Design and development direction of electric explosion proof forklift technology
Currently, there are two types of electric forklift explosion: one machine design and manufacturing, the second explosion was carried out on an ordinary electric forklift modification, and because of the technical performance of the design concept of different electric forklift proof there is a big difference, liftstar electric stacker so according to the electric technical characteristics and technical standards to determine the scientific proof forklift design.
1, explosion-proof electric forklift overall design concept
There is a contradiction sentence domestic electric forklift design philosophy behind explosion caused, is the " first requires a good electric forklifts, ask good proof performance; or the first proof requires good performance, good electric forklift ask." This sentence speaks for itself two questions the existence of domestic electric forklift explosion: First electric forklift itself due to poor technical performance, even if there is a good proof design is useless, because the whole performance below standard; the second is due to electric forklift itself good performance, but after modification explosion caused the whole performance degradation. It requires us to establish the above reasons the integrity of the design concept of electric forklift explosion, according to advanced electric explosion proof forklift technology standards, the good design and advanced electric forklift proof design combined into one, in order to create a superior product integrity. To do this you must follow design principles.
a) design performance requirements for electric forklift proof than ordinary electric forklift design performance requirements.
Explosion-proof electric forklift for the whole insulation, electrical conductivity, temperature, short circuit and current high technical standards, such as motors, electrical components are proof body temperature rise caused by poor heat dissipation, if the circuit design are likely to cause unreasonable short circuit, if the whole of the load current, will produce over current, temperature rise, wire easy to aging, declining issues such as insulation, resulting in poor performance of electric explosion proof forklift, even with protective measures to stop running, too will cause the machine to run a short time, to maintain a long time, life is short defects.
Ordinary domestic electric forklift technical performance is generally low, if the
liftstar Electric store Positioner proof design on this basis, can certainly not have a good overall performance explosion-proof, explosion-proof modification and overall technical performance will be reduced, so we must first design concept refer to the new technology to improve the technological level of electric forklift, but also innovative design ideas to design more in line with explosion-proof characteristics of the system, (for example: Zhejiang Jiali Technology AG manufacture explosion-proof electric hydraulic forklift) to achieve low current, low temperature rise, low noise, high efficiency, high-level intelligent control of the machine.
such as parts inventory levels will be relatively weak.
If the stacker in warehouse operations , different models in different channel width required to enhance the ability to have differences , which will bring about changes in the layout of the warehouse , such as cargo storage volume changes. models and the number of changes , fleet management and other aspects will have an impact . different models in different market holdings , its after-sales support capabilities are different, for example : low driving three- car pile high and high driving three belong to the narrow channel Stacker forklift series , can be in a very narrow channel ( 1.5 ~ 2.0 m ) to complete the stacker / forklift , pick up . But the former can not raise the cab , so poor operating perspective, the lower the efficiency . Since the latter can be completely covered by the former features, and performance is more superior, and therefore beyond 4 to 5 times the sales in the European market, the latter than the former , in China reached more than 6 times . So most of the vendors are focused on driving the development of high three- car pile high , and the low three- stacking forklift driver is only used in small -tonnage , low lift height ( generally less than 6 meters ) of operating conditions . In the small market sales , the number of its service engineers , engineers experience, service capabilities , such as parts inventory levels will be relatively weak. After a comprehensive assessment of the impact to the above aspects , choose the most reasonable option. This article from the Suzhou Industrial Equipment Sen Muda introduce you to more knowledge please Stacker Electric Pallet Truck Buying Guide
Precautions when using a battery electric forklift
Precautions when using a battery electric forklift 1, does not allow the use of excessive battery discharge, the large current discharge, otherwise easily lead to battery operating time is shortened. 2, after daily use to full power, which can not charge long enough, it can not overcharge, or are easily lead to shorter battery life. 3, the choice to match with battery charger, battery long time without the need to add it once a month. 4, avoid the use of excessive, or are easily lead to shorter battery life. 5, the battery has a high voltage, there is danger of electrical shock, with rubber insulating gloves when maintenance. 6, the use of battery temperature should not exceed 60 lu C. 7, the cell surface does not store any repair and maintenance tools or other metal materials. 8, when the current falls below 80% of the initial capacity, should be replaced with a new battery based on the results of periodic inspection. This article from the Suzhou Industrial Equipment Sen Muda more information, please introduce you to the basic operating requirements of electric forklifts
while with fluid flow system using activity balance shaft bearing
crane pneumatic suspension system of a small multi- axle chassis a necessary condition , in addition to multi-axis can play a balancing effect, but can add a whole roll stiffness to overcome brake forward, frame height and lock conditioning dead suspension and other functions. Small crane / crane pneumatic suspension system consists of a small gas flow system with stretched spring and composition . Small crane / small crane gas spring is stretched gas as elastic components, the introduction of the gas and oil between the piston as a central medium ; while with fluid flow system using activity balance shaft bearing , vibration damping , regulating body height.
Small crane / small crane pneumatic suspension system has the following advantages .
Enhanced Oil stretched spring pressure to accumulator with steel tube as an elastic element , able to accept very high pressure , generally up to 20MPa, therefore , small size, light weight, axle load for heavy duty steel stretched spring when the mass ratio of the light 50 % or more.
Effectively balance shaft bearing pneumatic suspension system can converge through the pipeline , different axle oil stretched spring cylinders link up play balance shaft bearing results.
Progressive small crane travels ride hydrocarbon stretched spring can get excellent elasticity characteristic curve and lower natural frequency, so small crane traveling ride and comfort is greatly superior to steel stretched spring suspension, and reduced vehicle the impact on the ground . Small crane pneumatic suspension variable stiffness elastic characteristic curve can avoid attacks suspension breakdown on cross-country road is very important.
Add a small crane roll stiffness when the vehicle is turning, because the effect of centrifugal force , moving the center of gravity , so small crane significantly skewed. Small crane pneumatic suspension system will be left and right oil stretched spring series , can greatly enhance vehicle roll stiffness . Pneumatic suspension cylinders best selection of large and small lumen area ratio can be obtained aspiring roll stiffness . Similarly, the front and rear cylinder gas stretched spring series , can improve the whole vertical angular stiffness to overcome the brake to allow representation .