Lifting electric walkie pallet jack
Suitable for airport terminals, aircraft repair stations, terminals, shopping malls, stadiums, residential property, factories and other large range of altitude workshop continuous operation. Some products have automatic walking function, can work in different state, fast, slow walking, only one person can operate the machine in the air to complete a row up and down, forward, backward, turn to other activities. When the machine is stopped, the wheel is always in the braking state, and reliable braking at 6 degree slope. Incredible quality rubber wheels of large diameter allows users to effectively protect the ground while increasing the braking friction.
Forklift debut CD 108th Canton Fair
Forklift debut CD 108th Canton Fair More than 30 forklifts and supporting vendors homogeneous appearance 106th Canton Fair Published :2009 -10-16 Source: China Transportation Network The 106th China Import and Export Fair ( Canton Fair ) first phase of the October 15 to 19 in Guangzhou Canton Fair Pazhou Complex . Despite the financial crisis, businesses are subjected to varying degrees of heavy losses, but failed to stop the manufacturers will be "Fair" exhibition as the first choice to go abroad . Maintain the same pattern of three exhibitions this year , the total exhibition scale of 55,000 booths, exhibition based upon the 15 categories of goods exports into 50 zones ; Pavilion maintain the size of 15,000 square meters , the establishment of nine product areas . Enterprise online application booth number reached 84,954 , the demand has far exceeded the current Fair three provided 55,000 booth size . Looking at the entire year, Chinese forklift industry , with the changes in the international environment and may appear for the first time negative growth decline . In the long run , the forklift industry adjustment is inevitable, but the outlook remains optimistic about the industry . Large environmental impact, did not hinder the major manufacturers of exhibitors enthusiasm. Fair is still grand with its unique charm , attracting many domestic and foreign manufacturers of industrial vehicles and related ancillary providers to participate. And forklifts in the engineering machinery exhibition galleries, more than thirty domestic manufacturer of forklift manufacturing and accessories debut in this exhibition. These include: Heli , Dalian forklift, Tailift , the only force on force , Friend , America Coase , Goodsense , wishful , Connaught , Zhejiang power, China and , Cape , Ted Heavy Industries, Niu Li , Guangming , according to Krugman , , Haitian , full , Jing -mao , Yuchai, regular diesel , Weichai , JAC power , forward gears , forward tires, Tiancheng seat , long-lasting chain and so on.
engine oil, transmission oil and the oil filter makers
Electric forklift maintenance cycle , electric forklift maintenance cycle in terms of the relative internal combustion forklifts two to three times longer , usually internal combustion forklift maintenance cycle of up to 500 hours of work , and many have been able to reach electric forklift more than 1,000 hours of maintenance cycles. Maintenance content , electric forklift maintenance than internal combustion forklift maintenance more convenient , usually as long as the number of joints lubricated moving parts such as door frame bearings , steering Bridge and other major cleaning mainly to check up also in 2000 or 3000 hours per to replace the hydraulic oil, gear oil and hydraulic filters have other materials needed are very limited. Rather than internal combustion forklifts out of the lubrication , the longest every 500 hours ( generally every 300 hours or so ) will replace the engine oil and oil filter every 1,000 hours to replace the hydraulic oil , engine oil, transmission oil and the oil filter makers. Also replace the belt ( timing belt engine , generator belts ) . If you still with three ton forklift for example , then operate 2,000 hours per year calculated in accordance with internal combustion forklift maintenance costs to $ 3,000 - $ 4,000 ( only the cost of materials ) , and electric forklift maintenance costs only 1,000 - $ 1,500 ( cost of materials ) .
which features are summarized below
Domestic construction crane on the market, cranes (including all terrain crane) is still the industry's leading products. January to September 2010, truck crane sales 27,572 units, up 35.6%; total exports of 879 units, an increase of 62.1%. Which ,3-June for the automotive crane sales season, the average monthly sales of 3,500 units or more, the peak appeared in March, sales reached 4,429 units; January largest growth rate, an increase of 158.3%; while sales in February and September appeared fell. From the product structure, small and medium-tonnage truck crane sales increased. 1344 crawler crane sales units, up 61.93 percent, close to the 2008 record high. Sales of products to 50t, 70t, 80t, 100t, 150t and 250t crawler crane mainly small and medium level. Truck crane half sales 4796 units, up 38.53 percent.KBK flexible light combined system including KBK-D monorail crane, KBK-LD single beam, KBK-LS double girder, KBK-LSS telescopic beam, KBK-LM stacker and other various types of lifting equipment, lifting weight of 0.125t -1t adapt to a very wide range, especially for modern production conveyor line, which features are summarized below:
1, good reliability, high stability KBK light crane components of the system are all standard modules can guarantee high-volume, high-quality production, which system is very reliable; system module is the mainstay of three sizes of rolled profiles, strength, stiffness, light weight, to ensure stability of the system.