multi-valve lever can not be reset and cone valve wear
If the stem can not be reset, the trench with the oil of Taoism, will produce internal leakage.
First, because the return spring stem deformation or damage, reduce spring force without giving the stem back in place, replace the spring repairs;
Second, between the body and the stem dirty, have a greater resistance
electric lift table to stem reduction difficult, to be clean when repairing the internal multi-valve, eliminating resistance.
Poppet valve to prevent reverse flow. If the cone valve wear, oil off Mission Road lax, then make hydraulic return, the system failure. When the repair response it into the ground or replaced.
Pouring oil drums powered straddle pallet stacker car use:Tapered roller bearing
Pouring oil drums car , also known as a bucket truck is a suitable powered straddle pallet stacker handling drums factories, workshops , warehouses, depots , handling , stacking, after upgrading drums can be flipped 180 in the air , stay operations, especially suitable for chemical, food shop down materials or ingredients used , greatly improve work efficiency , reduce labor intensity , is a new ideal multi-purpose drum handling machinery .

Pouring oil drums car use:Tapered roller bearing

1 Do not overload used cars pouring oil drums can be rotated automatically pour oil exceeds 90 , the working environment temperature -20 to 45 .

2 , pouring oil drums on a hard drive on flat pavement , prevent and steel, angle materials and other objects collide wheel damage .

3 , is prohibited by pouring oil drums car crash stockpiles and cargo.

4, in the process of upgrading the goods , pouring oil powered straddle pallet stacker drums near the cars are not allowed to stand , maintenance and adjustment should be put down goods .

5 , when transporting cargo to walk , you should try to reduce the height of fork travel .

6 , hydraulic oil drums pouring cars should be required to add a little filtered hydraulic oil. Summer with 30 # machine oil , winter using 10 # machine oil, and rotate the plane of each rail joints and bearings are coated with grease
Continue the implementation of enterprise energy consumption limits special checks
to strengthen energy monitoring . Continue the implementation of enterprise energy consumption limits special checks , the special checks at all levels as Energy Conservation Supervision Center normalization of priorities, develop annual energy conservation monitoring program , the national mandatory unit product energy consumption limits , high energy behind performed using equipment eliminated regular monitoring and inspection , timely publication of the list of enterprises superscalar , and urge enterprises to implement the rectification . Energy consumption limits according to the results of the implementation of the supervision and inspection , timely publication of the list of enterprises and excessive energy consumption over state and local regulations limit energy consumption per unit of product standards enterprises into the scope of punitive tariffs , and urge enterprises to implement the rectification . Further strengthen the capacity building of energy-saving monitoring agency personnel, monitoring systems , monitoring facilities.
Moving heavy truck maintenance tips can start the following aspects
1 . Cleanup hydraulic tank , hydraulic oil and clean-up filter change .
2 . Check the hydraulic pump , oil hoses, fittings and seals , etc. are not leaking .
3 . If necessary, adjust , clean up the hydraulic oil valve.
Second, the chain assembly
1 . Cleanup lifting chain, chain axis and add oil .
2 . Cleanup driving chains, bearings and add oil .
3 . Check the lifting chain, cracks , damage .
Third, the transmission system
1 . Clean-up gear boxes and gear oil change .
2 . Cleanup rotating bearings, and add oil .
3 . Check and adjust the brake system and joint activities with butter .
4 . Check the automatic gearbox system , for automatic gearbox and replaced the filter.
5. Check the tires and tire screws .
Fourth, the circuit system
1 . Dust the whole circuit .
2 . Check the battery and adjust the ratio of sulfuric acid to clean the cell surface , tighten the battery lugs .
3 . Whether the insulation and connecting parts have been damaged or loose.
4 . Check the contact points for wear .
5. Check the lift, hit the road and pump carbon .
6. Check the light signal system, if necessary , replace the bulbs and fuses.
7 . Check the sensitivity of the control system