Vans that transport cargo warehousing and logistics handling equipment.
Manual hydraulic stacker when using its bearer fork inserted into the tray hole, by the hydraulic system to achieve vertical transport cargo tray by pulling the complete level of human transportation. It is the most convenient means of transport pallets, most effective and most common loading and unloading, handling tools.
Explosion-proof truck
Explosion-proof van. Divided into batteries and battery explosion
liftstar counter balance stackers proof forklift truck. For factors that cause an explosion of sparks, static electricity, temperature, etc. were safe handling. Motors, flameproof electrical appliances are designed to power devices designed for explosion-proof special type. For petroleum, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, food, defense and other industrial sectors there is explosive gas mixtures dangerous places, used for loading and unloading cargo, handling, stacking and other operations.
Manual hydraulic support truck
Manual hydraulic support van is generally regarded as mining equipment, specifically for special handling tools for mining hydraulic support, mining and other large machinery and handling difficult design, the use of which not only improve labor efficiency, and achieve a safe move, especially in the face of layout and mining face when moving, reflects its economy and convenient features.
Truck known as ground beef, divided into the following three categories
Hand Pallet Truck: hand pallet truck, high lift scissor truck, electronic truck scales, drums truck, etc.
Semi-Electric Pallet Truck: Semi-electric truck, semi-electric stacker trucks
Electric Pallet Truck: all-electric truck, full electric pallet trucks, all-electric forklift trucks and other
Hand pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks are horizontal transport of tools. Compact size and flexible so that manual handling car for almost any occasion. However, due to the manual operation, it is usually for a short distance of about 15 meters of frequent job, especially cargo handling area.
In the future all aspects of logistics, the manual handling car also will assume the job of convergence between the various transport links, a set of cards on each truck is equipped with a manual or truck, will make loading and unloading easier and faster, and does not subject to site constraints.
liftstar electric walkie pallet jack When the plane carrying about 30 meters away at the time, electric pallet truck is the best choice, traveling through infinitely variable speed control switch on the handle, follow the walking pace of the operator, reducing personnel fatigue, while ensuring the operation security.
LIK central dynamic requirements and characteristics of the motor arrangement
Drive Electric forklifts with electric tractor can be divided into the central motor drive and electric wheel drive and other types . Just a central drive of the type motors, electric wheel drive requires two or four motors. 1. LIK central dynamic requirements and characteristics of the motor arrangement . A central drive motor is arranged , is arranged in the motor vehicle engine or a similar engine position is disposed on the drive shaft of the motor , the drive unit to form a whole . This arrangement for poor driving conditions of the vehicle , do not drive the wheels on both sides in order to prevent tire slip caused by constant grinding wheel requires additional differential between the two sides . Also, this type of arrangement because the driving force generated by a motor at the same power requirements, the motor power is larger, the size and weight is larger, arranged to bring poise given the inconvenience . Battery mechanical inertia at the start of a large , large inertia moment of resistance , so that the motor starting current . Central drive motor arrangement is characterized by: simple control, using the traditional drive technology is relatively mature, high reliability, but lower transmission efficiency . Central arrangement of the drive motor is still way electric transportation machinery applications now a broader arrangement . 2 electric wheel layout requirements and characteristics. Electric wheel layout is arranged in the motor drive wheel E, the electric motor , reducer made of a power unit , depending on how much each battery mechanical drive wheel requires two or more power units. Electric wheel drive layout , the motor can be achieved by controlling the electric wheel is not constant running , cancel the drive shaft differential. Which is characterized by the need for two or more electric motors, motor control is more complex, larger load of the vehicle suspension. This way its layout flexibility on electric vehicles and heavy-duty electric transport vehicles have a broader application
routine maintenance : class after work
Forklift maintenance in daily use is very important to make a reliable forklift working properly , the potential ability to play a forklift , you need to do regular maintenance measures . Technical maintenance measures generally: 1 , routine maintenance : class after work . 2 , a technical maintenance : accumulated after 100 hours of class work system is equivalent to two weeks . 3 , two technical maintenance : accumulated after 500 hours , the equivalent of a quarter of a group working system . First, routine maintenance : A cleaning truck on dirt , mud and dirt Egypt , key positions are : fork frame and door frame slide , generator and starter, battery electrodes fork columns, tanks, air filter. 2 , check the fastening parts , focusing on: Fork supporting , lifting chain tensioning screw , wheel bolts , wheel fixed pin , brakes, steering screws. 3, check the foot brake , steering reliability, flexibility . 4, check for leaks , the focus is : all fittings, diesel tank , sump , pump the brake , lift cylinders, tilt cylinders , tanks, pumps , engine oil pan , torque converter , transmission, drive axle, main reducer , hydraulic steering, steering cylinder .
causing the gear causes of failure are as follows
Small crane bridge crane reducer is an important transmission components, through the teeth for torque transmission, high-speed operation of the motor adjusted to the desired speed, the transmission torque during gear teeth will appear broken tooth surface pitting, tooth surface gum and the tooth surface abrasion and other mechanical failure, causing the gear causes of failure are as follows:
a. tooth surface is not smooth, stress concentration points raised, or lubricants dirty;
b. overload or short-term impact load, caused by repeated bending fatigue fracture;
c. Since the hard particles into the friction surfaces cause wear.
d. due to high temperature caused by lubrication failure;
2 small crane preventive measures
a. replacement of a small crane lubricant should be timely, and put a small crane housing clean, but small crane to select the appropriate type of lubricant;
b. small crane can not be set up to use, start braking to slow, steady, non-specific circumstances prohibit suddenly hit the anti-car;
c. should always check the small crane lubricant is clean; find small crane dirty lubrication must be promptly replaced.