Circulating hot air convection drying method is the way
Circulating hot air convection drying method is the way, ride on pallet trucks its biggest advantage is uniform baking, especially for larger heat capacity of construction machinery parts. Heating steam heat, work positioners, light diesel oil, natural gas, forklift jacks liquefied petroleum gas. Under the conditions permit, the preferred liquefied petroleum gas. This is a clean and efficient energy, the biggest advantage is the cost of a production run of only 35% to 40% of electricity costs.
Positioning the control valve is a primary accessories
Positioning the control valve is a primary accessories, usually supporting the use of pneumatic control valve, which receives the output signal of the regulator, and then to its output signal to control the pneumatic control valve when the control valve action, and by a mechanical displacement of the valve stem device back to the positioner, valve position status to the host system via electrical signals.
Positioning the control valve is a primary accessories It will stem displacement signal as liftstar Electric store Positioner a feedback measurement signal input to the controller output signal as a setting signal, to compare, when a deviation between the two, changes its output signal to the actuator , the executing agency action, the establishment of a correspondence between the stem displacement times and the controller output signal. Therefore, the positioning displacement is composed of a measurement signal to the valve stem, the controller output is set to a signal feedback control system. Manipulated variable of the control system is to perform agency locator output signal.
Bearing in various parts of the machine are filling some of the oil
In daily salutation lifting platform , also known as lifts, lift maintenance can extend the life is good , maintaining beautiful, but few users will pay attention to his care , often see many units to buy a machine to throw aside the wind and sun , Shijiazhuang Lung Industry Development Corporation to remind you that regular maintenance of your machine. First, lift the monthly maintenance When monthly maintenance of lifts , hydraulic lifts to carefully check the wheel, intermediate shaft and bearing , cylinder pin and bearing , boom hinge shaft and bearings for wear . Bearing in various parts of the machine are filling some of the oil , extending the lift bearing life. Check the oil level and oil hydraulic oil . When the platform is raised throughout , as found hydraulic oil darkens , sticky or have gravel and other foreign matter , should be replaced ( 32 # hydraulic oil ) .
A large proportion of human error
When the battery tray truck truck failure refers to the phenomenon of partial or complete loss of ability to work with each other that the state itself or parts abnormal changes . Common faults generally have two trucks that human error and natural faults. A large proportion of human error , he is due to users in the use , does not meet the technical specifications due to operation and maintenance , which is characterized by the formation of a short time, has burst . Forklift is composed of many parts together , with between them more stringent and precise fit relationship, if the user is strictly regulate its use to follow the maintenance service and repair work is likely to be the law of some parts of the damaged, mutual position changes, loss of coordination with state relations , leading to mechanical work produced anomalous phenomenon , which is called human error . When natural failure due to the use of the truck after a long , sharp increase in the amount of engine wear ministries , increased fatigue , and its value exceeds a certain range, it will naturally produce a fault that progressive failure. Such failure is gradually formed , for example, after the blow-by gas cylinder wear , ( exhaust pipes ) blue smoke and so on.