Forklift spill has been plagued customers use the most common problem the internal leakage
Forklift spill has been plagued customers use the most common problem, Shop Lifter whether it is internal combustion forklifts, electric cars and electric forklift trucks, or hand truck, manual Stacker there leakage problem, the problem seems to be an oil spill unable to solve the problem for a long time, has been plagued by businesses and customers, but today we have to analyze those places easily spill, how will the oil spill, how to deal with.
First, the internal leakage:
Common causes forklift lifting cylinders can not afford or lifting forks and mast itself fell forward on their own fault. The reason endoleak and exclusion method:
(1) the gap between the stem and the body wear too much
Because long-term use or distribution valve dirty oil accelerated the stem and the
Drum Truck body, such as wear and tear, damage the mating sealing surface, resulting in oil spills. If the valve stem when repairing wear light, polished chrome stem can; if the stem badly worn, replace
(2) leakage between the body
Seals fail, resulting in the leakage; valve performance when installing the O-ring damage or aging or damaged in the hydraulic effect, but also prone to internal leakage between the valve body.
If you need to be polished valve damage, replace the O-ring, according to the order and tighten the bolt torque requirements.
(3) safety valve spring failure
If the valve spring failure, hydraulic oil under pressure below the system requirements can be forced to leave the ball spill valve inflow tract, causing internal leakage, the system failure.
Management must be replaced when the spring, and then use the adjustment screw
electric lift table to adjust the spring pressure to 14 Mpa regulations. Demand at 600mm load center distance adjustment 7.5t load cargo, when goods like starting with a non-locking nut up lock, then the pressure is, the need to adjust the pressure.
Electric Stacker charging time, to a well-ventilated place.
Electric Stacker is an important tool in modern machinery warehouse management, its main driving force is the battery, then charge the battery electric forklift trucks Precautions should deserve attention. longlonglonglong 1, Electric Stacker charging time, to a well-ventilated place. longlonglonglong 2, open the cover or remove the battery from the truck. longlonglonglong 3, other things can not be placed on the battery. longlonglonglong 4, avoid contact with skin and acid, and if not careful touch, then use a lot of soap and water or go to the hospital for medical treatment. longlonglonglong 5, and definitely not the storm drain the battery in fire, cause a fire. longlonglonglong 6, Electric Stacker electrolyte during charging temperature should not exceed 45 lu C. longlonglonglong 7, electric stacker battery to keep dry, clean, anti-static cloth to dust. longlonglonglong 8, absolutely can not do temporary wiring or wiring errors. longlonglonglong 9, after charging is completed, check the electrolyte level should be above the bulkhead around 15mm. longlonglonglong 10, used forklift trucks should be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the battery. longlonglonglong More on content, all in Hebei earthworm Electric Stacker
Earthworm electric forklift series troubleshooting repair
Earthworm electric forklift series troubleshooting repair Troubleshooting a power system There are no common faults , charging voltage is too low , the charging voltage is too high. 2 , common faults check the power system You can use a multimeter DC voltage profile, or by measuring the battery voltage at both ends of the generator to determine . 12V electrical system of the engine before starting the generator , the measured voltage of the battery voltage , typically 12-13V; the starter generator , a generator voltage of about 14.4V. 24V electrical system of the internal combustion machinery generators operating voltage of about 28.8V. 1 ) is not charging Symptom: When the engine is working properly charging indicator light or ammeter indicates a negative direction , indicating no power generator , battery not charging. Cause : generator failure , the regulator malfunction or failure of electrical wiring . Troubleshooting : Remove the generator field terminals in a row , turn the ignition switch , check the connection joints with a multimeter , if charged, indicate a faulty generator , the generator may further examination brushes , slip ring, rotor , The stator and other parts or replacement generators. Without electricity, then check the regulator field terminal, if the terminal has power , it indicates that the regulator has a connection to the generator circuit . If the terminal is no electricity , the regulator then check FireWire terminals. If the terminal has power , indicating that the regulator is faulty , you can check , replace the regulator. Check the regulator FireWire terminal, if the terminal without electricity , compared with the ignition switch, ignition switch has a connection to the regulator circuit , the fuse burned out or excitation . 3 ) the charging voltage is too high Symptom : Engine work process bulbs burn easily , excessive consumption of battery electrolyte , use a multimeter to measure voltage DC voltage profile at both ends of the battery or generator , such as higher than the standard value , it indicates that the charging voltage is too high . Cause : Operating voltage regulator disorders or faulty. 2 ) the charging voltage is too low ( insufficient charge ) Symptom : Engine work process, the charge indicator flashes or ammeter swing around zero , use a multimeter to measure voltage DC voltage profile at both ends of the battery or generator , such as below the standard value , it indicates that the charging voltage is too low . Cause : Operating voltage regulator disorder or malfunction, the belt is too loose , the inner stator generators, rectifiers, rotors and other components have failed.
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