Truck also known as ground beef
Truck also known as ground beef, is a short distance internal transport, handling and stacking of goods trackless vehicles. This vehicle is suitable for railway stations, docks, airports, warehouses, construction sites, garages, which are handling, local handling.
According to the structure and use of transport vehicles into truck, tractor and lifting three categories of vehicles, lifting the vehicle can also be divided into forklift trucks, side forklifts, reach trucks, straddle trucks, straddle, tray transport vehicles.
Handling vehicle main features are:
A) paid directly comparable handling more than 25% reduction in manual handling.
2) increase the cargo handling unit, saving
liftstar ride on pallet trucks transportation time.
3) reduce the damage to transport goods, improve the success rate of the product.
4) increase the height of the heap of goods, improve the utilization of stacking space.
5) reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions.
6) good mobility, performance diversification, reduce other handling equipment, reduce overall transportation infrastructure investment.
Jack is a top lift pieces of steel as a working device
Jack is a top lift pieces of steel as a working device, through the top or bottom bracket claws in the itinerary jacking small light weight lifting equipment. Jack is mainly used in factories, mines, transportation and other departments as vehicle repair and other lifting, support and so on. liftstar Rider Pallet Truck manual walkie stacker Its lightweight and sturdy structure, flexible and reliable, one person can carry and operate. Jack is divided into two kinds of mechanical jacks and hydraulic jacks, each with a different principle. In principle, is based on the principle of hydraulic jacks for Pascal principle, namely: the fluid pressure is the same everywhere, so that in a balanced system, the pressure is liftstar electric pallet truck applied above the piston is relatively small is relatively small, and the large piston the applied pressure is relatively large, so that the liquid can be held stationary. So by passing the liquid, you can get different pressures on different ends, so that you can achieve the purpose of a transformation. Our hydraulic jack is common to use this principle to achieve transfer power. Mechanical jacks mechanical principle, reciprocating lever handle, pull push the ratchet claw rotary gap, small bevel gear drive big bevel gear, so weightlifting screw rotation, so that the hoisting or lifting the sleeve to get down to achieve the lifting tension function. But not as a simple hydraulic jack.
manual walkie stacker to inspect the entire section down chain, identify the cause of the fault.
Is a professional chain hoists, lever hoists, cranes and other manual walkie stacker equipment line tackle manufacturers, the following is how to solve the inverted news and details of chain chain chain card slip.

Down the chain is a little manual lifting tool, although simple to use but not necessarily everyone, inside knowledge or find many, there will inevitably be in the use of the card chain, brakes not working, chain slippage other issues, how to solve it?

1, to inspect the entire section down chain, identify the cause of the fault.

For example, the card is due to the chain rusty chain caused; brakes not working due to the detent spring loose and cause; hand slipping because of the friction plate friction plate parts with oil or too thin lead.

2, how to avoid these failures in the future?

Do routine checks to see whether the various parts parts rust, deformation, loosening; regularly use oil to manual walkie stacker avoid rusting chain; timely replacement of badly worn parts.

That is difficult is not difficult, problems encountered in the use inverted chain will basically these types, as long as you are simple to master, all faults are clouds.
There are two electronic scales truck models to choose from
Electronics said hand truck truck not only function, but also with weighing function, a new generation of logistics truck equipment, China's logistics industry has a great significance!

There are two electronic scales truck models to choose from:

One is called with a print of the electronic transport truck, which by definition manual walkie stacker means that said electronic truck weighing items can only function, but it also has a print function, is weighing information can be printed out, relatively easy Similarly the price is relatively high point;

Another is the print function without electronics, said truck, van and weighing only function, no printing function, of course, a relative said truck section with electronic printing electronics, said truck prices are cheaper!