Pallet truck is a truck
Pallet truck is a truck, that plays the role of handling cargo logistics handling equipment. When using its bearer pallet fork insertion holes, driven by a hydraulic system to achieve human cargo tray lifting and lowering, pulling completed by human handling operations. It is the most convenient means of transport tray, the most effective, the most common loading and unloading, handling tools.
Counterbalanced forklift trucks are the most widely used form of construction
According to their different forklift power plant, divided into internal combustion forklifts and telehandlers ; their structure and purpose were divided into counterbalanced , straddle , reach ( the above three are positive fork ) , side fork , cross vehicles and other specialty trucks and so on. 1 , forklift trucks : Counterbalanced forklift trucks are the most widely used form of construction , accounting for over 80 % of the total forklift. It is characterized by extending the front fork of the body, outside the contour of the wheel center of gravity of the goods fall . To balance the weight of the goods produced by the overturning moment , maintaining longitudinal stability forklift in the body with a balanced amount of tail . Counterbalanced forklift trucks moving back and forth in order to rely on the fork unloading cargo. 2 , straddle trucks : Straddle truck , which features a leg in front of the truck along with a small wheel can be inserted into the cargo pallet fork and fork , and then upgrade the goods by the forks . As the center of gravity of goods within the base area surrounded by front and rear wheels , the truck 's stability . Generally use batteries for energy , from the weight of the 2T less. Straddle more than counterbalanced forklift trucks simple structure, small weight and dimensions , fit in narrow passages and interior stacking , handling, but the low speed , small- diameter wheel walking on the ground demanding. 3 , reach truck : Reach forklift fork truck can be moved back and forth along the longitudinal direction . When pick unloading fork extends after the fork with a cargo unloading cargo or when moving the forks back to the location close to the body , so good stability when driving the truck . 4 , side fork truck : Side of the fork truck is mainly used for transporting goods grew pieces . Door frame and fork is located in the middle of one side of the body , not only up and down movement , but also before and after stretching . When fork goods, first Jack wore , the door frame outward launched after the fork take the goods , Mast , mast back, then dropped fork , cargo truck that is automatically placed in the front and rear side of the stage .
the operating environment
the operating environment If the cargo handling business needs or warehouse environment environmental noise or exhaust emissions is required, select models and configurations should be considered in somewhat . If it is in cold storage or in environments with explosion-proof requirements , Stacker configuration should also be cold or explosion-proof type . Carefully inspect the truck when the job need to go through the place , imagine the possible problems, such as high when the door out of storage for Stacker whether it will affect ; while out of the elevator , lift height and impact on Stacker bearer ; upstairs job , whether the floor bearing the corresponding requirements , and so on. 4 , field trips In the selection and determine the configuration , would like Stacker suppliers detailed description of working conditions , and field surveys to ensure that the optional Stacker is fully in line with the needs of enterprises . By this step can learn more about the strength of suppliers , strengthen understanding on the purchase of the product to determine whether the next single . Even if the above steps to complete the analysis , there may be several models while still satisfying the above requirements. At this requires attention to the following aspects: different models, different working efficiency , the number of trucks needed , the number of different drivers , will lead to a series of cost changes, see the section of this article discusses the performance evaluation on costs.
forklifts technology, based on the combination of heavy vehicle bridge structure
Bulldozer gearbox is introduced early eighties Komatsu D85, D65 based on the technology , to achieve localization successfully developed , is also basically meet the matching requirements. Roller gearbox in the nineties before , basically using a common mechanical gearbox , performance is very backward . The twenty-first century , and gradually the mechanical gearbox with synchronizer used in the roller , so that the roller drive system technology to a new level . After 2002 , gradually introducing Hangchi ZF dual variable technique is used in roller , so that the roller has entered electronically controlled transmission period, technology has a big step . In the drive axle , the ordinary type drive axle from the sixties and seventies began absorbing foreign loaders, forklifts technology, based on the combination of heavy vehicle bridge structure , successfully developed the common drive axle . The drive axle generally have a main drive and two wheel reduction gear , a few small tonnage host bridge with only one main drive gear . Basically the whole cast axle housing type . Bridge early drum brake shoe , 1975 Liugong ZL90 loader , the first self-developed successful caliper disc brakes, and then transplanted into leading products on the ZL50 . Because of its excellent performance than the hoof drum , and soon developed into the industry . To the present, except for the more advanced wet bridge , the entire Chinese electric forklift drive axle , the vast majority is basically using caliper disc brake axle .