Positioning the control valve
(1) is used to adjust the high quality requirements of important regulatory systems to improve the positioning precision and reliability of the control valve.
(2) for a large pressure difference across the valve (changp> 1MPa) occasions. Air pressure liftstar ride on pallet trucks is increased by increasing the output power of the implementing agencies to overcome unbalanced force generated by the liquid on the spool, reduce stroke errors.
(3) When the transfer medium to high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, toxic, flammable, explosive, in order to prevent external leakage, often very tight packing pressure, and therefore greater friction between stem and packing, this time Delays can be overcome with a locator.
(4) is adjusted, or medium for the viscous fluid containing suspended solids, can be overcome by the positioning of the media resistance to movement of the valve stem.
(5) for large diameter (Dg> 100mm) regulating valve to increase the output thrust actuators.
(6) when the distance regulator and the actuator when more than 60m, can be overcome by the positioning of the control signal transfer lag, the operation of the valve to improve the reaction rate.
(7) used to improve the flow characteristics of the control valve.
(8) a regulator to control the time division two actuators to implement process liftstar forklift jacks control, the two positioning devices are available, were treated with low and high input signal of the input signal, the lower the forward movement of an actuator, operation of the other elevation, which constitute the points Cheng regulation.
hydraulic hand pallet stacker of mechanical devices for the purpose of transporting goods
Definition of mobile cranes Mobile cranes power to raise cargo handling purpose of this level of mechanical devices . Crane , Ron and other safety rules, the built-in generator , but no particular place to move , to make something requirements. Cranes and other safety rules , raising load 0.5 tons or less adapted to mobile cranes cranes and other safety rules are not acceptable and therefore raise the load is something less than 0.5 tons mobile crane does not comply . requirements for mobile cranes Little power to drive up with the goods things ( relying on human free ) 2 levels of mechanical devices for the purpose of transporting goods ( relying on human also contain ) Built-in 3 . Generators , but not a specific place to move , to make things Raise loads of more than 0.5 tons of things Mobile cranes classification Mobile cranes crane devices. Rotating the upper body and the front desk accessories ( operating system ) , this rack mounted lower driving body composition. Upper rotating body boom equipment, enhance , undulating , motion and rotation can be . Way to move onshore , on track , maritime mobile approach. Driving device and the body's stability and ensure mobile cranes and crawler is overhanging beams equipped . Off of the upper rotating body and the lower body structure, the power transmission mode is different from the mobile crane to be classified as follows .
For people who have been dealing with and hydraulic hand pallet stacker
For people who have been dealing with and hydraulic hand pallet stacker , material handling and lifting first thought is that the forklift . However, there is a group involved in the lifting equipment and aerial transport professionals has passed such a message to the next generation of materials handling industry : a mature technology can provide new functionality. In tool and die operation , for example, the truck can often be a tool used to mold to the regional transport tray , and material handling aerial told by the league : aerial lift equipment will be better placed to complete the mold inside the machine task. Operating altitude Chairman Scott Miller , vice president of alliances and lifting equipment company said Harrington : American Association of American material handling crane manufacturing industry, manufacturing associations and monorail crane lifts Manufacturers Association in 2008 co-founded the aerial Union , and their re- technology introduced to a new generation of engineers . "The young engineering graduates may not know the technique of lifting height , " he said: " In the past, single-speed electric motor speed is too fast , it is difficult for a value of $ 50,000 , but the mold is placed into the machine . with the development of a two-speed infinitely variable speed motors and using multi-frequency equipment generates , compared to 20 years ago , and now the speed control is simply a breeze.
in the warehouse loading and unloading places
Lifting platform is a wide range of use , stability, good cargo lifting equipment. It does not stack height of the limitations of electric cars and electric cars high , then it 's advantages are: longlonglonglong1, in the warehouse loading and unloading places, with forklifts and other supporting truck loading and unloading fast- reading , improve the work rate. longlonglonglong2 , feeding large machine tools , cutting also inseparable help lift platform . longlonglonglong3 , the production line , to better adapt to the height of the problem of poor cargo freight . longlonglonglong4 , when some large equipment assembly , lifting can be done to accelerate the speed of assembly . longlonglong longlonglonglong5 , the workpiece assembled workpiece height adjustable , with better jobs . longlonglonglongWhile lifting platform has so many advantages, but it will be some small problems, such as lifts falling this problem, it may cause of this phenomenon , what does : longlonglonglong1, the brake system is not enough power drive unit , resulting in falling lift , low safety factor longlonglong longlonglonglong2 , according to the provisions of the product specification is no violation of the rules , or overload longlonglong longlonglonglong3 , single-drive and dual drive problems longlonglonglong4, the drive pinion and gear together at the back of the rack is not installed by round longlonglonglong5, the balance weight is not set longlonglonglong6 , by the eccentric shaft without mounting the wheel lock tab longlonglonglong7 , the low reliability of anti-dropping rhythm , not enough to ensure safety longlonglonglong8 , and occasionally other reasons longlonglonglongYou can never use the case with the story and job requirements , the lifting platform can be attached devices, in any combination . Select the right combination of various configurations , in order to maximize functional lifting platform , to the better results. longlonglonglongMore, all in Hebei earthworm electric lift platform. longlonglonglongSource lifting platform : Related Content