Electric Scissor Lifts hand jack
Electric Scissor Lifts are widely used aerial work equipment. Its scissor mechanical structure, the lift lifting after high stability, large platform and a high load carrying capacity, so that high-altitude greater range of operations, and for many people simultaneously. It makes high-altitude operations more efficient and safer. Is widely used aerial equipment.
Chinese Dragon of hand pallet trucks shaped features
1 China earthworm shaped hand pallet trucks are divided into long-type hand pallet trucks, wide-type hand pallet trucks and hand pallet trucks integrated. 2 Chinese Dragon of hand pallet trucks can be shaped according to customer demand, custom fork length 500-3000mm, fork width 520-1000mm, weight 1-5 tons shaped hand pallet trucks with different specifications. 3 earthworm lengthened when Chinese hand pallet trucks used goods and fork contact area of not less than 70%. 4Chinese earthworm with conventional hand pallet trucks profiled stocks, such as 4 t / 5 t truck and so on. 5 Chinese earthworm-shaped hand pallet trucks fork lift maximum vertical height of 200mm, a minimum height of 75mm, lifting height is 100mm stroke China to supply a variety of dragon-shaped hand pallet trucks, hand pallet trucks ordinary, manual hydraulic stacker, electric forklift trucks, electric pallet trucks and other warehousing and logistics equipment.
Chinese Dragon of hand pallet trucks Unlike other home several features of hand pallet trucks:
Chinese Dragon of hand pallet trucks Unlike other home several features of hand pallet trucks: 1 Chinese Dragon of hand pallet trucks handle with plastic wrap, and effectively prevent the hand sliding handle cold winter inefficiencies caused. 2 Chinese Dragon of hand pallet trucks using whole spool, make maintenance easier, greatly reducing maintenance time. 3 Chinese Dragon of hand pallet trucks not using the handbrake model also incorporates the foot brake function, so that the brake function easier to use. 4 4 t / 5 t truck China Dragon of hand pallet truck series as conventional products sold, not as shaped customized products. 5 Chinese Dragon of hand pallet truck series shaped vans, long can be customized 500-3000mm, wide can be customized 520-1000mm. 6 forks used earthworm Chinese steel hand pallet trucks compared to the same kinds of products, thicker and better. Chinese Dragon of supply manual hydraulic stacker, semi-electric stacker, hand pallet trucks, electric pallet truck, etc.
From the main beam and side beams
By the lifting mechanism, trolley run institutions and small frame components. Lifting mechanism includes a motor, brake, reducer, drum and pulley. Driven by motor through reducer rotating drum, wire rope wound on the reel or down from the roll to lift heavy loads. Small frame and mounting bracket is lifting mechanism and trolley run institutions and other parts of the rack, usually welded structure.
Bridge operating agencies
The metal structure of the bridge
From the main beam and side beams, divided into single girder and double girder bridge bridge categories. Single girder bridge by a single span girders and located on both sides of the end beam composed of two dual-beam bridge girders and by the end beam components. Main beam and side beams rigidly connected to the wheels at both ends with end beam for supporting the run on the elevated bridge. Main beam welded rails for lifting trolley. Bridge girder structure type more typical are:
1 box-shaped structure
(1) track box-shaped double beam is widely used in a basic form, the main beam from the upper and lower flange plates and sides of the vertical web composition, trolley rails arranged on the flange plate on the center line, and its simple structure, easy to manufacture, suitable for mass production, but the larger self.
(2) Partial rail box double side rail box girder and single girder cross-section are from the upper and lower flange plates and unequal thickness of primary and secondary webs composition, trolley rails arranged in the main webs top box Short body stiffener save where partial rail box girder by a single wide-flange box girder instead of two main beams, weight smaller, but more complex manufacturing.
2 four truss structure
The four combined into a closed space plane truss structure, the upper surface of the horizontal truss generally paved walkway plates, light weight, stiffness, but compared with other structures, size large, more complex manufacturing, fatigue strength is low, has been less production. bridge orbit at an elevated bridge crane, also known as crane. Bridge crane bridge laying on both sides along the elevated tracks run vertically, lifting trolley along the track laying sideways on the bridge, the scope of work constitutes a rectangle, you can take advantage of the space under the bridge lifting materials, not hampered by ground equipment. Such cranes are widely used in indoor and outdoor warehouses, factories, docks and open storage yard,