Air transport vehicles are vans in one, in the use of air transportation vehicles, when there are several considerations:
1, when the gas pressure is insufficient, the balloon is not completely filled with gas, if forced to push, can cause the air bag from the point of contact with the aluminum plate or torn.
2, the main source of supply air flow> 4 m3 / min, pressure 8KG / cm mobile scissor lift table.
3, air and ground contact module is a balloon, the balloon material is rubber parts, when in use and must not contact with sharp objects, use the time to clean up the ground in advance to ensure that there is no ground for any possible damage to the air bag items, If cracks in the ground, it can be sealed with tape, and then may use air truck.
4, each cushion to withstand the weight of the module should liftstar Electric lift be uniform, pneumatic air cushion to be in the focus of the module, the module is not prone to such cushion tilt.
5, the inflation pressure of each cushion module can not exceed 0.4mpa.
6, when carrying heavy loads, use at least three cushion modules, in order to avoid discontinuity, causing the accident.
7, cushion module is not withstand the weight or the completion of bearing the weight of the gas pressure should not be too large, otherwise appear cushion module beating phenomena such as these phenomena occur simply reduce the supply pressure to normal.
installation Thermostat
installation Thermostat In order to solve the initial forklift hydraulic transmission oil temperature is too low to start the problem, increase a thermostat in the cooling system of hydraulic transmission oil cooling cycle path. According to the level of hydraulic transmission oil temperature , the thermostat can automatically change the range of hydraulic transmission cycle oil ( large loop or small cycles ) , adjust the cooling capacity of the cooling system to ensure proper hydraulic transmission gearbox oil temperature in the range of work When the truck started working , hydraulic transmission oil temperature is below 70 , hydraulic transmission oil small cycles . Under the action of a torque converter transmission oil pump , through the mouth into the torque converter oil thermostat , thermostat oil port C closed , the oil without the oil cooler return directly to the torque converter , the formation of small cycles , so that the hydraulic transmission oil rises rapidly to the appropriate operating temperature. Hydraulic transmission oil temperature rose to 70 ~ 80 , the thermostat and the oil port A port C while in a semi- open state, then part of the hydraulic transmission oil through the oil outlet thermostat to radiator cooling C then enter the torque converter, and the other part hydraulic transmission oil directly back torque converter, while large and small cycles cycle . When hydraulic transmission oil temperature higher than 80 , the thermostat fully open the oil port C , the oil port B is closed at this time hydraulic transmission oil through the oil outlet thermostat C into the radiator to cool before entering the hydraulic converter, forming a cycle .
Each sandwich structure welded into a whole post
To solve the harsh conditions when high oil temperature and hydraulic transmission oil and engine coolant chamber string of mutual problems , decided to built-in hydraulic transmission oil cooler to replace external plate-fin heat sink. Plate -fin heat sink is mainly composed of a group of stacked sandwich structure is welded to each of two parallel sandwich structure of the separator 1 , 2 and wavy fin seal 3 , as shown in Figure 2 . Each sandwich structure welded into a whole post , which together with the necessary head, to take over . Plate-fin heat sink only has a high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, high strength , adaptability and other characteristics, but also has expanded secondary surface , which makes it much larger than the area of the heat pipe radiator cooling belt area . The radiator is not affected by water and cooling media room space , according to the torque converter cooling power to choose their specifications. In addition, due to the hydraulic transmission oil cooler and engine radiator are two separate water cooler, so the hydraulic transmission oil and engine coolant can not mutually string chamber . 3 . Improved results The new hydraulic transmission cooling system improved on our test equipment 25t forklift , forklift working hydraulic transmission oil temperature is always in the range of 70 ~ 90 , the cooling effect is good.
basically using a common mechanical gearbox , performance is very backward
The most towers, 1.5 ~ 3t forklift gearbox is the seventies and eighties , the introduction of Japan TCM forklift technology , based on the successful development of the forklift gearbox, is the largest mechanical gearbox with a synchronizer , some with ordinary three components of the torque converter hydraulic mechanical transmission , 5t above basically all hydraulic mechanical transmission . The general level , the most wide range of large domestic forklift matching gearbox basically can meet their needs. Bulldozer gearbox is introduced early eighties Komatsu D85, D65 based on the technology , to achieve localization successfully developed , is also basically meet the matching requirements. Roller gearbox in the nineties before , basically using a common mechanical gearbox , performance is very backward . The twenty-first century , and gradually the mechanical gearbox with synchronizer used in the roller , so that the roller drive system technology to a new level . After 2002 , gradually introducing Hangchi ZF dual variable technique is used in roller , so that the roller has entered electronically controlled transmission period, technology has a big step .