appears sound ( door frame, drive axle, steering axle , the vehicle interior , etc. ) at work ; brakes bad, there are security risks ; motor abnormal noise motor bearings need to be replaced ; turned bad, there are security risks ; semi electric pallet stacker operator components gap, look shabby and so on. This is due to the normal aging forklift electrical parts , normal wear of the mechanical parts , resulting in decreased consolidated forklift , maintenance costs will increase year by year. Each time the emergency repair can only be part of the solution or the current problems. Plus vehicle perennial continuous use , consolidated declining, safety performance of the vehicle must also decreased. In this case, the safe use of forklift trucks must be most concerned about the problem of customers but also the most feared , overhaul work will be for customers to lift such concerns . Here to tell you about the benefits of electric forklift overhaul :
Enhanced through the use of a forklift overhaul security, ease of use can be re forklifts, avoid unnecessary loss of security risks.
After a major overhaul of the car , you can extend the life of the old 30% -50 %. Generally, cars overhaul to extend the life and then continue into use, cost control is very favorable