forklift work platforms Located in the machine compartment
Located in the machine compartment, by the motor, speed reducer and gear rack components. Reducer output shaft gear, out of the car of engagement with the fixed rack on the tower, with the machine running up and down the car. Car is equipped with a control system, the operator can randomly run. Canada Day means is provided in the top of the machine compartment, is a small manual or motorized boom cranes. Canada Day, the car is increased to a certain distance from the top of the tower, using a crane to be added to the top of the tower crane standard segments, fixed in place after that completes the festival processes. To ensure the safe operation of the lift with speed brake, travel limit switches, door line protection switch. Rack and pinion drive lifts with a simple lift, compared with a height of erection fast, safe, reliable, dual-use goods, etc., in construction, in particular, high-rise building construction, widely used.
Job requirements include pallet truck or cargo specifications
Used tractor motor drive , using its towing capacity ( 3.0 to 25 tons ) , followed by pulling a few cargo trolley . Often used in the workshop or workshop between bulk cargo transportation, such as automobile manufacturing warehouse to the assembly line transportation, airport luggage transport . 2 , according to the conditions select models and configurations The choice of models and configurations generally depart from the following aspects : ( 1 ) Job Function The basic job functions forklift into horizontal handling, stacking / pick up, loading / unloading, picking . According to corporate job functions to be achieved from the models described above preliminary determination . In addition, a special job functions will affect the truck's specific configuration , such as handling the roll , hot metal , etc., need forklift mounted attachments to complete special features. ( 2 ) operational requirements Job requirements include pallet truck or cargo specifications , lifting height , operating channel width , climbing degree and other general requirements , but also need to consider the operational efficiency ( efficiency of different models of its different ) , work habits ( such as driving or sitting habits Stand ) , etc. requirements
the use of electric forklift Forklift and maintenance costs relative terms have a very big advantage
It should be highlighted that the electric forklift without being noticed some of the many advantages of electric forklift many advantages in addition to low noise, no exhaust emission characteristics, in fact, the use of electric forklift Forklift and maintenance costs relative terms have a very big advantage. Use cost: electricity consumption costs than diesel or liquefied petroleum gas consumption costs are much lower . If we order a load capacity of three tons forklift for comparison , a diesel internal combustion forklifts diesel consumed per shift ( in accordance with the consumption of 40 liters of diesel per shift , 60 vehicles per hour consumes 5.5 liters of diesel VDI cycle calculation ) costs about 196 yuan ( 4.9 yuan per liter of diesel ) . And a three tons electric forklift if we adopt the 80 -volt battery 500AH words ( the storage capacity of the battery is 80X500 = 40 kWh) , operating one shift ( discharge 80% , in accordance with the supplementary charge ratio of 120% , you need to consume energy about of 40 degrees ) costs about 140 yuan ( according to the current 3.5 yuan per kilowatt industrial power calculation ) . Can save 56 yuan a day , 250 days a year calculated in accordance with it, you can save $ 14,000 a year in energy costs. If you use five years to calculate it , you can save $ 70,000 . Because of its electric forklift operation control is simple and flexible , the strength of its operator's operation is relatively much lighter in terms of internal combustion forklifts , the electric power steering system , speed control system, hydraulic control system and brake system consists of electrical signals to control and greatly reduce the operator's labor intensity , so that to improve its efficiency and accuracy of the work has a very big help.
Bridge crane is Hengjia in workshops
Hoist crane operator must have the basic conditions
Hoist crane operator must have the basic conditions
1 person operating hoist cranes, good health before they can, at least 18 years of age who have the ability to work, eyes without color blindness, visual acuity of 0.6 or more;
2 crane hoist familiar basic structure and properties;
3 should be familiar with hoist gantry crane safety rules and master the relevant safety precautions;
4 repeatedly mounted hoist gantry cranes, reach the point where practice makes perfect, summed up his experience in production.
Bridge crane is Hengjia in workshops, warehouses and empty field for material lifting material lifting equipment. Because of its ends located in the tall concrete pillars or metal bracket, shaped like a bridge. Overhead crane overhead bridge along the laying of tracks on both sides longitudinally running, you can take advantage of the space under the bridge lifting material from ground equipment obstacles. It is the most widely used, the largest number of a lifting machinery.