This crane is supported on both sides of the elevated rail operation
platform lift truck This crane is supported on both sides of the elevated rail operation, in addition to general cargo unit can be transported long heap objects. From the time span of less weight and can also be hung on the roof below orbit, then it's lifting trolley can transition to another neighbor across the stacker crane hanging. Column can be a single or multi-section telescopic. Single-column structure is simple, light, but not across the cargo stack and other obstacles, mainly applicable to warehouse shelves. Multi-section telescopic platform lift truck sections are generally two to four columns, across goods pile, it can also be used to direct the stacking unit loads into a pile of non-rack warehouse. Cranes can be controlled on the ground, but also together with the lifting forks cab control. Nominal weight is generally 0.5 to 5 tons, some up to 20 tons, mainly for the height of 12 meters or less, the span of less than 20 meters in the warehouse.
Width depends on the size of pallet forks
longlonglongSome customers buy at the beginning of the time of hand pallet trucks will not start feeling a little bit , I do not know what kind of truck specification is suitable for their own , and but also inexpensive. Here I will introduce a few tips: longlonglonglong1 , the width of the fork longlonglonglongWidth depends on the size of pallet forks , the general manual hydraulic car standard size cars and narrow width of the car , wide car 685 * 1200mm, narrow car 540 * 1150mm. longlonglonglong2 , load longlonglonglongIn general , there are international.0t-2.5 -3.0t-5.0t, these four load . longlonglonglong3 , fork lift height longlonglonglongGeneral national standard tray height 100mm, national standard hand pallet trucks under the minimum height in this course so . General hydraulic truck into the lowest point when the height is 85mm, 75mm are two, of course, there are special low discharge cars , the minimum is reached 65mm. Low price is slightly expensive to put the car in general , there are no special needs do not recommend purchasing longlonglonglong4 , plate thickness Fork longlonglonglongGenerally a little better 3.0t car uses a 4mm steel plate , and the plate thickness difference plus some paint thickness are lower than 4mm, some even only reach 3mm, so jerry exchange price advantage for consumers is very pay obligations. This car is easy to fault in subsequent use. In addition , 5.0t hydraulic car plate thickness should reach more than 8mm , so it would be difficult to bear weight . longlonglonglong5 , Wheel Material longlonglonglongGround conditions must keep the job to decide. You can choose ground conditions smooth polyurethane wheels , the ground is not good , you can choose aluminum with plastic wheels , they are more resistant. longlonglonglongMore exciting content , all in Hebei earthworm truck .
on the lifting platform installation and removal
. Earthworm lifting platform is an important high-rise building construction equipment, but also the construction job site accident-prone equipment should be prioritized examination What about lifting platform safety knowledge of it: 1, on the lifting platform installation and removal, and to have complete approval procedures and detailed programs to guide safe construction lifts. 2, for the installation of the driver lifting platform lifting platform security technology and demolition personnel lift platforms should have the appropriate level of technology. 3, the mounting box removal team must have provincial authorities issued safety certificates. Forklift 4, after the completion of the lifting platform installation and acceptance testing report records and authorities, is essential. 5, complete each lifting platform lifting records, identify problems, and immediately suspended use to solve problems. 6 lifts manual is a must. 7 demolition job of special operations personnel must hold a certificate
Trinity's first large international orders
Saudi Arabia was one of the staff tried to get a large lifting Saudi leasing companies to purchase hundreds of cranes,
In the last in 2012, Sany Heavy Industry in the international market sales reached 1.1 billion yuan, an increase of 50%. Sany Heavy is the deputy general manager of international marketing from all of this witness.
Real opportunity took place in 2011, when Saudi Arabia, a Saudi employee tried to get a large lifting leasing companies to purchase hundreds of cranes, then drew a lot of attention of international brands.
Although thirty-one fame was in Saudi Arabia is not large, but decided to try to fight high-level, so make unremitting efforts, our customers finally agreed to come to Trinity Industrial Park visit.
Came, the customer immediately by Trinity shocked by the atmosphere and rigorous, but also the excellent performance of the device does not make people amazed, customers immediately added thirty sets of orders.
It was Trinity's first large international orders, after which the company has signed a big one and Trinity also strive for perfection in their products, the international order more and more.intermittent movement of the crane operation cycle characteristics of the work.
Which category has several cranes
The crane is in a range of vertical and horizontal movement of goods hoisting machinery, and the intermittent movement of the crane operation cycle characteristics of the work. By Application: General cranes, construction cranes, metallurgical cranes, railway cranes, port cranes, shipbuilding cranes, deck cranes. By tectonic Category: bridge type cranes, jib type cranes, rotary crane, non-rotating cranes, stationary cranes, crane operation, operation of cranes and rail and non-rail line. Common Model: electric single and double girder, single girder, double girder gantry, cantilever, electric single girder suspension, single and double girder grab, explosion-proof single, double girder, metallurgy single, double girder, semi-gantry cranes, manual single beam, suspension, bridge machine, etc.