Locator Remote control
Locator has a good variety, known types are: slot machine game locator phone locator locator positioner mounted on dumper moved to brake or slow car station wagon so humping parked on railroad tracks predetermined position.
Remote control the remote control signal is formed mainly by a microprocessor chip, a crystal oscillator, an amplifying transistor, and the infrared light-emitting diode matrix of the keyboard.
It works as follows locator infrared emitting diode and launch integrated circuits, integrated liftstar counter balance stackers circuit when pressing the button will launch your request compiled instructions emitted by the diode, when the game reached the IC receives instruction decode, go to control device to perform the corresponding action. So as to reach the positioning results.
indicating that the oil has been dirty work
k1, the limit of normal human vision is generally about 40weim. Therefore, the manual handling car oil in the dirt impurities particle size greater than 40weim, the human eye is able to see that when the eyesight can be directly observed pollution substances , indicating that the oil has been dirty work , and must be replaced. 2, with a test tube using the new oil and oil are compared , such as discovery of oil and the use of color is black when the stench , must be replaced. If the color does not change when the turbidity , indicating that the oil contains water , after clarifying the exclusion of moisture, oil may continue to be used. Such as transparent color lighter without odor, probably mixed with dissimilar oil , as long as the proper viscosity , can continue to use . 3after taking a drop test on the use of heating oil filter them, and make dripping , such as when the presence of solid contaminants , residues in the filter will thin black spots , indicating that the oil contained impurities , should not continue to use the . 4to ascertain whether the use of oil -containing water , an iron can be heated to about 250 degrees Celsius, to use a drop of oil on the iron , if popping sound , indicating that contain moisture. No moisture is silent burning oil . This article from the Suzhou Industrial Equipment Sen Muda more information, please introduce you to the basics of forklift trucks summary
forklift trucks more than cars of a working device
Because of internal combustion forklifts mechanical transmission gear, steering, brakes , power devices and other systems are similar to the car , and thus also in the use of the car has a lot in common . However, the unique structure also makes forklift trucks safe operation and there are many different car place. longlonglonglonglonglong ( 1 ) forklift trucks more than cars of a working device , so the operating handle many more . When using the steering wheel with one hand often , one hand steering controller working device . Transport distance ( 2 ) forklift trucks shorter , often traveling with load , so a lot of it 's maximum speed is lower than the car. However, the characteristics of the job requirements forklift truck back often , it drives the truck with the forward, backward block number as the respective block forward and backward speed is equal. ( 3 ) forklift trucks are front wheel drive , rear-wheel steering, and the car opposite. ( 4 ) forklift trucks equipped with brakes only on the drive wheels . ( 5 ) forklift trucks have rear weight balance to balance the load part of the goods , in order to maintain a stable car . When the car load , rear wheel pressure is relatively large, are not subject to manipulation and steering set convenient. ( 6 ) operating in a narrow tunnel to accommodate the warehouse , the truck using the special structure of the steering rod and the steering wheel , so that it is smaller than the turning radius of the car. This article from the Suzhou Industrial Equipment Sen Muda more information, please introduce you to the safe use of forklift batteries 10 points
equipment specialization, professionalization of the goal,
Designed more energy, multi-directional development, professional equipment, and comprehensively improve the team " professional" level of the building.
Fire and rescue teams specialized in strengthening the building at the same time, according to the " Fire Act" gives the fire brigade rescue a variety of social responsibility, in order to achieve the " specialization" of the building goals, Yili Fire Department in strengthening the " fire crucial group" , " office sudden escort group " construction, adhere to the" multi-skill " development principles, on May 12, 2009 established the Ili earthquake disaster emergency rescue team was established on November 6 Yili comprehensive emergency rescue detachment and held a flag presentation ceremony, until the first half of this year, the global grassroots brigade have set up the brigade level emergency rescue team. At the same time, also have formed a " traffic accident rescue team, water rescue squad is difficult, search and rescue dog squad, highway rescue teams," and other special, professional and a strong team, and actively apply for government support in the capital to give security, the purchase of assault boats, life detectors and other equipment, greatly enhance the team rescue capabilities. Around specialization, equipment specialization, professionalization of the goal, Yili Fire Department in strengthening the team and equipment construction at the same time, find ways to strengthen personnel training, through policy and other forms of tilt and incentives to strengthen the combat training personnel training and retention, combat training positions to ensure stability of cadres, but also trained a group understand the business, it will command, able to work independently of the fire and rescue professionals commanding officers.