Manual Stacker human operator,
Manual Stacker human operator, so no limit on the number of continuous working time, the biggest limitation is the human problem. If you are a person operating a stacker words. Hydraulic loading a substandard average 100 times, 30 times if it is then it is 3000 times, this is a big workload; but when pushed to move is more laborious. So using manual stacker is not suitable for places with large workload; while not suitable for relatively high strength requirements places, such as a lot of need in a hurry loading unloading areas. The Electric Stacker efficiency is more than five times the manual stacker, and easy operation, the operator only rarely labor intensity. Station Rack Electric Stacker only need to stand driving, lifting a finger pressing the button control, very easy. So this basically unlimited manpower, the biggest limitation is manual Platform Stackers its battery capacity problem. Currently ordinary full electric stacker continuous working time is about 3-6 hours, depending on the specifications of different models of forklift trucks may be! In general, the larger the battery capacity, longer battery life.
Originally manual hydraulic stacker and all-electric Stacker can not get together compared, because the difference between them is too great, no matter the price, style, function has a huge gap. However, due to the foundation of the lifting functions are similar, but many customers are not very understanding, so make it work for everyone finishing forklift contrast this paper to address some of the customer's questions. In short: Manual Stacker and Electric Stacker features vary, customers must purchase Stacker local conditions, is the best choice for their own use.
increasing the degree of safety supervision and constant improvement of safety laws
Improve the technical standards of electric explosion proof forklift , corporate standards can not remain in the national standard level , merely to reach the national standard on the line , companies must continuously improve manufacturing techniques and product performance , the development of high technological standards in order to promote national technical standards upgrade, eliminate backward enterprises, so that the electric explosion proof forklift manufacturing level holistic forward. IV Conclusion At present, the development of domestic electric explosion proof forklift is also affected by a variety of constraints , less developed national standards is not perfect , and there is no standard test to determine the actuator on the market supervision of national security is not enough proof environment operating units , resulting in there the units do not have proof forklift or check payable to buy all this restricts the development of electric explosion proof forklift , I believe that with the country 's economic development, increasing the degree of safety supervision and constant improvement of safety laws , plus product manufacturing level improved, electric explosion proof forklift as a sunrise industry in China , will be out of the country to grow and compete in the international market .
we must strictly abide by the use of forklift transport personnel -related provisions
we must strictly abide by the use of forklift transport personnel -related provisions , to learn and abide by the Articles of Association . Easily lead to accidents illegal operation . Also, if not set passenger seat shall be manned exclusively . Do not allow anyone under elevated forklift to move , to prevent accidental injury accidents or other unexpected situations when dumped goods . In addition to the truck driver should be familiar with the structure of the truck 's performance , we must also master the basics of handling work. These seemingly simple guidelines are often able to obtain a pivotal role. If strictly adhered to, will be able to greatly reduce the occurrence of the process of loading and unloading accidents . Check that the brakes work properly before you start handling work to ensure that the forklift can work - it is the driver's responsibility. Class must be checked before moving around the following : Check the amount of fuel oil . Check the tubing, pipes , exhaust pipes and various accessories for leakage . Check the tightness of the wheel bolts each tire pressure exceeds a predetermined value . Check steering and flexible live and reliability of the braking system. Check electrical grounding line is there , whether there is loosening joints , horn, turn signals, brake lights and each instrument is working properly . After these preparations are completed before starting work . If a fire occurs , you should be able to fight after the blackout foam extinguishers . Distribution room should be added mesh fence to prevent rodents . When transporting the goods need to be careful . Operation not permitted loading, cargo piled unsafe or unstable pay attention to security and stability , to prevent dumping and rollover accidents . If the load covered front sight , reverse driving. May not use a defective or damaged pallets , so prone to accidents. Note To pallets in specialized areas not placed at random . When driving forklifts need to slow down in the corner , warning whistle , to prevent collisions . Attention should be elevated tray lift height , because it will also affect the stability of the truck. Must also be taken to avoid large load operation of the forklift injuries , work long hours in a continuous process, should pay attention to the mediation breaks ; Should insufficient load capacity, be sure to switch to a larger truck , may not work overload
For real-time engine speed, n0 the set value, the overall control flow shown in Figure 5
Launch Control is one of the key steps clutch control, require automakers to start the process in a smooth fast, the impact is small, the clutch friction work is small, so the development of effective control strategies are starting clutch control a difficulty. The program used in constant engine speed control strategy: start the vehicle when the throttle opening degree according to the size, set different threshold engine speed when the engine speed is lower than the set threshold value, the clutch; when the engine speed is above the set fixed threshold, the clutch engagement begins. Let n. For real-time engine speed, n0 the set value, the overall control flow shown in Figure 5. Experimental results show that the electronically controlled automatic clutch control system to complete the automatic control function, when the engine speed, throttle opening degree signal changes, can ensure that the premise does not stall, the engine rotational speed to achieve constant speed control, to smooth bonding requirements. At the same time, also has a display, alarm and communication functions. Microcontroller as the core of the ACS control system can achieve the purpose of automatic control of the clutch, the system relatively inexpensive, suitable for ACS direction of development, application prospect.