Forklift refers to various pieces of wheeled cargo pallet handling
Forklift refers to various pieces of wheeled cargo pallet handling vehicles loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transport, heavy transport operations, the International Organization for Standardization ISO / TC110 called industrial vehicles, material handling machinery are widely used in the station various economic sectors, ports, airports, factories, warehouses, etc., is a highly efficient mechanized equipment handling, stacking and short-distance transport. Self-propelled truck appeared in 1917. During World War II, forklifts develop. China from the early 1950s began manufacturing forklifts. Dalian Forklift Plant production in 1958 created China's first 5T internal combustion forklifts, named "W5- satellite number." October 1, 1959, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the founding of China's first five tons of internal combustion forklifts as the new products in China's machinery industry, with the National Day parade through Tiananmen Square, the tenth anniversary of the National Day gift to the party and the country leaders report a success. The birth of China's first internal combustion forklifts, forklift in the manufacturing history of Chinese painting this white paper under a heavy sum, Dalian, China forklift truck became the originator and thus created a manufacturing history of Chinese forklift.
Proper maintenance will extend the life of hand pallet trucks
Hydraulic truck life is generally 3-5 years , the proper use of vans for transportation vehicles and timely maintenance to extend its life. In general, in the van use, please note the following: do not overload ; the ground conditions are allowed ; 3 , the correct loading of the goods ; 4 , wear good shoes and safety gloves when operating ; 5 , please do a thorough inspection before each use operation ; 6 , using the correct lifting technology assembly machines ; 7 , do not overlook the potential dangers that may exist during the operation . Proper maintenance will extend the life of hand pallet trucks , when major maintenance check the oil , remove the air and lubrication. Check the oil level every six months The new container to inject oil into the rubber surface height is lower than 5mm, when you add the oil to be in the lowest position the forks . When replacing seals, air may enter the hydraulic system , the lever is placed in LOWER position, and then swing the handle ten times. Used motor oil or lubricating moving parts . In addition , the need to pay attention to routine inspection and maintenance , inspection of hydraulic truck may be possible to reduce wear and tear , you need to pay special attention to the wheels , axles , handle, forks , lifting and lowering controls . Whenever the work is completed, the fork should be unloaded and lowered to the lowest position . Truck in the course will inevitably encounter some failures, failure to understand the common use will greatly enhance the efficiency of the removal tool .
swivel fork truck
swivel fork truck Rotary fork trucks , also known as trolley stacker machine , a dedicated shelf warehouse forklift. Its fork part is more complex, there is a rotating mechanism , there is a lateral agencies, rely on coordinated actions of these two bodies , fork on either side of the shelf can be oriented both sides of the roadway , and the arrival of grid extension to complete the deposit taking operations, without any movement of the truck itself is done , the required roadway ( operating channel ) the narrowest width . This truck driving on the roadway needed for guiding rail , or line with automatic orientation sensor to prevent forklift collisions shelves. Further, since the shelf is relatively high, the need for the auxiliary positioning unit automatically selected layer in the height direction . 5 Sideloaders The long side of the truck is mainly used for transporting material goods. This place has a cargo truck platform , the door frame and the fork in the center of the vehicle body can be laterally projecting pick , then retracted the car body of the goods on the platform to walk. This truck driver's field of vision is good, the desired channel width is smaller.
motor vehicle on the highway or in case of rapid urban road traffic congestion
Anti- ban signs, prohibition marking indicating violations points will increase by 2 to 3 points. New case of motor vehicle parking in front of the slow moving queue or when overtaking or occupy the driveway , through the waiting vehicle ; to conceal deception replacement driving license ; motor vehicle on the highway or in case of rapid urban road traffic congestion, take emergency lane and other violations scoring three categories . In serious traffic violations points will improve , while new regulations to reduce the traffic violations scoring project , the removal of "low visibility weather conditions on the highway are not required to travel " and other 12 types of traffic violations scoring process , merged nine kinds of items. Adjusted offense scoring projects by 47 was reduced to 38 , of which a record 12 points 6 , note 6 of 9 points , 3 points of 11 , recorded two points 8 , record 1 minute 4 items. In addition , the new regulations to further refine the driver replacement driving license with the relevant provisions , to prevent malicious replacement driving license violations. Violation of the provisions continued use by the public security organs of the traffic management department of 20 yuan to impose a fine of two hundred yuan , and recover the original driving license. Driver's license is lawfully seized, detained or withheld during the driver shall apply for a replacement . On the use of concealment , deception replacement driver's license , the public security organs of the traffic management department impose two hundred and five hundred yuan fine , recorded 6 points , and to recover a replacement driver's license . Good driving safety !