Bracket truck as special machinery, used abroad than earlier.
Bracket truck as special machinery, used abroad than earlier. At present, China has introduced three types of stents van. Counter-balance Stacker A shovel plate bracket van. Ai Muke represented with 912, hydraulic support truck self-important, high center of gravity. 2, flatbed truck trailer bracket. FBL15 with DBT's representatives, fuselage length, poor safety and convenience. palet jack 3. " U" shaped frame bracket van. In Butelangye LSC350P and LWC40T represented, with a light weight, low center of gravity, smooth operation, convenient loading and unloading, transport speed, runtime driver sight better advantage.
Bracket truck can carry refers to all kinds of social production and business activities related to stent products vehicle type equipment. The actual production of large-scale practical activities, in fact, dedicated hydraulic support and handling equipment for mining, and is designed for mechanized mining face in the process of moving down the face of luck or long-distance transport of hydraulic support (can be broadly applied to understand and expand mining etc. lugging machinery such Scraper etc.) designed and developed a new type of special vehicles or special handling tools.
From an economic point of use features and analysis, T20 / 30/40-type trailer truck with a bracket " U" shaped frame structure, which is more common for domestic. It can be divided into one car and split the car, the car also known as split-trailer truck hydraulic support. liftstar shop crane Hydraulic support plane this van when it intends to use to carry the fork inserted into the " U" shaped frame, powered by the hydraulic system of hydraulic lifting and lowering bracket to complete the drag force handling operations. It is a hydraulic support handling tools easiest, most effective and most common loading and unloading, handling tools.
Chinese Dragon of electric cars work characteristics
Chinese Dragon of electric cars work characteristics: 1, small size, light weight, carrying capacity, energy operations in the narrow channel, can loaded into the elevator, and to the floor in a light load operation. long 2, using efficient AC traction motors, traction, walking speed walking, can withstand heavy material handling. 3, to improve the system using integrated pump stations, start button that can enhance the material gently hold, starting declined button, hydraulic auto-reply, the material can slow down. 4, using the latest MOS tube variable speed system, according to the loading of the goods and the surrounding environment, free of control forward and backward walking speed operation. 5, all control components are concentrated in the handle ends, simple operation, without professional driving.
combustion forklifts best company , Hebei earthworm .
Internal combustion forklift truck is a major electrical equipment by electrical equipment , power systems, protection devices and electrical control devices and other components . Characteristics of internal combustion forklifts electrical equipment is connected in parallel , DC , low voltage, single system , negative grounding . long1 , Low : refers to the electrical system voltage levels using two kinds of 12V and 24V (nominal voltage ) , it is from every single cell battery voltage of 2V calculated by the value obtained is not rated working voltage of the electrical system . 12V for the internal combustion forklifts equipped with gasoline engines and some small power diesel engine , 24V generally used for large and medium truck equipped with a diesel power . To make the work of internal combustion forklifts , generators can charge the battery , internal combustion forklifts electrical system is rated at 14V and 28V. 2 , DC : DC motor is the starter must be powered by the battery , and the lack of battery power must be used to charge DC . 3 , the parallel : is more than a truck electrical devices are connected in parallel . 4 , the negative electrode terminal metal : refers to a single-wire system, the negative electrode of the battery must be connected to the vehicle body with a wire , and the connection point of the electrical equipment of the vehicle body is called grounding point , namely: electrical equipment having positive and negative Uniform provisions is negative grounding . 5 , single system : that only one wire from the power supply to the electric connection between the equipment and the engine block and the other wire from the truck body made of metal instead of wiring conductors form a closed circuit. More, all in Hebei earthworm hand truck . Related articles : Teaches you know Manual platform truck
old age small crane drivers know
fact this is a very risk-control habits, so it makes the driver's steering wheel force feedback discrimination, but also when there is poor road or pressing operation can be injured fingers.
Small crane seat can be adjusted conditioning mirror, old age small crane drivers know, there are three small crane on the " eyes" , referring to a mirror, mirrors and rear view mirror. Mirror, sky and ground transmission lines should be in the rearview mirror, the upper, outer rear view mirror also can be seen in 2/3 of the earth, 1/3 of the sky, it can guarantee the majority of small crane panoramic view of the road. When about conditioning, probably also out of the body outside mirrors are now within sight, but not too much, simply grasp the neighboring state line. Incomplete view mirror, the best is in connection with a wide-angle lens, which can ensure more deepened all the way. But uncorrected substandard goods, some small reflective mirror depicting cranes unreasonable long-term use can cause small crane driver's vision, risk. Small crane final conditioning inside rearview mirror, small crane control staff sit, probably can clearly investigate road standards, you lower, not higher, to grasp more information. In addition, special attention is that some owners of large items placed near the rear window, which is affecting the results.