material handling lifts Picture Scissor Lift
material handling lifts Picture Scissor Lift: a beautiful model, double hidden structure, superior synchronization performance. 2 levels of precision adjustable, suitable for a variety of high-precision wheel alignment. 3 easy tire removal and chassis overhaul. 4 wheel turntable (optional accessory) position adjustable, extended rear wheel skateboard. 5 pneumatic double teeth self-locking insurance explosive devices and anti-pipe, down automatically open, free fuel ultra-resistant materials slider. 6 imported hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components, stable and reliable equipment operation. material handling lifts.
Types of bearings Detail
Deep groove ball bearings Most representative of rolling bearings , widely used, can bear radial load and axial load . Suitable for high-speed, low noise, low vibration occasions within a pre- filled sealed bearings with steel shields or rubber seals of the amount of grease , bearing outer ring with snap ring or flange that easy axis to locate , and easy to install inside the enclosure . Maximum load bearing size and standard bearing the same, but the inner and outer rings have a slot loading , increasing the number of balls fitted to improve the rated load. Aligning ball bearings Spherical roller bearings have two raceways between the inner and outer ring raceway is spherical , equipped with a drum -shaped roller bearings. Outer ring raceway curvature center and bearing center line, so has the same self-aligning ball bearing self-aligning feature. When the shaft , casing deflection occurs , you can automatically adjust load and axial load in two directions . Radial load capacity, suitable for a heavy shock load conditions . Inner diameter is tapered bore bearings can be installed directly . Or use an adapter sleeve , remove tube installed in the cylinder axis. Cage with steel stamping cage, forming polyamide cage and copper alloy machined cage
Entity type needle roller bearings
Needle Roller Bearings Entity type needle roller bearings The basic structure of the bearing inner ring with the NU -type cylindrical roller bearings the same , but because of the use of the needle , the volume can be reduced , and can withstand high radial load bearing without inner ring should have a suitable mounting surface accuracy and hardness of the shaft as raceway use . Thrust needle roller bearings Separated by a bearing raceway ring and needle roller and cage components , (WS) can be used with any combination punching thin raceway ring (W) or processing of thick -cut raceway ring . Non-separable bearings are precision stamping by a raceway ring and needle roller and cage assemblies maintain overall bearing constituted . This class can withstand axial load bearing . Small footprint , compact design in favor of mechanical , they use only the needle roller and cage assemblies , and the mounting surface of the shaft and housing to use as a raceway . Tapered roller bearings with frustum -shaped roller , roller guided by the inner ring large rib . Designed to make the inner raceway, outer ring raceway and roller apex of the conical surface of the rolling surfaces intersect at a point bearing center line. Single row bearings can bear radial load and axial load, double row bearings can bear radial load and axial load , suitable to withstand heavy load and shock load. Cylindrical roller bearings installed in accordance with the number of columns bearing rolling elements are different, cylindrical roller bearings can be divided into single row , double row and multi- row cylindrical roller bearings. Where the application is more cage single row cylindrical roller bearings. In addition, there are single or double row cylindrical roller filled and other structures roller bearings.
according to different internal structure
Single row cylindrical roller bearings under the ring wall is divided into N -type , NU type , NJ -based , NF type and NUP type. Cylindrical roller bearings under radial load capacity , according to the structure of ring wall can withstand a certain one-way or two-way axial load. NN and NNU type double row cylindrical roller bearings compact structure , strong rigidity, large carrying capacity, the small deformation under load , mostly for supporting the machine spindle . FC, FCD, FCDP type four -row cylindrical roller bearings can withstand higher radial loads , more for rolling mills and other heavy machinery. Spherical roller bearings This kind of bearing outer ring raceway spherical raceway is equipped with a dual between the inner spherical roller , according to different internal structure , divided into R, RH, RHA and four types of SR . Since the outer ring raceway of the bearing center line with the center of the arc , aligning performance , it can automatically adjust the axis of the shaft or housing deflection or misalignment errors . Can bear radial load and axial load . In particular radial load capacity , suitable to withstand heavy load and shock load. Tapered bore bearings through the use of fasteners or withdrawal sleeve on the shaft assembly and disassembly can . Spherical roller bearings can withstand greater radial load, but also bear certain axial load. This kind of bearing outer ring raceway is spherical shape, aligning it with the performance, when the axial force leaving the inner bend or tilt tilted relative to the center line and the center line of the outer ring does not exceed 1 lu ~ 2.5 lu , the bearing can still work .