Provisions relating to electric pallet truck for safe operation
1, a vehicle safety device must complete and intact, the components sensitive and effective, good technical performance, non-vehicle travel sick.
2, to maintain the standard traveling Electric Hand Pallet Jacks state, fork forks from 10-20 cm from the ground when the ground running, fell to the ground with about poor road conditions in the work stops, it is important to reduce the appropriate and should reduce speed Pallet Jack hand Stacker.
3, truck driving, such as electric controller out of control, then promptly disconnect the main power supply.
4. The use of electric vehicles in particular should pay attention to the timely and proper maintenance of battery charging batteries. Note that when the battery charging methods, both to make the battery is fully charged, the battery can not cause excessive charging.
5, in the electric vehicle operations, minimize the use of long-range acceleration time, when the vehicle is started, the speed increase after stabilize the accelerator pedal, such as better roads, the vehicle will continue to accelerate. Decelerate the vehicle need to relax the accelerator pedal, gently depress the brake pedal, which can take full advantage of the deceleration of energy, if the vehicle has a regenerative braking function, you can make the kinetic energy is recovered during deceleration. When the vehicle ramp down, do not disconnect the drive motor circuit, gently depress the brake pedal, the vehicle runs on regenerative braking, the vehicle down the kinetic energy use and reduce the battery energy consumption.
6, the vehicle is running, do not " forward, backward" direction switch mistaken turn switch. Unless urgent need to slow down, do not directly to the brake pedal in the end. Vehicles using the process, found the battery is low (by electricity meter, electric platform stacker power loss alarm indicator and other devices to get), you should charge the battery as soon as possible, to prevent excessive battery discharge.
7, the vehicle is running, not at high speed process, often taking emergency braking; otherwise the brake assembly, causing great friction wheels and shorten the brake assembly, the wheels of life, or even damage the brake assembly driving wheel.
rigid tube minimum Pallet Jack hand Stacker strength of not less than three times
1, in order to operate hydraulic transmission aerial work Pallet Jack hand Stacker platforms, the system should be set up filters or other devices to prevent oil pollution, the choice of hydraulic oil should meet appropriate quality standards.
2, the hydraulic piping system should be neat, reasonable, closely connected securely, all hoses, rigid tube minimum breaking strength of not less than three times the system design pressure. Transmission system should be smooth, without abnormal vibration and noise caused by suction waited in vain.
3, the hydraulic system safety relief valve, or other settings to prevent excessive pressure overload and impact device shall not exceed 110% of the rated working pressure of the system, rated working pressure of the system shall not exceed the rated pump pressure.
4, the hydraulic system should be equipped with appropriate protective measures to prevent pipeline rupture occurs when the hydraulic circuit when leakage and other faults, hydraulically actuated stabilizer legs or retract the hydraulic cylinder and the working body weight caused by speeding the decline led to decline crashed.
eliminating outdated equipment Pallet Jack hand Stacker with high energy consumption
to promote information technology for energy saving. Strengthen the guidance of IT to promote energy conservation , and information technology to promote the deepening of enterprise energy conservation, promoting the " two" deep integration . Organization of Green IT development strategy, promoting the green data center , green base , green power , green computer evaluation criteria established , increase energy transformation of existing communications equipment , eliminating outdated equipment with high energy consumption . Study proposes enterprise " digital energy" promotion plan and promote programs to promote key energy companies on major energy facilities , equipment, implementation of digital control , building energy management and control centers , improve energy information management system , the implementation of energy systems digital, intelligent transformation, promoting the use of online digital simulation of energy management and control system construction .
generally refers to a piston of said internal combustion engine
Combustion forklifts working principle is liquid or gaseous fuel after mixed with air , and then enter the high pressure directly into the combustion chamber of the cylinder internal combustion eruption move Force . Said thermal energy can be converted into a thermal energy of the mechanical drive. And battery forklift is a big difference . longlonglong longlonglonglongBroadly internal combustion reciprocating piston internal combustion engine includes a rotary piston engine and the free piston engine only , including gas turbine rotating impeller , Jet engine, etc. , but generally refers to a piston of said internal combustion engine . longlonglonglongDespite the complexity of the various components and electrical equipment models are different, the wiring can vary, but they all have the following common features: longlonglonglongA voltmeter must be connected in parallel across the power supply , the timing of the voltmeter to work should be controlled ignition switch or the main power switch . longlonglonglong2 , in order to prevent a short circuit or grounding lines or electrical equipment causing damage to various electrical circuits with a circuit protection device . longlonglonglong3 , the majority of equipment used on internal combustion forklifts single system , the analysis of the circuit schematic , from electrical equipment along the circuit to circuit switching investigation , protection devices , power positive . As Constitute a loop , grounding electrical equipment must not neglect caused by poor electrical grounding own failure to find fault . longlonglonglong4, the electrical equipment circuits are connected in parallel and are subject to control of the switch , which controls the way into control of the power cord and grounding wire . longlonglonglong5, two on the power of internal combustion forklifts , generators and batteries that are connected in parallel , during or circuit breaker with a meter . longlonglonglongMore, all in Hebei Dragon of internal combustion forklifts. longlonglonglongRelated articles : Notes combustion forklifts driving.