Electric hydraulic stacker
Electric hydraulic stacker with motor-powered, battery for an industrial handling vehicles energy refers to a piece of cargo loading and unloading pallets, forklifts, wheeled transport vehicles stacking and short-distance transport operations. International Organization for Standardization ISO / TC110 called industrial vehicles. Electric Stacker include: full electric stacker, semi-electric stacker, Reach Stacker, Reach full electric stacker, Reach Stacker, pedestrian counterbalanced stacker. Electric Stacker widely used in factory workshops, electric platform stacker warehouses, distribution centers and distribution centers, ports, railway stations, airports, freight yard, and access to the cabin, loading and unloading, cargo handling operations inside pallets and containers. Is a pallet transport, container transport essential equipment.
Job Function Select Electric Stacker Electric Stacker basic job functions are divided according to the level of handling, stacking / pickup, loading / unloading, sorting. Can initially be determined from the company's product line from the company's business to be achieved in accordance with the job function. In addition, special operations functions will affect Stacker specific configuration, such as the handling of a roll, iron, etc., need Stacker installation appurtenances to complete special features.
 Walk -in vehicle classification and selection
With the development of the logistics industry , according to the actual needs of the logistics distribution center design and production of handling equipment variety, complete specifications. Handling equipment is used mainly handling vehicles can be divided into two series. One is a long distance truck forklift series , the other is a short distance carrying a lighter hand carts laden series . longlonglonglongForklift Series Category: Forklifts mainly used for ranking high plastic pallets and handling of goods . For high capacity can be divided according to cite high and exalted high categories. Low lift your vehicle that general pallet trucks , which give a high range of 100 ~ 150mm. Holding high the vehicle that is generally forklift , which held high range up to 12m. In accordance with the operator posture, range of applications , such as power modes and further subdivisions . longlonglonglongWalk -in vehicle classification and selection : Walking a wide range of vehicle types , the operating speed of vehicles on the walk- handling is usually limited to 5km / h or less. Unidirectional transport distance in less than 100m. If you carry long distance, frequent operation , the operating personnel fatigue and reduced efficiency . In high storage density and low stacking height , the walk -in vehicles can play better job performance.
in the early 20th century, the rapid industrialization of the United States
Any thing is from scratch, there are some historic , and it must be produced with the needs of social trends arising , has an important role in the historic electric forklift is no exception. longlonglonglong1 , in the early 20th century, the rapid industrialization of the United States , resulting in a tendency to take forklifts and forklift truck technology, industrial machinery , many companies are moving into the material handling industry from other industries. 20 actually begins 30 years, transferred its attention in the emerging material handling industry , and begin to develop forklift. longlonglonglong2 , after the Second World War , combustion forklifts become the main force of industrialization . Them during the war , used to supply the frontline of foreign workers from the factory to the mouth of the American military supplies. U.S. warehouse with a forklift and forklift trucks , material handling to increase their productivity and efficiency . longlonglonglongThree decades later electric forklift popular, not only reduces costs, but also tends to be more environmentally friendly, so electric forklift has become the standard in today's international economy needs in the enterprise competition. The advent of electric forklifts , forklift truck is a testament to the continuous development of technology , and now many industrial trucks with rear-wheel steering, increasing the forklift driver 's ability to maneuver in tight environments . longlonglonglongForklift occasional discomfort , but it 's perfect for mechanical handling and strive to promote the heart of its evolution, people should make better use of it , in order to realize its value . longlonglonglongMore, all in Hebei earthworm truck . longlonglonglongRelated articles : manual hydraulic forklift characteristics.
norms troops fighting and rescue "disposal stylized " push forces to create
To conscientiously implement the fire and rescue corps " three" building site meetings spirit , norms troops fighting and rescue " disposal stylized " push forces to create " Fire Iron Army " activities in depth, Yili Fire fighting and rescue combat in close connection with the current demand for different characteristics and types of disasters , timely amendment compiled rescue forces detachment level , standardized to the combat operations in order to achieve " power compiled by scientific control , according to the norms action unfold , according to professional standards for proper disposal ," the stylized requirements. Currently, in strict accordance with " fire brigade fighting force in Xinjiang compiled guidance" standardize the various grassroots large ( medium ) fire and rescue team compiled the work force , according to the actual situation Yili straight to complete the " Yili Fire fighting and rescue operations to you , " according to " Xinjiang fire fighting and rescue forces fighting action guidelines " to further regulate the detachment command center , the grass-roots squadron dispatched alarm , fire detection , battle commenced , fire rescue , fire fighting position selection , evacuation and protection of materials , fire break demolition , fire smoke, fire water supply, end of combat and other aspects of the specific content of twelve , so that all officers to develop a fire fighting operations in accordance with good habits stylized disposal . Also asked the grassroots squadron area and actively carry out fire safety key units " six familiar " and fire drills, fire and rescue combat in the lessons to find weaknesses in the training of troops , fire fighting and rescue forces to accelerate the process of disposal stylized