Hand Pallet Truck of life in general in 3-5 years, the proper use of vans and timely maintenance on the truck to extend its life. In general, the truck use, please note the following:
1, do not overload; 2, the ground conditions are allowed to use; 3, the correct loading of the goods; 4, wear good shoes and gloves when operating safety; 5, please do a thorough inspection before each use operation; 6, using the correct lifting technology assembly machines; 7, do not overlook the liftstar hand stacker potential dangers that may exist during operation.
With proper care will extend the life of hand pallet trucks, when major maintenance check the oil, remove the air and lubrication. Check the oil level every six months. The new injection of oil to the rubber container liquid level is lower than 5mm, when you add the oil must be in the lowest position the forks. When replacing seals, air may enter the hydraulic system, the lever is placed in LOWER position, then swing the handle ten times. Used motor oil or lubricating moving parts. In addition, the need to pay attention to routine inspection and maintenance, inspection of the pallet truck can minimize the wear and require special attention wheels, axles, handles, forks, lifting and lowering control. Whenever work is completed, the
liftstar hydraulic hand truck fork should be unloaded and lowered to the lowest position. Van in the course inevitably encounter some failures, failure to understand the common use will greatly enhance the efficiency of the removal tool.
 Forklift Mast Mast two basic types of internal and external door frame arranged in the form of parallel
Means the forklift truck means carrying a working portion during loading and unloading , it is an important part of the truck , including the mast , lifting chains and rollers. Not only does it bear the entire load , also completed the fork take the goods , promotion, landing and handling operations such as stacking . longlonglonglongInside the door frame outside the door outside the home , on the beam equipped lifting sprocket. Including their home wall mounted lateral and vertical wheel rollers , which can roll out the door frame , serve to reduce the role of the resistance movement . longlonglonglongLifting chain within the mast bypass liter sprocket on one end fixed to the outer door frame beams , while the other end is connected to the truck. When lifting cylinder piston rod rises, the door frame and the truck can lift cargo. longlonglonglonglongForklift Mast Mast two basic types of internal and external door frame arranged in the form of parallel , overlapping , integrated style . Outside the main door frame generally use geometry , can be directly used to suppress steel after welding. Is the outer door frame serves as a guide in the movement of the mast , which is composed of two parallel upright plate , the beams , the beams are welded together firmly . longlonglonglongHebei earthworm forklift quality, low price , it is worth to choose from.
a unique structure can lead to higher vehicle stability
4 Five fulcrum structural features : a unique structure can lead to higher vehicle stability , especially on slippery ground or on a slope, better play its unique role. long longlonglonglonglonglonglong5 wheels damping system : the drive wheel pressure changes with light and heavy loads , the machine damping system will be based on their own self- damping light weight cargo operations , especially when the ground is not flat , it shows the unique role . Walking on the vehicle , stable performance self-regulation . longlonglonglonglonglonglong6 batteries, battery indicator : easy to grasp how much storage battery , low battery alarm work can be. These are just a brief all- electric cars, all-electric forklift trucks and other handling equipment electric operation , more detailed information, please consult : www.cnkinglift.com
This crane has the advantage of good mobility shift rapidly
Crane is mounted on the chassis or regular car on a special crane chassis of the vehicle and its driving cab and lifting separate control room setting.
This crane has the advantage of good mobility shift rapidly . Disadvantage is that when working legs , can not load driving, do not fit in soft or muddy work on site .
OutlineThe concept of crane hoists the car and combining forms can not assemble themselves directly to work.
Feature is convenient and flexible, high efficiency, fast transitions , improve work efficiency.
Disadvantage is that the terrain , large equipment ( 1000-2000 t ) can not be completed . ( The world's largest tonnage of 1200 tons truck crane . )
Mainly used in construction .
Such as : roads, bridges, buildings, rescue and more.
General engineering teams, construction, electrical installation sector , need car hanging .
WorksInside the boom following a rotating drum , at around the wire rope through the pulley on the top of the arm section , the upper boom section pulled out , and so on. Retracted, reverse recovery rope drum , boom retracted under its own weight . The rotating drum driven by hydraulic motor , so they can see the two tubing, but do not as a cylinder .
In addition there are some telescopic crane mounted inside the suit -type piston cylinder, but this application is extremely rare. Multiple levels of expensive ram cylinder , and the boom will occur under load elastically bent , the cylinder life greatly.