Manual hydraulic stacker Advantages:
1, manual hydraulic stacker is an indispensable material handling aids, pallet lightest, most notably anyone operational.
2, tiller shape suitable folder with plastic handle, particularly
liftstar semi electric stacker comfortable to use. The operator's hand protected by a rugged protection. Can be easily manipulated by hand lifting, down and walking lever, pallet trucks to use, lightweight, safe and comfortable.
3, torsional steel forks made from high-tensile steel channel. Tines made of round, when inserted into the tray, the tray from being damaged, so that the guide wheel fork smoothly inserted into the tray. Son
4, sturdy lifting system that can meet most lifting requirements, according to the standard requirements of galvanizing. Pump cylinder mounted on heavy-duty protective seat, chrome plated cylinder. Low control valves and pressure relief valve to ensure safe operation and long life.
5, wheels flexible operation, and equipped with sealed bearings,
liftstar Electric fork over stacker front and rear wheels made by durable nylon, rolling resistance is very small, and there are rubber, polyurethane or special tires for the election.
6, the hydraulic system and bearings completely no maintenance, but in extreme cases, such as in a wet environment or flushing with high-pressure hoses, all bearings are equipped with filling hole for refueling.
 More, all in Hebei to Aaron Electric Stacker
longlongWith domestic and foreign economic development , especially after the global financial crisis , sales of electric forklift trucks has been in yearly stages , but sales of electric forklift truck is only about a quarter of sales , market share is not high, relative view, American and European countries electric forklift market is very broad , so that our electric forklift trucks market potential still to be excavated . Especially after the five-year plan target setting , state advocates low-carbon, environmental awareness , so the car 's environmental performance of electric vehicles will not be upgrading to meet market demand. longlonglonglongElectric Stacker core technology is basically a " battery , motor, electric control ." Electric Stacker can say is characterized by low power consumption , no pollution, easy to maintain, easy to operate. longlonglonglongWith the development of alternating current technology, electric Forklift increasingly wide range of applications , making electric forklift technical level requirements are also increasing, sufficient to meet the market , but also makes a lot of qualified individuals attention to the electric vehicle storage future development , decided to gamble . longlonglonglongMore, all in Hebei to Aaron Electric Stacker .
 The current market , a lot of truck brand
Material handling equipment in the truck is the main force , using a wide range , including railway stations, airports , warehouses , ports , factories and other sectors of the national economy , is stacking , efficient mechanical handling equipment , short-distance transport. longlonglonglongThe current market , a lot of truck brand , so the choice of vans , people tend to take uncertain note . Hebei earthworm remind you to introduce models can choose red , brand selection, performance criteria and other aspects . longlonglonglongIn general , high-quality , high-performance truck is often manifested in many aspects of low-cost , high- efficiency, high reliability , ergonomics and design . longlonglonglong1 , low cost : When companies purchase and use of the van , the total cost of the required annual spending include: maintenance costs , labor costs, procurement costs, energy costs. A high-quality truck, the failure rate will be lower , so it's not high maintenance costs where to go . With tens of dollars in labor costs is the amount of their monthly gross wages and changes in change. Procurement costs will be allocated to the life of the truck , so long life expensive van , then purchase cost is lower. Because of the different energy into the power system truck , according to diesel, gasoline, electricity , liquefied petroleum gas price movements and changes . longlonglonglong2, high security: With the development of technology, truck safety design should be able to fully guarantee the goods , the driver and van for their own safety . High-quality , high-quality truck safety is often considered every detail in the design . longlonglonglongHebei earthworm van for your dedicated service .
Wheeled crane is equipped with many safety devices
Adjustment of wheeled cranes, including clearance adjustment, structural adjustment, safety devices, and several other aspects of adjustment. Adjustment of wheeled cranes, including clearance adjustment, structural adjustment, safety devices, and several other aspects of adjustment. (A) gap adjustment Preparation brakes, clutches and other working space, the axial thrust bearing axial clearance telescopic boom section and the gaps between the slider, the crane has been adjusted when the appearance is good, but the bit with the other will change due to wear . Therefore need to provide timely maintenance checks adjustment is to conform to the instructions on the required standard difficult. (Two) structure adjustment Some wheeled crane jib telescopic mechanism with rope pulley device reign with - 'After some time, the rope will be stretched. Should adjust r7J camp tail tight rope device to prevent telescoping less recovery phenomenon. Another lever steering system, such as the clutch pedal free travel should be timely adjustments in care overhaul qualified. (Three) safety device to adjust Wheeled crane is equipped with many safety devices. For example, a variety of instruments, amplitude, battalion commander, from the weight of other indicators, tilt, Guo Yang dependents, overload alarm, limit torque limiter and a variety of devices, each system safety valve protector. These devices are in use, reliability and sensitivity often change, in order to ensure operational safety, you should always check periodically adjusted its methods manual for each school.