truck Performance Features and Security
l EPS electric power steering system to manipulate light, low energy consumption, quiet and efficient, with automatic shutdown memory, boot automatically reset function, completely out of the handle and drive systems, can effectively prevent the phenomenon of uneven ground handle Hand fixed lift table thugs drive thrashing caused;
l drive unit with intermediate floating bodies to ensure that the focus has always been the most stable part of the triangle institutions significantly improve the stability of the vehicle, and effective shock absorption, protecting the vehicle structure;
l booster cylinder vehicle running and lifting heavy load cargo, in order to increase the adhesion of the drive unit to prevent wheel slip;
l drive system having regenerative braking, deceleration and recovering energy generated during braking, the extension of the vehicle operating time;
l standard lifting power limit function, reducing energy waste and extend the life of the hydraulic system and related components;
l high wear-resistant polyurethane tires, good elasticity, strong bearing capacity;
l steering position using non-contact proximity switch, reliable quality, long life;
l using folding, non-slip pedals, with a spring damping system to ensure the operation of the operator comfort.
l drive unit in the middle of floating bodies, to ensure the stability of the vehicle with a reliable, stable, non-tipping;
l US Curtis controller has a variety of protection features pressure, low pressure, flow, temperature, short circuit;
l handle emergency reverse button is effective in preventing the operator from accidental injury;
l vehicles with ramps self-braking function effectively prevent stroll slope, when the use of more safe and reliable;
l Optional turn deceleration function, ensure that the vehicle is
Manual drum Stacker more stable in the large angle when turning and safety;
Press the red emergency off switch when in danger, the vehicle can be quickly cut off the power supply to ensure safety.
Alibaba mechanical information topics : mechanical printing machinery
Alibaba mechanical information topics : mechanical printing machinery ] [ Alibaba tapered roller bearings can be separated from the inner ring with roller and cage assemblies composed together and the outer ring can be installed separately . Roller and raceway contact at the contact line correction can reduce stress concentration. Tapered roller bearings can withstand high radial and axial load . Because of the tapered roller bearing can only pass axial load, so as to pass in the opposite direction of the axial load on the need to install another with symmetrical tapered roller bearings. Tapered roller bearings are the largest in the amount of single row tapered roller bearings. In the car's front wheels in recent years to spend the small size of the double row tapered roller bearings . Four tapered roller bearings used in large-scale cold rolling mill and other heavy machines. Single row tapered roller bearings have an outer ring, the inner ring and a set of tapered roller by a basket -shaped cage into an inner component. Outer and inner components separated in accordance with ISO tapered roller bearings dimensions standards, tapered roller bearing outer or inner components of any standard model should be the same model and outer or inner components to achieve international interchangeable. That is the same model , except the outer portion of dimensions, tolerances must comply with ISO492 (GB307) requirements, the inner components of the cone angle , cone diameter components must also comply with the relevant provisions of the swap . Typically , single row tapered roller bearing outer ring raceway of the cone angle at 10 lu ~ 19 lu before , able to withstand the combined effects of the load bearing and radial loads. The larger cone angle , axial load bearing capacity is also greater . Large cone angle of the bearing , post code plus B, cone angle between 25 lu ~ 29 lu, it can withstand high axial loads. In addition , single row tapered roller bearing clearance can be resized during the installation process .
forklifts and side lateral stacking type and other types of forklifts
Press the power source of electric forklifts can be divided into the battery as a power source battery forklift ( past called telehandlers ) and to an AC power source to AC forklift. Due to the restricted supply of AC forklifts , operating range is small , only a few models. If you press the structure type and use of electric counterbalanced forklifts can be divided into trucks, straddle trucks, reach trucks , forklifts and side lateral stacking type and other types of forklifts, their specific definitions, applications and icons are as follows . First, sit counterbalanced forklift : a fork laden goods relative to the front wheel cantilever state , relying on the forklift 's weight to balance the wheel machinery ; Uses: Used for loading and unloading of materials into pieces , pile unstacking and short distance transportation of materials . Second, stop driving electric forklift : the upper fork load of goods relative to the front wheel stacking cantilever state forward by lifting the vehicle ; Uses: used for loading and unloading in a smaller space , heap unstacking and short distance transportation of materials . Third, the lateral stacking trucks : the forward mast arranged in horizontal forks one or both sides of the vehicle lifting vehicles stacking operations ; Uses: mainly dry lateral stacking . Four, three- battery forklift : Mast forward layout , fork in the forward and lateral sides of the vehicle stacking operations carried lifting vehicles ; Uses : Can be used for multi heap , palletizing operations. This article from Sen Muda industrial equipment to introduce you , more please go to manual hydraulic pallet truck structure
forklifts will fall down." Command in the pit where Xiao Zhao said
According to " Special Equipment Safety Supervision Act" rule, special equipment production units need special equipment supervision by the State Council administrative department promised, promised to obtain special equipment production qualification certificate, there is compatible with the production of technical personnel, skilled workers, production conditions and testing equipment, production process, it is necessary to have a sound management principles and responsibilities of criteria before they are allowed special equipment production activities. Such " small crane" rule fails to produce production point production, there is a big security risk, disrupted the market order, severe damage to the interests of consumers.Yesterday morning, the stone city of Guang'an Street intersection with Zhongshan Road site, a transfer of a forklift truck cranes, due to center of gravity, suddenly erected.
" I let a crane to lift truck south side point, did not expect to suddenly stand up cranes, forklifts will fall down." Command in the pit where Xiao Zhao said, it may be too long crane arm, coupled with a forklift is also very heavy crane center of gravity is way off.
About 7 meters tall crane body erect, long boom mounted on top of the pit, a small forklift rollover in the pit, the crane driver jumped from the cab.
Crane leak from the tank, the scene diesel smell wafting thick. Workers hurried out with mud buried diesel.
Try lifting crane
10 am, a large crane arrived and began to stand up near the crane trying to lift, but several times without success. For personnel began emergency transfer crane.