Troubleshooting internal combustion forklifts hydraulic mechanical transmission system are: output power shortage, the initial difficulties, shift unresponsive; oil temperature is too high and the torque converter does not work.
Failure Analysis
If viewed from the observation hole of the torque converter to the torque converter does not work, you should first check the oil return into the oil and torque converter, if not back to the oil, and the truck with normal cold and hot cars travel difficulties, the cause of the failure to compensate pump
liftstar electric pallet trucks badly worn or damaged; if the torque converter without power output, while sometimes working without work, the cause of the malfunction is the oil plug, inside idler pulley seat or seat cover is damaged nut loosening.
If the oil temperature is too high, the usual reason is: the oil pump oil blockage caused by inadequate compensation amount, the clutch dry friction caused by high oil temperature; adjust the pressure inside the torque converter oil pressure falls below the main pressure valve, so that converter outlet pressure is too low; oil grades wrong; converter damage to internal components of the engine's power is only rarely passed to the turbine part, reactive power is too large and cause a sharp rise in oil.
Found in the course of the forklift underpowered, climbing difficulty, shift unresponsive, and load lifting work, the first detection system pressure gauges are available, if less than the required pressure value may be due to: Compensation pumps gear pump for excessive wear, the compensating pump gear pump for excessive wear, so that the increase in the compensation pump leakage; cleanliness bad oil caused oil plug, make compensation sucked empty.
As can be seen from the above analysis, the truck's hydraulic mechanical transmission failure is mainly the oil, torque converter and compensation pump these three aspects. Therefore, the first consideration should be to clean up the oil troubleshooting, replacing the oil and oil filter as required; then check the torque converter and compensation pump these three aspects. Therefore, the first consideration should be to clean up the oil troubleshooting, replacing the oil and oil filter as required; then check the
liftstar Electric store Positioner torque converter guide wheel, seat and clutch pulley for damage; and finally check the pump to compensate for wear and repair or replace damaged components. Must clean up the oil radiator surface dust and dirt. Were above treatment, generally better troubleshooting.
scissor lift pallet truck safety shall be designed to fully ensure the safety of the driver
Procurement costs will be shared equally in the life of the truck. So expensive truck will last longer leaving its purchases to reduce costs.
The actual maintenance costs and the cost of repair parts is not only relevant, but also time-dependent failure rates or failure. Therefore, a high-quality truck, the failure rate due to its lower, its maintenance costs are lower.
Energy costs will vary with different power systems and forklifts different, such as electricity, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas or gasoline.
high security
Forklift safety shall be designed to fully ensure the safety of the driver, the goods and the truck itself. High quality forklift safety design considerations tend to every detail, every possibility.
Companies before buying forklifts, forklift addition to understanding the price and tonnage, but should be combined with the specific conditions and business development planning, procurement decisions after considering the strength of the truck manufacturers, reputation, service assurance and other factors. The strength of the forklift supplier in addition to providing a reliable service, but its sales staff should have the expertise to help customers complete models and configuration options stage.
hydraulic confidential kept clean
longlongHand truck hydraulic cylinder is its power components. Simple structure, high mechanical efficiency , quality, quality , easy to automate many other advantages. Therefore , many medium-sized manufacturers have adopted hydraulic mechanical transmission , but there is a small flaw hand truck is leaking hydraulic technology exists , oil changes also affect the speed control , noise and other shortcomings. Should be rational use and maintenance of hand truck hydraulic cylinder , to play its best and highest efficiency. So usually it should regulate the operation and scientific management . longlonglonglongPrevent contamination of hydraulic oil contamination has trilogy : longlonglonglong1 , hydraulic confidential kept clean , the tank should be added above the seal , so that you can fall into place the dust and impurities oil , so the oil dirty impure . longlonglonglong2 , the oil tank should be replaced periodically depending on the progress of the work. longlonglonglong3, when the oil tank replacement , should say at the bottom of the tank to remove the accumulated impurities , and then clean the tank before injection of new oil. longlonglonglong4 , hydraulic oil, oil drums to be set in a clean safe place , and strengthen management. Used oil filter , oil funnels, oil drums, pipes , etc. must be kept clean . longlonglonglong5 , shipping drums of hydraulic oil to be cleaned before using , drums should be specific, not mixed with other drums available. longlonglonglongMore exciting content to do in Hebei earthworm hand truck .
today urgent replacement, urgent energy efficient, high-reliability
in China's development is very rapid, from there to thirty years have passed since the dual variable still play a leading role . Meanwhile repair, service, parts are relatively easy, relatively common, so that the pair of electric forklift industry into a household name across the country every corner. 2007 sales of more than 160,000 of the loaders , basically there are 14 million or so with the dual variable . The dual variable current market price of 20,000 yuan . Change the world for the double major companies see China this double change, this price can only feel powerless and frustrated ! They do not believe , do not understand , this is China's own development of the seventies , with independent intellectual property rights of China featuring dual variable . Can say no when the Chinese characteristics of this dual variable , it is difficult to imagine there will be Chinese loader industry today. This dual variable electric forklift industry in China to dominate more than 30 years still play a leading role . Drive technology development today , this kind of bivariate there are low efficiency, energy saving does not meet today 's requirements. Meanwhile , there are also structural causes of poor reliability and short life defects. Therefore, today urgent replacement, urgent energy efficient, high-reliability , high-tech level of new dual variable instead.