Truck also known as ground beef,
Truck also known as ground beef, is a short distance internal transport, handling and stacking of goods trackless vehicles. This vehicle is suitable for railway stations, docks, airports, warehouses, construction sites, garages, which are handling, local handling.
According to the structure and use of transport vehicles into truck, tractor and lifting three categories of vehicles, lifting the vehicle can also be divided into forklift trucks, side forklifts, reach trucks, straddle trucks, straddle, tray transport vehicles.
Handling vehicle main features are:
A) paid directly comparable handling more than 25% reduction in manual handling.
2) increase the cargo handling unit, saving transportation time.
3) reduce the damage to transport goods, improve the success rate of the product.
4) increase the height of the heap of goods, improve the utilization of stacking space.
5) reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions.
6) good mobility, performance diversification, reduce other handling equipment, reduce overall transportation infrastructure investment.
forklift hydraulic system functions
1, forklift hydraulic system functions: longlonglonglong Forklift hydraulic system is the use of the working fluid to transfer energy drive mechanism, and is intended to provide hoisting gantry tilt mechanism. Compact has the structure, smooth transmission, regulation and advantages of convenient commutation. longlonglonglong 2, forklift hydraulic system consists of: longlong The part of the power bodies, executive bodies, steering mechanism, assistive devices, transmission media, etc., usually structure and functions of symbolic notation representation. longlonglonglong 3, the principle longlong Forklift hydraulic system is the use of liquid inside the sealed volume can not only transfer power, can also pass the principle movement, the movement of oil to pass through the work of the hydraulic cylinder (lifting hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders and tilt steering cylinder), to achieve the purpose of loading and unloading cargo. When the pump is rotated by the engine continuously operating oil sucked from the tank, the pressure supplied to the dispensing valve, the dispensing valve operated by the driver and then the stem, the working oil into the cylinder the work required to achieve the lifting, landing, forward, backward and so on. longlonglonglong More, all in Hebei earthworm forklift.
Dragon of internal combustion forklifts clutch release shaft usually work frequently
longlonglonglongDragon of internal combustion forklifts clutch release shaft usually work frequently, so it's the number of times a damaged truck relatively large share of the fault , if the driver properly operating internal combustion forklifts , maintenance and timely , clutch release bearings can be used for three months ; If the driver technology level is not high , maintenance is not good, high frequency separation of the bearing damage , almost every month to be replaced. If not promptly replaced, after the separation of bearing damage will spread to other parts . longlonglonglongSo clutch bearings so easily damaged because what is it ? Proven , due to the high temperature of the engine is transmitted to release bearings , bearings themselves generate heat , this temperature increase in high temperature conditions , the bearings of continuous work at high temperatures , and lubrication is not good, this is the frequent cause bearing damage reasons. longlonglonglongIn order to reduce damage to the bearings , we earthworm through trial and error , to get the best solution: the disintegration of the engine exposed release bearing and housing assembly , and then use needle nose grease gun underneath to separate the bearing inner ring small hole refueling, when there is overflow from the bearing grease , turning bearings, bearing the surrounding circle has been rotated to have butter overflow. longlonglonglongThis method can make in six months without refueling within the bearing , not only to save material costs, improve handling volume of internal combustion forklifts , reducing the rate of release bearing intact .
Small crane ban hanging oblique oblique CAUSE
Small crane safety operation rules: small crane hoisting rope hanging objects to go through the center of gravity, and stick straight, that ban oblique oblique hanging. If small oblique hanging crane will not only form a small crane rope pull off overload and cause heavy swing jostling objects and people, and lead to personal and equipment trouble.
Lift the weight from the ground is assumed as Q objects straight lifting, rope tension is equal to Q or S only slightly larger than Q, the weight to be freed from the ground.
But if it is stayed, a small crane and the ground wire to the vertical at an angle. Based on mechanics, acting on the rope tension S, so that the object can be decomposed into a straight upward force P and the horizontal movement of the force F, to make the object hanging from the ground, P at least equal to Q. F along with the increase of the angle. That is, the small crane oblique view larger crane, lifting the same weight of the rope forces acting on the object is greater. So, if a full load when lifting heavy loads straight, then certainly overload when hanging diagonally, and even seizures rope pulled off trouble.
In addition, when a small crane hanging oblique horizontal component F, when the weight off the ground before the effects of friction also suffered. Out of the ground in an instant, the object will swing to straight center, which has staff able to hang hanging around the operating personnel or other objects jostling caused trouble.