High-performance electric vehicle pile Overview
Electric Stacker widely used in factory workshops, warehouses, distribution centers and distribution centers, ports, railway stations, airports, freight yard, and access to the cabin, loading and unloading, cargo handling operations inside pallets and containers. Is a pallet transport, container transport essential equipment. Remote handling, two-sided tray, single tray can be used. Electric Stacker small, flexible operation, easy to drive, the economic environment is the product of choice for enterprise units. Load Range 1t-3 t, lifting height 1-3.5m. Stacker imported from Europe pumping stations and wheels, cargo crossed l smooth and powerful, the handle assembly, responsive, easily controlled. With large capacity traction battery (combination), to ensure that one charge, continuous work 5-8 hours. Low Voltage Protection feature protects the battery at low voltage state, long life, with a large-capacity, high-performance battery, with battery lasting and powerful traction batteries can be separated from the body, to facilitate routine battery maintenance.
China earthworm - manual hydraulic stacker features
China earthworm - manual hydraulic stacker features 1 Chinese Dragon of C -shaped steel frame manual hydraulic stacker steel column using 16Mn, roll forming . The rest of high quality steel welding molding, high strength and deformation. 2 Chinese Dragon of manual hydraulic stacker with high precision grinding cylinder tube , imported oil seals , integrated spool for easy demolition and maintenance ; relief way to take foot type, smooth landing speed , security is greatly improved. 3 Chinese Dragon of manual hydraulic stacker uses advanced spray technology , improving the appearance of the product while increasing the manual hydraulic stacker durability. 4 Chinese Dragon of manual hydraulic stacker is a non-polluting manual hydraulic stacker , with transport smart, flexible operation, small turning radius and so on. 5 Chinese Dragon of hand pallet trucks for the production of factories, workshops , warehouses , warehousing, around railway stations, docks , airports and other places , especially suitable for fire, explosion requires use of the site , such as the printing shop , various depots, chemical warehouses and other places. 6 Chinese Dragon of hand pallet trucks with pallets cartons , containers , etc. can be realized unit of transportation , not only to reduce the impact, scratches , etc. , but also reduces the workload and stacking area , greatly improving the work efficiency
the price excluding tax , according to the market to count 17% of the ordinary
Recently , the company received a lot of customer consultation calls , many of which reflect the price of the issue , such as why our company's products offer those manually Taobao Stacker price than a lot more expensive ? To this end, we each company's sales staff are also patiently explain , some of the more casually can say the main reason ! Here is why I am finishing the electric system on ebay Stacker price can be so cheap ? 1 , low- cost sales, stores need not have , nor need service team . What is more significant , in fact, a glamorous Taobao is likely to be behind in the care of one or two people , there is no inventory , factories, warehouses, workshops , with only one computer only! 2, the price excluding tax , according to the market to count 17% of the ordinary , then remove this tax prices , the price of which can be a discount of twenty percent . Taobao many sellers are marked price excluding tax , requiring a VAT invoice need another 17% price increase . 3 , cheap bait ; many cases, businesses marked a low price to attract consumers to browse, but I really need to buy , the seller and any excuse to say that this is currently out of stock or other reasons , and then recommend a quality addition but the price is quite better . 4 , not the regular manufacturers , lack of reasonable supervision and quality control system, product quality is no guarantee ! Take Stacker , the regular manufacturers for a stacker , its relatively sound quality control procedures , need to go through dozens of processes, long hours of testing ; while those unscrupulous businessmen , just finished take over, put the weight of cement blocks fork rated up to try, try once or twice on completion , the conclusion is : Qualified ! 5 , Taizhou numerous businesses ; This is pulled Taobao Electric Stacker price the most important factor , do not believe it, you can go to Taobao search results of electric forklift trucks, out of the half came from a " Taixing " areas. The main features of Taixing Stacker is " cheap" and, of course , so low cost products , of course, is always inferior quality . We can understand how the Internet under Taixing Stacker quality? It can be said , Taixing Stacker low -quality product quality of domestic warehousing average !
the basic structure and general overhead cranes are similar
General overhead crane used mainly electric drive, generally in cab control, there are also remote control. Weight of up to 500 tons, span up to 60 meters. Large common bridge crane lifting weight for ease of installation and adjustment, universal coupling drive device often used. Crane agencies generally only four driving and driven wheels, if the starting weight is large, common approaches to reduce the wheel increases wheel pressure. When more than four wheels, a frame must be balanced hinge device, the crane load is evenly distributed on each wheel.Known crane beam, the structure of similar composition and general overhead cranes. Starting weight, span and working speed are small. Bridge girder or other beam by beam and plate steel consisting of a simple cross-section beams, hand pull hoist or hoist trolley accompanied by simple as lifting trolley, trolley generally joist bottom flange on the run. Bridge along the elevated track running along the suspension can also be elevated following in orbit, this is called the crane girder suspension cranes.
Specialized metallurgical bridgeThe crane in the steel production process can participate in a particular process operation, the basic structure and general overhead cranes are similar, but in lifting a small car is also equipped with a special working body or device. This work is characterized by crane frequent use conditions, a higher level of work, there are five main types