Electric forklift motor controller has gone through several stages of development Mobile Carrier
Electric forklift motor controller has gone through several stages of development, and the development of good, then it has gone through several stages of it?
1, the battery started directly, just relying on complex adjustments or battery discharge control.
2, the resistor start
Loss of the ability to control large, only a limited rate of decomposition.
3, thyristor controller, also liftstar electric walkie pallet jack called SCR controller.
Transistor control makes the possibility of greatly increased.
4, the bipolar transistor control
Then compared with the thyristor, the working principle of a more simple, the disadvantage is the high reliability requirements of the circuit.
5, MOS FET control
Gate drive current, good parallel control features, positive forward voltage is relatively small, relatively low switching losses.
Manual hydraulic pallet trucks method of operation is as follows
1 , the small handle to lift the frame body and the body will automatically fall into place when the little handle raised to the horizontal position , the frame body and the body will stop decline ; 2 , this time beneath the tiller manual control push or pull to the goods or the goods stacked on a shelf artificial body ; 3 , and other goods pile up , put a small handle pressure , manual control of the tiller back and forth up and down movement of the frame body and the body will rise to the appropriate location to stop back and forth movement of the frame body and the body will stop rising ; 4 , when the little handle raised horizontal position , and then drag the tiller to the unloading position unloading ; 5 , during unloading , the small handle to lift the frame body down to the proper position when the little handle raised to a horizontal position and then unloading. Note : push or pull hand pallet car, be sure to let the small handle is in the horizontal position , only this state , the operator tiller frame body and the body will not rise or fall . Course not arbitrarily small toggle lever to avoid the risk of tipping cargo . Hydraulic system and bearing the general maintenance , the use of very low cost . However, in exceptional circumstances, such as in a wet environment, the available high-pressure hose to wash . All bearings are available in the filling hole , add oil to be used for a period of time . longlonglonglonglonglongThis article from the Suzhou Industrial Equipment Sen Muda more information, please introduce you to Drive Electric forklifts and electric tractor
the survey only bearing damage
Rolling speed limit damage to understand the causes and solutions Date :2012 -09-08 Source : Internet Views: 14 Text Size [ medium and small ] Rolling damage state as roller bearing ring wall abrasions, which may be due to lack of lubricant grades inappropriate for oil discharge structure defects, foreign invasion, bearing installation error or shaft deflection is too large, the above may also be caused by various reasons consolidated . Generally speaking , the proper use of the rolling bearing , the fatigue life can be achieved . But early damage if an accident occurs , you can no longer use . And fatigue different life, this early damage , known as failure or accident. Multiple causes of installation , use, lubrication on the ill- considered , from the intrusion of foreign bodies or external to the shaft , bearing insufficient research . Thus , the survey only bearing damage , it is difficult to know the real cause of injury. However , if you fully understand the use of the bearing of the machine, the foundation conditions and its peripheral structure, clarify the situation before and after the failure occurred , combined with damage of bearings and analyze a variety of related reasons , we can prevent similar failures again. Bearing Injury representative and countermeasures. Even the use of ultra- modern manufacturing techniques and processing the highest bearing parts . Observed with pretension load change reading method . Preload method has its negative aspects , is well known . The appearance of their work will always be kept in the appropriate parts of the micrometer head against the end face of the bearing or shaft . 1 . Bearing structure and conditions of service . Different structures for different conditions of service ; different auto parts bearing on the structure of their process vary , it affects their quality. Therefore, we should develop new structured products to suit different conditions of service and may indicate its appropriate service conditions or performance on the rolling bearing instructions to facilitate customer choice . 2 . Strengthen technology research, improve the processing technology to improve processing quality and reduce the possibility of defects in the processing . If the heat treatment , a greater variety of inner and outer rings , try to use the lower limit of the quenching temperature , holding time to adapt , to improve the alloy concentration , increasing the fracture strength of martensite , and choose a higher return under the premise of quality assurance ignition temperature to enhance the toughness of the workpiece. 3 . Improved processing means of monitoring and promoting quality improvement process . Such as improved monitoring of the flow path curvature position , improve the overall performance of the car bearing assembly after Rolling improve working conditions .
How to adjust the seat and a small crane small crane rearview mirror
Buy small crane, a vehicle depends on the appearance of a small crane, small crane structure, small crane hydraulic system, there is no certification, especially small crane front and rear axles and gearbox, is not innovative! Verify small crane old gearbox, front and rear axles trick to have: the ability to investigate the appearance of a small crane front and rear axles have dirty oil, can scratch the metal weapon look dead there is no slop! To see a small screw axle rear axle crane is not regular, big and small the same, especially since marginal axoneme empty thread is not clear, there is no split at the scene. How to adjust the seat and a small crane small crane rearview mirror? Such a simple control problem is to prevent the risk of the source. According to the survey, incorrect posture and control small crane Sight bad will directly cause accidents, do not think this is what others say, do not believe that will now see a small crane to manage personal stance is correct. Small crane brake pedal depth, number of twists and turns will have legs; while back too straight, do not lie, the best control condition, when the natural lie shoulder, arms straight after wrist probably just resting on the steering wheel to the opposite direction of wheel is guaranteed troops, but the appearance Taiwan km, speed, and other functions can also view a display size. Trembling hand wheel, the best is in the " 3" and " 9" position. Natural thumb on the steering wheel spokes. Some people love the thumb, or conversely from the lateral direction of the wheel