Advantages truck
l configuration of advanced electronic power steering system EPS, lightweight, low noise;
l drive unit with a durable, reliable in the middle of the floating mechanism;
l unique booster cylinder configuration, ensuring stronger adhesion ground vehicles, effectively prevent tire slip;
l The AC drive motor, brushless, maintenance-free, reduce maintenance costs;
l Configure reliable American Curtis controller with variable speed and a number of automatic protection function;
l standard lifting power limit function, reducing energy
liftstar High Lifting stacker waste and extend the life of the hydraulic system and related components;
l steering position using non-contact proximity switch, reliable quality, long life;
l Optional automatic corner deceleration devices, to further enhance the safety and reliability of the vehicle;
l Optional single support wheels, equipped with guide wheels and pulleys, making out empty tray smoother and more efficient.
the development direction of the electric explosion proof forklift
the development direction of the electric explosion proof forklift With the development of AC permanent magnet technology, electric explosion proof forklift operation control system also will develop in the direction of AC permanent magnet , brushless maintenance-free due to their nature , avoid because clear and replacement of carbon brushes and powder brushes open Explosion security risks caused by the body . On low speed dynamic performance can be achieved constant torque control , high -speed constant power control can be run efficiently , and with a variety of operating conditions of the energy recovery , anti- falling and other functions, the electric explosion proof forklift with low current, low noise , high transmission efficiency , strong safety, low temperature rise characteristic advantages. Explosion-proof electric forklift will use advanced electronic technology to continuously improve the level of protection of the machine , it has automatic protection under intelligent control , the explosion of electronic components intelligence, integration , miniaturization . Explosion-proof electric forklift in the overall design to have user-friendly design ideas, and to improve the driver's comfort, convenience maneuverability , reduce labor intensity of the driver , and to ensure rational distribution under the premise of safety performance machine tipping , reaching handsome in appearance and effect.
the work situation is constantly changing
The driver should keep abreast of the technical characteristics of forklifts and forklift loading indicator diagram to learn what goods can be loaded and loading capacity , access load capacity tables. Meanwhile, the change will also affect the load center distance to the truck loading capacity , so pay attention to instructions from the load center away from the influence of the load capacity of the . When mounted on a forklift truck , the driver should pay attention to the total weight of the truck and to ensure the following: Ramps device on / off the truck 's normal use ; truck tire is locked ; has enough space to accommodate the truck's door frame, If you can not accommodate the need to separate the door frame and body after loading transport. Many types of trucks will use batteries , which involves about forklift battery care and maintenance problems. Right includes the right to charge the battery using the correct exchange , etc. , during the operation needs to comply with the instructions to use the battery to charge the battery . Insufficient charging will shorten battery life. When handling the battery must wear protective glasses and gloves , before disconnecting the battery charger is connected first turn . Battery should be careful. Day's work when the task is completed , the driver can not relax effect, pay attention to safety stop, before leaving the truck must ensure that: Fire exits and emergency exits unobstructed. Lifting frame completely down The engine has been turned off The parking brake is locked Unplug the truck keys, unless otherwise instructed insurance policy In addition , the work situation is constantly changing, unexpected things happen inevitable. As the driver should also have the ability to properly handle emergencies . Floors should be kept clean to prevent accidents. Familiar with the meaning of the warning signs , they will remind you of dangerous goods exist . If you find the noise and leakage , and other unsafe conditions immediately reported . Before operating dangerous goods subject to special training.
a small crane to strict routine maintenance work
With the design and manufacture of materials science and technology, Jining Stone Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in the small crane used in the production of many new materials, new technologies, new structures, require a small mechanical crane small crane technical support and management more scientific, better. To this end the organization as a small crane management and small crane operator, a small crane to strict routine maintenance work, the small crane in good technical condition. Two small crane to be taken to ensure that the transport and storage process to prevent mechanical damage, deformation, corrosion and so on. Third, we must carefully maintain small crane machinery, to be correct and reasonable conduct regular and irregular small crane maintenance to keep small crane machinery for cleaning, clean, regularly check the technical state of a small crane machinery, abnormal timely manner, for a small crane loose and offset fastening and adjustment of parts in a timely manner, for some small crane preventive replacement of wearing parts and so on. Four is to educate small crane operator crane proper use and operation of a variety of small construction machinery, reduce and prevent human errors caused by small crane mechanical failure.