Note the use of pressure maintenance and truck scales
First, the problems of interpretation: 1, place heavy objects not too far before (ie two tines tip section) 2, field calibration weights low quality 3, truck use the right way, try not to weigh in on the move 4, does not exclude transport, squeeze, drag a heavy object, secretly calibration possible 5. ban the barbaric use Two measures: A re-calibration weight greater than 1T, less than 2T (1.5T calibration) forklift raised about 2cm calibration placement in the middle of the table after partial (handle section) 2, was called before the weight can not be partial, that can not go beyond the front end of two head position sensors, such as pallets, pallet tines must not exceed 3, as well as weighing error: Methods : The truck rose to the highest, with a piece of paper inserted into the scales cover the four sides of the fork gap paddling around to see if there are places on the list, if the problem can be a suitable tool by Alice from Method raise tines cover, loosen the sensor retainer, with a large flathead screwdriver to adjust upwards, and then loaded on retainer can be. If there is no adjustment screw on the sensor, you can then remove the tines loosen the retainer cap, then the cap under the four screws in 2-3 turns can be. Methods Check to see whether the touch retainer rod, such as touch directly remove the retainer, try scales once, if not installed removable retainer useful. Truck, hand pallet trucks, forklift trucks, manual hydraulic stacker, hydraulic truck scales, hydraulic forklift, said hydraulic pallet truck scales
Advantages flat wagon advantages are
longlong Advantages flat wagon advantages are: longlonglonglong 1, walking lightweight longlonglonglong Rotating parts of the plate trolley casters and car plate is in contact with patented design reduces drag up and walking. Rear panel mount rated items, requiring little human thrust, will be able to walk. longlonglonglong 2, walking mute of longlonglonglong Flat trolley casters using a unique acoustics design, the trolley no noise in working condition, to mute the effect. longlonglonglong 3, lighter weight longlonglonglong Flatbed trolley car plates and casters using impact modified plastics, iron car weight reduction compared to a half, and split package, easy to carry. longlonglonglong 4, good performance and durable peace: Due to the four corners of the car plate arc-shaped, surrounded by the appearance of smooth, no glitches, to prevent unintentional injuries and human peripheral items; car plate is impact modified resins, and the application of backlash modification technology, not aging, durable. Non-standard trolleys can be customized according to customer requirements. longlonglonglong More exciting, all in Hebei earthworm forklift.
Shijiazhuang Lung Trade and Industry Development Co
Shijiazhuang Lung Trade and Industry Development Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of electric forklift trucks, semi-electric stacker Semi-Electric Stacker motor maintenance (1) Check the motor maintenance should be carried out under the power. (2) every three months with a 250-volt megger motor cold insulation resistance, the resistance should be greater than 0.5Mwei, such as the resistance is less than 0.5 Mwei, should be dried. Cable (3) Check the motor outlet is correct, firmly. (4) Check the commutation is clean between slices, brush in the brush box should slide freely. (5) Check all fasteners are tightened. (6) brush every three months for a check for wear, replace brushes discretion. (7) a year to do a comprehensive motor maintenance.
forced to work in the soft ground
power down . Switch to the " Electric" position in the idle case, the lifting handle to the down position , and then gradually increase the throttle . And special attention should be : Do not step on the accelerator pedal , the brake to prevent excessive inrush current due to sudden brake release , resulting in speeding motor motored phenomenon . F lowering speed shall not exceed half the lifting speed to avoid brake overheating. In each job , the job site should be dry ground while Tanzania sturdy , forced to work in the soft ground , should lay adequate strength steel or wood, Paul Wang crane dump trap does not occur .
From the weight of the crane lifting heavy objects should be rated lifting Scale enumerated range. Do not fight outrigger operation, the tire pressure should be o. 7 Land o. 02MPa, and tighten the screw jack overseas before , to prevent the machine tipping accidents. " Driving, brake " switch should pull in the " brake " position. Check the lifting height limiter is working properly.