Slot machine
Slot machine is equipped with a remote machine itself is a code and remote tone control, the receiving and transmitting device is precisely the machine, hair receiver RF Code, there are two types, namely fixed code and rolling code two, rolling code is a fixed code upgrading of products, currently Where Hydraulic fixed lift table confidentiality requirement, use the scroll encoding. Wherever he goes, using all current rolling code, rolling code method to solve the " investigation transcoder" to get, until the effect of frequency code location is perfect, and wherever he goes, are generally used radio locator, usually we often see is the infrared Locator, I hope you points clear.
Walk -in vehicle operating efficiency directly affected control mode
Walk truck with plastic tray stacking height is generally used to control the turnover 5m or less. To ensure safety, security should be installed in the aircraft operating area . Load hoist truck walking speeds between 0.1 ~ 0.2m / s, the speed and the battery voltage to enhance the size of the form lifting frame , load weight and the size of the pump . Unit load height, width , length and weight must be consistent with standard shipping . Transportation standards including pallet size, transport distance and stacking height. Also, consider the slope of the slope, the floor load conditions , lift limit , operating and environmental conditions affect the clearance of the unit load. longlonglonglongPallet handling equipment with operating control: Walk -in vehicle operating efficiency directly affected control mode . Control issues including speed, etc. upgrade , brake and reverse control . Controlled by the horizontal movement of the handle end portion to enhance the speed and direction to achieve control . There are two steps forward speed control general type, third gear type and backward control . The lift and down by hydraulic control or manual electronic switch lever to achieve. Brake control is automatic braking when the steering handle in the vertical and horizontal position. When the handle is operable at any other position when the vehicle ahead. In order to improve operational safety and efficiency of handling equipment , forklifts also handle back function
If you think the tire tread Electric Stacker on just for fancy looking
Electric Stacker two characteristics, such as its name, is as simple and clear - "electric" and "piled high." longlonglonglong Electric and electric stacker stacker two largest and most obvious features. In material handling stacking process, is inseparable from electric forklift trucks, of course, hand pallet trucks is a good choice. longlonglonglong If you think the tire tread Electric Stacker on just for fancy looking, then you're wrong, that's a certain emphasis: longlonglonglong 1, the tread pattern when grinding to wear signs, should use this tire suspended longlonglong longlonglonglong 2, combined with vertical mixing patterns and lateral tread pattern, suitable for a variety of surfaces. longlonglong longlonglonglong 3, the vertical pattern resistance is small, fast, and more for asphalt, cement and other roads. longlonglonglong 4, forklifts and more suitable for off-road tread the road conditions are poor or non-road pavement. longlonglonglong 5, the slope of the road forklifts suitable for horizontal pattern, as it grabbed strong, good climbing performance. longlonglonglong More, all in Hebei earthworm Manual platform truck. longlonglonglong Related articles: Sources lifting platform.
carry out a comprehensive rescue equipment specific training
First, in accordance with the fire and rescue , " five first time " requirements, and actively carry out detachment , brigade -level fire and rescue drill more than 20 times , putting more than 120 vehicles times, and invested more than 400 police visits, through constant exercise aimed to form a sets mature combat mechanisms to focus on to achieve " alarm out speed, making his way to deploy speed, speed battle unfold ." Second is to strengthen the work fire drill commenting summary , findings from a fire drill and solve problems . To prevent fire drills each squadron diagram form , going through the motions phenomenon , Yili Fire Department asked the grassroots squadron to carry out fire drills every unit must be carried out before the " six familiar " Work and the bureau developed fire rescue in the global production software promote the use of force in order to improve the squadron fire plan of scientific and practical . Third is to strengthen the application of various types of equipment training and do all the preparations for fire and rescue drill . Yili Squadron Fire Department requires grassroots and fighting in strict accordance with job preparation program , carry out a comprehensive rescue equipment specific training , familiar with all kinds of equipment, methods of operation, to achieve grassroots squadron pilots hand car , Yizhuanduoneng combatants to ensure the normal development of fire fighting and rescue work .