Manual hydraulic wheels material
Manual hydraulic wheels material according to the situation of the ground work to choose. Smooth ground conditions can choose nylon wheels, nylon wheels because relatively cheap, but also took more effort. Poor ground conditions, you can choose aluminum plus polyurethane wheels, they are more wearable. If you do not want too much damage the ground, such as factories and some are ground floor, it is best not to use nylon wheels, should use polyurethane. Because too hard nylon, polyurethane is relatively soft point.
Generally a little better 3.0t car uses a 4mm steel plate, and the plate thickness difference plus some paint thickness are lower than 4mm, some even only reach 3mm, so jerry exchange price advantage for consumers is very pay responsibility. This car is easy to failure in subsequent use. In addition, the manual hydraulic car plate thickness of 5.0t standard should also reach more than 8mm, so it would be difficult to bear weight.
Forklift driver learning a lot
Forklift driver learning a lot, but the key is the key to driving safety . OM's not only committed to producing high -quality truck products, but also concerned about the normative aspects of safe driving forklifts . Therefore , OM integrated safe handling, secure parking , security and maintenance, emergency measures and other aspects of a series of tips for the industry reference . Deal daily with the truck driver can be said for the safe operation of the train driver's awareness is directly related to job security . OM summarizes some of the specifications for the safe operation of the pilot is to protect the lives and safety of staff and goods and property safety of a powerful weapon . First, without a special forklift training and authorized personnel shall not operate any forklift truck driving on the road at least a Class B driver's license. Operating the forklift in the work area , the employer must have a driving license issued in writing . After the driver not to drive drug and alcohol effects , which are the basic guidelines for safe operation . In addition , no vendor or manufacturer 's license are not allowed to modify the truck to prevent damage to the truck's performance . Secondly , while driving the forklift always wear seatbelts , so in the event of an accident to protect the lives and safety of the driver , to reduce the degree of injury . Work in the vicinity of the truck driver must wear protective shoes . Need to be adjusted according to the individual seat , pedals , levers and back , in order to achieve optimal driving position. If you work in a noisy environment - Use protective earmuffs .
Currently on the market to choose from forklift brands
Currently on the market to choose from forklift brands, models of complex , coupled with strong technology and the product itself is very professional . Now focusing on select models introduced from brand selection, performance criteria and other aspects . First, the model selection Industry needs models and configurations. 1 , vehicle classification Forklifts can usually be divided into three categories : internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts and warehouse trucks . ( 1 ) internal combustion forklifts Combustion forklifts are divided into ordinary internal combustion forklifts , heavy trucks , container trucks and sides of the truck . ordinary internal combustion forklifts Generally use diesel , gasoline , liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas engine as power, load capacity of 1.2 to 8.0 tons , operating channel width is generally 3.5 to 5.0 m , taking into account the emissions and noise problems , usually outdoors , workshop or other for exhaust emissions and noise do not require special place . Due to convenient refueling , it can achieve long continuous operation , and competent ( such as rain ) to work in harsh environments . Forklift Trucks A diesel engine as power, load capacity from 10.0 to 52.0 tons , generally used for heavier cargo terminals, steel and other industries outdoor jobs. container forklift A diesel engine as power, load capacity from 8.0 to 45.0 tons , is generally divided into empty container forklift , heavy container forklift and reachstacker . Used in container handling , such as container yard or port terminal operations.
the vast majority of the mechanical gearbox with a synchronizer
Currently from the entire electric forklift industry perspective, supporting the transmission to the host every year about 400,000 , the bridge about 1 million , but the host company's own production, accounting for about 60% of their support , only about 40 percent complete by a professional factory . Bridge, box largest amount of loaders and forklifts, loaders host their own production companies , supporting their ability. 2007 sales of 16 million units loaders , specialized accessory gearbox only about 50,000 units , the host enterprises themselves supporting about 10 to 11 million units. Supporting the loader drive axle approximately 320,000 , professional support is only about 80,000 , the host himself supporting more than 240,000 . Therefore loaders supporting their ability to host more than 70% . This 50,000 loaders supporting the gearbox , Hangchi up about 30,000 units, Xuzhou Liang Yu , Liuzhou ZF , Hill pushed drive around 4,000 units each of its branches , Xiamen billion collectively over 2000 units. Forklift 110,000 units in the gearbox , the vast majority of the mechanical gearbox with a synchronizer , a few general mechanical gearbox , there is a part of the hydraulic mechanical transmission . Forklift Transmission Components host supporting small enterprises themselves , the vast majority of professional factory support . Mainly for forklift enterprises in addition to supporting the gearbox Ganzhou rings SOUTH drive , there are " Shao teeth ."