Using two or three sections fork arms
Which is composed of three sections Fork fork, middle fork, fork and fixed guide rollers and other bodies consisting of telescopic forks.
Forks mounted on the loading platform is fixed, the fork in the middle of the gear rack driven by a fork from the midpoint of the middle and moving outward about half its length. The midpoint of the point from which the front fork of the fork extends outwardly slightly longer than the liftstar Electric fork over stacker length of its own.
With a fork or grab the rod string, handling and stacking of goods or access unit (see unit of transport) from the top shelf of special cranes. It is a storage device (see material handling machinery), divided roadway bridge stacker cranes and stacking cranes (also known as the roadway cranes) two.
lifting height up to 12 meters. Truck cab can not always upgrade in the ground
Carrying capacity of 2.0 to 2.5 tons ( low ) , 1.0 to 1.2 tons ( in high cab upgrade ) . low stacking forklift driving three Usually equipped with a three-way stacker head , forklifts do not need to turn , rotate the fork can be achieved and pick up the goods stacked on both sides of the channel width of 1.5 to 2.0 m , lifting height up to 12 meters. Truck cab can not always upgrade in the ground , taking into account the limitations of the operative field , mainly for the lifting height of less than 6 meters in working condition . three high stacking forklift driver Driving with a similar low stacking three forklifts, three high stacking forklift driver is also equipped with a width of 1.5 to 2.0 m three stacking head channels , lifting height up to 14.5 meters . It can enhance the cab , the driver can clearly observe any height cargo operations can also be chosen . Three high stacking forklift driver in a variety of performance and efficiency are better than the low three- stacking forklift driver , so the car has been gradually replace the low three- stacking forklift driver electric tractor Tractor using a motor -driven , with its towing capacity ( 3.0 to 25 tons ) , followed by pulling a few loading cargo car. Frequently used in the workshop or workshop between large cargo transportation , such as automobile manufacturing assembly line to warehouse transportation , airport luggage transport.
Electrolyte is too thick will damage the electrode plate and spacer plate
Battery forklift battery voltage of 2V generally single-cell battery in series, known as the battery pack. Car battery voltage is typically 24V, 36V, 48V and so on. In the same single-cell battery , the negative plate than positive plate more than one. When assembling the positive and negative plates interspersed cross . Both surfaces of the positive electrode plate so that each piece is equal to the product produced in a chemical reaction , reducing the deformation of the negative electrode plate , the loop , while increasing capacity. Is separated in the positive battery separator , the positive and negative electrode plates to prevent short-circuiting between the negative electrode insulator plate having a plurality of holes , the electrolyte can smooth . Electrolyte is too thick will damage the electrode plate and spacer plate , and prompted plate sulfation . Electrolyte is too thin , then the resistance will increase battery voltage drops rapidly. And the potential of the battery electrolyte temperature. Be noted that in normal use the battery can not be over-discharged , the driving motor and the pump can not be simultaneously a motor , would otherwise mixing an active material together with a small sulfate crystals into larger , increasing the resistance of the electrode plate , making it difficult to restore when charging , the charging process will be impede . longThis article from the Suzhou Industrial Equipment Sen Muda more information, please introduce you to several types of electric forklift common primary purpose
their forklift sales decline than that of China
From the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Industrial Vehicles branch of statistics point of view, the production and sales of forklift is gradually rebounding . With the end of last year compared to the worst case , the current truck companies operating rate much higher than the previous months . Can be said that the financial crisis on the international truck market was hardest hit , especially in European and American countries , their forklift sales decline than that of China . In this context , there have been two cases: First, the domestic forklift declining export volume was forced to increase its sales efforts on the domestic market ; Second, foreign truck companies stepped up the Chinese market . World's top 20 forklift manufacturers have entered China . This is a direct result of Chinese forklift market competition is more intense than ever , the price war as a sales tool for the role of competition in the market has been continuously enlarged . The past few years , this year still rely on the " incredible" cheap expand market share , increase brand awareness forklift business. Although such a low price strategy generally does not last long , but it is easy to cause confusion in the market , the normal development of the industry have a tremendous impact .