How safe loading and unloading vehicles.
A two conflicting performance materials, not while loading and unloading. Of heat intolerance, fear the influx of materials, to take heat, moisture handling measures.
2, the handling of dangerous goods should be light to move liftstar counter balance stackers gently to prevent collision friction, throw touch vibration. Liquid metal pail destacking, should not use fast humping way packaging to prevent breakage. Repairer of damaged packaging can be moved to a safe location, renovated after handling, may not use the tools that may occur when sparks renovation motorized pallet truck.
3, after the completion of loading and unloading operations, should wash their hands, face, mouth rinse or bathe. Midway may not diet, smoking. And must be kept on-site air circulation to prevent contamination of the skin, mucous membranes. Handling found dizziness, dizziness and other poisoning, first aid knowledge by ambulance, weight should be immediately sent to hospital for treatment.
4, items scattered on the ground, should be promptly removed. No value for the sweep up waste, should use the appropriate disposal physical or chemical methods, to ensure safety.
5, before loading and unloading of dangerous goods vehicles, you must strictly enforce the rules and relevant regulations, prepare in advance, carefully check the material handling tools and operating equipment. After the work is completed, the tool above the contaminated material must be removed to prevent conflicting substances cause a chemical reaction. For tools operated oxidant items before after cleaning must be cleaned.
6, the job site should be a unified command, with clear command signal fixed, so as to work methodically to avoid confusion that job accidents. Handling the job site personnel and equipment operators should strictly observe labor discipline, obey orders.
7, a variety of handling equipment, safety procedures must be developed, through the operation by trained personnel to operate full-time, to prevent accidents.
8, the operator can not wear shoes with nails. Depending on the Post lift tables hazardous properties and should wear appropriate protective equipment separately. Of toxic and corrosive substances, but also to greater attention should be appropriate to consider a period of time after the operation, a breath of fresh air, to avoid poisoning. After the operation is completed, the protective equipment should be cleaned or disinfected to ensure personal safety. Various protective equipment should be the person responsible for the custody of special reserve.
All- electric truck hydraulic system air exclusion method
Remedy: First, check the free travel of the brake pedal fully electric van , the specific method is loosen the lock nut , turn the master cylinder pushrod until the pedal free travel far ; after all- electric cars work for some time , by hand touch the brake drum fever case, if all the wheels are fever , then the fault in the master cylinder should decompose inspection, troubleshooting ; If only all- electric cars or shoes with a drum brake cylinder gap is too small , according to the fault location and characteristics, to take concrete measures to be excluded. Second, the exclusion of the all-electric truck hydraulic system of air All- electric truck hydraulic system air exclusion method 1 Pump exclusion First check all electric truck oil reservoir tank liquid level indication engraved lines should be located at , in the exhaust process should remain at or above that level ; Second, the pump connected to the top of the oil tank reservoir pipe fittings, tighten the oil reservoir tank cover , take care decentralization gas cap screws , arranged exhaust hose , the other end of the hose vertically into a small container filled with brake fluid , again, with one pump cheer another person relax bleed screws , use compressed air to force the master cylinder, tubing, together with the brake fluid discharged together with the Wheel of air until the bubble -free brake fluid excluded so far . 2 foot brake exclusion Carried out by the two operations, one in the all-electric transport vehicles riding the brake pedal , the brake system to generate enough pressure to another person under full electric cars, relax bleed screw , air excluded , then tighten the screws, repeat until the air drained so far. It should be noted : the oil reservoir tank should continue to add brake fluid to all electric cars, the air discharge is completed , it is timely to add a little brake fluid.
Currently used forklift hydraulic transmission cooling system
Currently used forklift hydraulic transmission cooling system , hydraulic transmission oil cooler and more will be built into the engine radiator pipe with water chamber. The existence of this cooling method the following three questions: First, hydraulic transmission oil and coolant chamber strings easily with each other ; while the third is harsh working conditions ; Second, the initial start- hydraulic transmission oil temperature is low , the oil viscosity, low transmission efficiency , hydraulic transmission oil temperature is too high . In response to these problems , decided to forklift hydraulic transmission cooling system improvements. The improved hydraulic torque converter transmission cooling system includes an external temperature 2 and 3 plate-fin heat sink , such as shown in Figure 1 . Specific improvement program as follows
the development needs analysis. According to functionality, performance
Development Process
First, the development needs analysis. According to functionality, performance, operating environment and other factors, together with our customers to develop detailed user requirements specification, and thus determine the development goals.
Second, the initial program design. According to requirement analysis, program development, including the functions and parameter settings, basic calculations, the total three-dimensional drawing and other preliminary work, and then conduct a preliminary review with the customer.
Third, the detailed program design. Listen preliminary opinion, the implementation of program design. Refined three-dimensional model to modify the total figure, drawing the part three-dimensional map of the structural components of the finite element analysis and dynamic simulation. Then second review with customers.
Fourth, the final plan was finalized and drawings drawn. Listen to opinions of second instance, modify design. Floor plan drawing (eg parts diagram, component assembly drawing and assembly drawing, painting and drawing, etc.), a parts list, repair parts list.
Five, making all the technical documents, including advocacy and technical samples, the product manual