A former Pallet Stacker Hand lifter
A former Pallet Stacker, Stacker bottom leg, cargo applicable national standard single tray or tray loading and unloading without transshipment, features excellent inexpensive price.
2, wide leg Stacker, Stacker done before the end of the legs wide, usually within a width of 550 / 680mm, wide legs may be 1200 / 1500mm, removable double-sided tray (length less than the width of the duplex tray confined within), moderate price advantage, you can solve the two-sided tray or require some special goods.
3, counterbalanced forklift trucks, piled high car bottomless leg before after Stacker plus weights, may be appropriate after the fork forward and backward, in order to ensure that the goods after shoveling level. Benefits: Applicable to a wide, similar to the traditional internal combustion forklifts; Disadvantages: too heavy vehicle for too long, to channel distance requirements are relatively high, and higher prices.
4, Reach Stacker, basic aspects counterbalanced Similarly, there is no counterweight before the end of the leg, the difference is the car with the door frame fork backwards to move forward a certain distance, usually 560mm, so may be appropriate to shorten the length of forklift trucks, right channel requires a certain ease, prices counterbalanced stacker similar.
5, all stainless steel forklift trucks, vehicles with stainless steel material, environmental health requirements applicable to high places, such as food, medicine, etc., the price is slightly higher.
6, riot Stacker, is a special model, mandatory production licensing requirements for higher security requirements of local, expensive, high technical requirements, there are riot riot Stacker rating logo.
7, lateral stacker, stacker fork mounted on the side, side loading and unloading operations, the main channel is too small to solve the case, the car is generally the mode of production is the installation of lateral attachments, but the formal mode of production is one of the of lateral forks, I have seen similar models on the German show, priced at one million dollars.
8, single-column stacker, namely in the form of a traditional mast lift, single lever to lift, the lift speed limit from both sides of the parallel, uniform and stable, generally transmission mode change from chain-belt-type pull, so that uniform lift.
Above models commonly used models for the market, of course, Stacker classification there are many, especially some non-standard type of forklift trucks, variety, do not list them all, but generally speaking the typical classification, the difference is larger the several models, other non-standard Stacker is generally based on the above models, modify different parts dedicated to.
Chinese Dragon of semi-electric stacker features
1 Chinese Dragon of semi-electric stacker adopts new rear axle structure, the Stacker structure is more reasonable. 2 Chinese Dragon of semi-electric stacker imported pneumatic spring-loaded handle device easier to use reasonable. 3 Chinese Dragon of semi-electric stacker molding raw materials imported from Germany, the door frame, in terms of quality strictly. 4 Chinese Dragon of semi-electric stacker using imported Italian pump, according to customer requirements can be made high-quality replacement pump. 5 Chinese Dragon of semi-electric stacker with a push pull lighter, more lightweight and flexible, easier to use, etc. 6 Chinese Dragon of semi-electric stacker in scientific, safe and reliable braking system, greatly improving the semi-electric stacker in the practical application of security. 7 Chinese Dragon of semi-electric stacker with a special-link structure, greatly extending the service life of machinery, and easy maintenance.
divided into the following three categories
Manual hydraulic truck stand is generally considered mining equipment, specifically for special handling tools mine hydraulic support, mining and other large machinery and handling difficult design , the use of which is not only to improve labor efficiency , and achieve a safe move , especially layout and mining face in the face when moving , reflecting its economy and convenient features . Truck known as ground beef , divided into the following three categories Hand Pallet Truck : hand pallet trucks , high lift scissor truck , electronic scales truck, bucket truck , etc. Semi- Electric Pallet Truck : Semi-electric truck, semi- electric stacker , etc. All- electric cars : all-electric truck, electric pallet trucks, all-electric forklift trucks Hand pallet truck and electric pallet trucks are tools for horizontal transport . Compact size allows flexible hand truck for almost any occasion. However, due to the manual operation , it is usually for a short distance of about 15 meters frequent operations, especially in loading and unloading area. In the future all aspects of logistics , the hand truck will also assume the job of convergence between the various transport links , a set of cards on each truck is equipped with a manual or truck, will make quicker and more convenient loading and unloading operations , and does not subject to site constraints . When the plane carrying the distance at around 30 meters, electric pallet truck is the best choice , traveling through the infinitely variable speed control switch on the handle , follow the operator walking the pace in reducing personnel fatigue , while ensuring the operation security.
To avoid the command center after completion of hardware
Yili party secretary Zhang Yun, deputy governor of the state government and other leaders also successively Wan water emergency rescue command center on building specialized making instructions on the relevant departments will be included in this project Ili " protect people's livelihood and promote development" project, the applicant Yuanjiang guaranteed funding projects. The second is to strengthen the military command system, to build " integrated information platform." Since the beginning of this year, Yili actively embarked Fire Department command center on the construction of the preparatory work. The command center for the construction of Xinjiang and the country into a first-class command center earlier this year, Yili Fire Department will dispatch room for large-scale expansion of the original, the original 70 square meters of the control room for the successful transformation of the current construction of a total area of 200 square meters of versatile command center, invested 40 million yuan to complete the whole bureau command center renovation, anti-static flooring, the strength of electrical transformation, upgrading network equipment operation and long-term perspective, with a 40k power ups, core equipment for the latter command center access has laid a good foundation for the hardware. To avoid the command center after completion of hardware, no software, equipment, nobody used the passive situation, Yili Fire Department and long, fully serviced with strong advance command center staff, from the grass-roots squadron handpicked four business backbone advance familiar command center after the completion of a variety of business work for the command center is completed and put into use successfully laid a solid foundation. Third, invest more than 10 million attendance for the detachment headquarters squadron equipped with a large grassroots pda mobile terminal and system developers together with updates, enhancements fire pda software applications have focused on the grassroots level commanders had a " fire command box" " pda mobile terminal communication system, " application and operation training, science and technology help troops to achieve" command flattened. "