warehouse forklift Advantages
l configuration of advanced electronic power steering system EPS, lightweight, low noise; l drive unit with a durable, reliable in the middle of the floating mechanism; l unique booster cylinder configuration, ensuring stronger adhesion ground vehicles, effectively prevent tire slip; l The AC drive motor, brushless, maintenance-free, reduce maintenance costs; l Configure reliable American Curtis controller with variable speed and a number of automatic protection function; l standard lifting power limit function, reducing energy waste and extend the life of the hydraulic system and related components; l steering position using non-contact proximity switch, reliable quality, long life; l Optional automatic corner deceleration devices, to further enhance the safety and reliability of the vehicle; l Optional single support wheels, equipped with guide wheels and pulleys, making out empty tray smoother and more efficient. 2. Features l EPS electric power steering system to manipulate light, low energy consumption, quiet and efficient, with automatic shutdown memory, boot automatically reset function, completely out of the handle and drive systems, can effectively prevent the phenomenon of uneven ground handle thugs drive thrashing caused; l drive unit with intermediate floating bodies to ensure that the focus has always been the most stable part of the triangle institutions significantly improve the stability of the vehicle, and effective shock absorption, protecting the vehicle structure; l booster cylinder vehicle running and lifting heavy load cargo, in order to increase the adhesion of the drive unit to prevent wheel slip; l drive system having regenerative braking, deceleration and recovering energy generated during braking, the extension of the vehicle operating time; l standard lifting power limit function, reducing energy waste and extend the life of the hydraulic system and related components; l high wear-resistant polyurethane tires, good elasticity, strong bearing capacity; l steering position using non-contact proximity switch, reliable quality, long life; l using folding, non-slip pedals, with a spring damping system to ensure the operation of the operator comfort. 3 Security l drive unit in the middle of floating bodies, to ensure the stability of the vehicle with a reliable, stable, non-tipping; l US Curtis controller has a variety of protection features pressure, low pressure, flow, temperature, short circuit; l handle emergency reverse button is effective in preventing the operator from accidental injury; l vehicles with ramps self-braking function effectively prevent stroll slope, when the use of more safe and reliable; l Optional turn deceleration function, ensure that the vehicle is more stable in the large angle when turning and safety; Press the red emergency off switch when in danger, the vehicle can be quickly cut off the power supply to ensure safety.
It was to be such a statistic
It was to be such a statistic , until 2012 , the number of electric forklift trucks has reached 48,362 , this set of data shows that more and more electric forklift trucks user's favorite , but in general terms , electric forklift market comparison of only 31% , market development shows that electric forklift is also great. Electric Stacker reason favored by the users , and its advantages are inseparable. Simple high electric ghost car , flexible , driver operation Electric Stacker strength either internal combustion forklifts lot easier , especially electric stacker electric power steering system, hydraulic control systems, braking systems and speed control systems are electric signals to control , greatly reducing the labor intensity of the operator, so that not only improves the work efficiency , but also enhance the safety factor a certain height . And then compare the internal combustion forklifts , electric stacker relatively low noise , and low pollution emissions , the rapid development of electronic control technology also makes electric stacker operation to become more flexible and original , more comfortable, more and Scope more widely , in short , is a good direction . So basically can already foresee , electric stacker will certainly demand grows faster and faster , the electric market share will grow , seize the opportunity , not to be missed .
Forklift to buy issues that need attention
Forklift to buy issues that need attention longlong Select the appropriate type and brand forklifts, the company in favor of the use of funds reasonably efficient. Currently a forklift competitive with many manufacturers and brands, most brands are made of all imported or domestic production of some parts of the way, the performance is relatively stable, products have different features, users can compare their following , resulting in a reasonable and economical selection. 1, pre-sales technical services in place, due to the attachment on the part of the truck plant is not fully understood, which requires manufacturers are able to provide with the necessary technical support. 2, long life and low failure rate, safety, and require low noise, low vibration. 3, operation and performance comparison is a lost set distance. Requirements convenient operation, reasonable design and Omission from small. 4, good mobility. Specific requirements are small size, light weight, compact, high quality of the rated load of the same specification attachments. 5, the economic comparison. Once the purchase cost and the cost of replacement parts, the warranty period long.
high-precision algorithm for segmentation and indexes created with Web publishing
Crane is a network operating system and complex project , the industry portal of the foundation is to have the primary data volume increase, the volume of data is not only the amount of information directly to the site , but also including members of the traffic data improved. No amount of data industry portals, it would not be the amount of traffic and membership , no amount of traffic and membership site is a dead stop , no vitality . Accumulation of huge amount of data , and customers rely on manual is not enough . Many portals began to use vertical search engine technology , the use of specific vertical search engine technology crawl precision of acquisition, high-precision algorithm for segmentation and indexes created with Web publishing , the web was a great improvement. Cranes site in the future Build crane site can use some tools and a mature industry portal solutions to achieve , so the industry is based on the core of the portal there is a huge amount of data in the industry , there is no data in the industry portal just a basket case , is to do more pages and architecture very large number of channels , nor under the search box , and a huge data more attractive to users . Crane web-based technology + automatic collection and dissemination of search engine technology and interactive website member + instant messaging system , is built crane site best solution . KW communication to achieve self build large sites tabbed search engine system deployment , instant messaging nesting site model , the crane site operators and architecture model innovation of ideas . Less investment , more advertising revenue , the influence of industry authority , itself formed a positive spiral effect , if coupled with specialized e-commerce,