drums truck start: Check to ensure that the battery is fully charged
1, drums truck start: Check to ensure that the battery is fully charged, and indicators lights. Insert the key into the lock power, clockwise, lift the emergency stop switch to start the Stacker.
2, drums Stacker forward / backward: The Stacker control handle to his side pull, Post lift tables swing down an appropriate angle. (Left vertical position but not the pressure to the lowest position), then turn the two rotary switches with thumb: If this switch forward to, you Stacker forward, if this switch to turn back, the Stacker Back . Forward / reverse speed rotary switch thereby to control the size of the rotation angle, when you start small or when the surrounding space, in order to ensure safe, controlled rotation angle should be smaller, in order to slow down the speed. There are low-speed button, press the low speed limit on the handle.
3, drums Stacker fork lift: with your fingers press the control button on the handle rose painted marks, the fork rises; press the button down flag painted, the fork drop; then stop immediately after release lift.
4, beginning belly security: When Stacker back, such as body collision red belly switch, Stacker will stop immediately, and to reverse the direction of movement forward a short distance, which is mainly to prevent harm to your body being squeezed .
5, conventional parking Stacker: when you need Stacker smooth stop, loosen the Shop Lifter thumb, rotary switch will automatically reset, this time by the controller generates a reverse current, Stacker minimum distance a further movement after a smooth stop.
6. Vehicle Charging: When the battery meter was flashing signal, that " depleted" alarm, should be promptly charged. When charging, the first electric locks closed and the key is removed from the electric lock.
  Storage shelves Management Principles follows the " seven correct" :
longlongStorage shelves Management Principles follows the " seven correct" : longlonglonglong1 , the right time : buy storage shelves to note several special time: the peak buying time , weekend shopping , seasonal time of purchase , promotional activity time . Several times , often the largest price fluctuations . longlonglonglong2 , the right product : the product is the only high slew rate performance materials , product type, size has a significant competitive edge. longlonglonglong3 , the correct number : Considering the exhibition brings sales growth , to avoid out of stock, substandard . longlonglonglong4 , the right place : the position of the high traffic areas can meet consumer spending habits . longlonglonglong5 , the correct price : best price for commodities has obvious competitive , the price clearly marked on the identity of the price activity before and after , so that consumers see the outstanding interest. longlonglonglong6 , the correct form : to have enough space, you can take advantage of the properties of storage shelves , making the display of goods is easy to see , get to , easy to do and the price of other similar products . longlonglonglong7 , proper maintenance : Always fill the shelves of goods , maintaining clean shelves and goods. longlonglonglongLearn more at Hebei earthworm storage shelves .
before driving , the driver should first observe and clean up the site
Hebei earthworm electric equipment sale to draw attention to issues in electric forklift trucks starting with the use of the process . 1, before driving , the driver should first observe and clean up the site , channel , making it suitable for truck driving jobs . 2 , at the start, you should close the emergency switch , turn power locks, good direction and then pull the switch position , whistle , and then slowly and gradually started to accelerate, prohibited under the speed pedal fast start , starting current is too large to prevent burning bad motors. 3 , when traveling , you should gradually accelerate , does not allow for a long time at low speed . 4 , driving in the direction of non- flip the switch only after a parked car before flipping the direction switch commutation. Should try to avoid emergency brake in case of emergency, should quickly pull down the knife switch , the brake pedal , immediately stop. 5 , started to whistle when turning , turning, downhill , uneven pavement or when a narrow passage through , to slow down, pay attention to safety . 6 , when traveling on the road , to rely on the right of passage , forklift forks off the ground should be around 100-200mm, door frame in the backward position. When two cars traveling in the same direction , should be maintained after more than 2m away . 7 , the car will make the car should be empty to allow heavy vehicles. 9 , prohibits forks manned manned and trailers . 8 , under normal circumstances , the electric motor and the pump motor is running forklift disabled simultaneously to extend battery life. 9, when the operating voltage is below the minimum threshold voltage of the vehicle should stop working, timely charge . 10 , driving in if there is abnormal, should immediately stop checks, and timely troubleshooting, fault zone is prohibited driving . 11 , when the truck towing a trailer , prohibit continuous curve driving, avoid large current discharge and safety implications. Whether loaded , unloaded , uphill, downhill , etc., is prohibited reverse drive . Turn, should slow down to 12 , free goods scattered , keeping in mind the difference between the inner wheel to prevent scratching the inside of the trailer or driving way outside .
supply chain and the surrounding businesses
Cranes network generally refers to the crane industry and built for large sites, including the crane industry production, supply, marketing and other related industries, supply chain and the surrounding businesses, products, business opportunities, consulting together Zou class information platform. Knowledge: industry portals, broadly refers to an application framework that will various application systems, data resources and Internet resources into an information management platform, and unified user interface to the user, so that enterprises can quickly establishment of enterprise customers, employees and business-to-business internal information channels, enabling enterprises to release stored in a variety of internal and external information. Crane Network is a professional industry portal crane, industry portals all the features. Cranes network is set cranes, single girder cranes, double girder cranes, gantry cranes, electric hoist, chain hoist, chain hoists, tower cranes, port cranes, reducer, motor, bridge cranes, jib cranes, hydraulic lift, crane, lifting crane automation, information as a whole, the use of advanced network technology as the crane industry to provide a full range, comprehensive, effective and efficient communication platform, and provides the crane industry e-commerce application solutions!