Lifting mechanism of high-strength manganese steel Kui-tube production.
Lifting mechanism of high-strength manganese steel Kui-tube production. Has a safety device to prevent overloading of the lift. Provided to prevent hydraulic line rupture safety protection valve. Provided emergency lowering device in case of power failure. The product is applicable to all industries altitude equipment installation, maintenance and other mobility altitude operations. According to different requirements can choose a different dynamic form (eg: three-phase AC power, single-phase AC power, DC power, and internal combustion power, etc.), plus coupled with manual hydraulic devices, power or no power supply in place elevating work as usual, and add retractable platform, the platform is insufficient length can be extended to the desired position, thereby improving work efficiency. Is a modern tall buildings, the ideal equipment with product, is essential for the production of high-altitude safe and civilized.
Export volume of forklifts in overseas market share is still low
China forklift sales reached 139,000 , an increase of 30% ; exports forklifts 47,000 , an increase of 78 percent , exports accounted for about 34% of sales ; while exports increase to the sales growth rate of 65% . In 2007 , the global forklift sales reached 907,000 , an increase of 10%. The composition of consumption by region is as follows: European share of world market share of approximately 40% of the truck ; followed by North America ( USA + Canada ) market , which is about 21% ; Chinese market share has exceeded 11% ; while Japan does not exceed the proportion of 10% ; elsewhere in the world the proportion is close to 16%. Of internal combustion forklift trucks " internal combustion forklift trucks accounted for 80% of sales , while sales in the global electric forklift trucks accounted for more than 50% . This is because in Europe, the United States, Japan forklift market , electric forklifts have become the sake of mainstream products because of our lower environmental protection requirements , forklift operation more frequently than the harsh operating environment and operating costs and other factors, over an extended period of China's demand will tend to use the internal combustion forklift trucks . Pattern in the global truck market , Toyota and Linde ahead , the annual sales income of more than five billion U.S. dollars ; while Ann fork and Hangzhou forklift fork in the domestic market, rule the roost , the total market share of over 50%. Export volume of forklifts in overseas market share is still low, cost advantage and export tax rebates led to outstanding export impulsivity grounds , expected future China will continue to maintain a rapid growth in exports forklift , 2010 compound annual growth rate of not less than 30 years ago % . The next three years , the domestic truck sales annual growth rate is expected to remain above 20% , dependence on overseas markets will increase . Export volume growth has become a major driving force
Battery replacement and charging confusion.
According to the China Construction Machinery Association Industrial Vehicles Branch of data , in 2006 reached 22,874 units, compared with 2005 increased by nearly 38%. The data show that electric forklifts will be more favored by the users . However, in general terms electric forklift market share of only 21% , the proportion of European and American markets compared to the proportion of electric forklift , there are still considerable differences . Smaller proportion of the domestic market electric forklift main reasons : Same load capacity in terms of combustion forklift electric forklift relatively higher cost of purchasing a one-time ( on the domestic market, imported 3-ton forklift mid market price of 13 million people, a mid-market price of imported 3-ton forklift in the 210,000 or so , including the battery and charger. their purchase price difference of about 80,000 ) Battery replacement and charging confusion. Electric forklift maintenance techniques are required . In fact , apart from the first point is indeed a major cause , the latter involving the use of two points and maintenance of the knowledge , if after a better knowledge of the training and the maintenance of good service vendor support , the latter two points are users can not be confused .
or it can be installed in machinery and equipment
Fixed slewing jib crane can help you prepare and unproductive work shorten production time and reduce unnecessary waiting. Kellett company jib crane specification, all varieties, whether you are lifting weights, rotation angle, arm length and function of what kind of requirements, we can provide you with the best solution, even we have with dual spin arm, telescopic crane jib, etc.. All specifications have a common advantage: light weight, arm length, lifting capacity, installation, operation and maintenance simple. They are completely independent, is an ideal job cranes, and applies to the outdoor yard and loading platform. Fixed column small footprint. Headroom for lifting very small case can get the maximum lifting heightGantry crane lifting capacity of up to 2000 kg, all uses Suspension cranes impossible or uneconomic place can be easy to use. Gantry cranes can be easily split into several easy to transport parts used in another place and can quickly assembled, this feature has benefits on many occasions. Trackless beam gantry crane lifting capacity of up to 2000 kg.Pilasters jib crane Its biggest advantage is that it can be mounted directly on the wall or column, or it can be installed in machinery and equipment, thus do not take up any floor space.
Pilasters jib crane Its biggest advantage is that it can be mounted directly on the wall or column, or it can be installed in machinery and equipment, thus do not take up any floor space.