Boom overhang electric lift
Boom overhang electric lift can work across some obstacles or in a multi-point lifting operations can be carried out; 360 degree rotation, the platform carrying capacity, for simultaneous operation of two or more persons may carry certain equipment; lifting platform mobility, easy transfer of venue; appearance, suitable for indoor and outdoor operation and storage. Suitable for a wide range of stations, terminals, shopping malls, stadiums, residential property, factories and other operations workshop.
Features: high quality structural steel, single-sided double-sided welding molding process, imported or domestic joint pump station pump stations, aerial lift platform is equipped with balancing valves, automatic packing and other safety devices, the platform is safe and reliable and durable. The series lifts have mobile and flexible, stable lifting, carrying capacity, easy to operate,
Only force will bring the latest products unveiled CILF
Only force will bring the latest products unveiled CILF Only the forklift will bring the latest products unveiled CILF Wei Li forklift company announced a new series medium combustion forklift (pneumatic tires), will debut this year CILF comprehensive exhibition class4 and 5 series of products, including the launch of new products. It is understood that the launch of the new truck has five different capacity, respectively, from 8000 to 12,000 lbs, for tasks such as heavy-duty operation has been specifically designed for wood, cement and steel and other handling operations. New product belonging class4 and 5 series, and had some technical improvements, and further adapted to customer needs. Mitsubishi forklift company marketing department official said, Mitsubishi forklift company always ensure to provide customers with reliable and durable forklifts, their philosophy and goal is to continue manufacturing quality equipment to ensure operator comfort and controllability, but also to meet customers expenditure needs. In addition, Flextronics, PA Patel,
Electric forklift battery life of 1,500 charge-discharge cycles
The time required for maintenance due to electric forklift maintenance interval period relative to internal combustion forklifts to be much longer , but the time required for each maintenance than internal combustion forklifts lot less, so that saves labor costs needed to maintain , in fact, this is a more substantive forklift downtime greatly reduced , so that the forklift for improving the efficiency of the economic benefits are difficult to calculate . Electric forklift battery life of 1,500 charge-discharge cycles , translated into forklift working hours of 10,000 hours , the same which is also equivalent to an internal combustion engine forklift overhaul of the time , so when the electric forklift battery replacement cost and engine overhaul costs are relatively close , but replacing the battery faster than the speed of the engine overhaul ( or replacement engine speed ) is much faster , but also demonstrates the advantage of time efficiency . At this point, we can see that , although we spent purchasing electric forklifts that load capacity than the cost of an equivalent internal combustion forklifts to be higher than 30% , but the total cost of using the data can be directly measured can be seen in fact, with the total cost of electric forklifts is much lower than the internal combustion forklifts .
Encyclopedia of common sense safety precautions crane summary
Encyclopedia of common sense safety precautions crane summary Crane safe operation , maintenance, assessment methods crane belonging to special equipment , where undocumented, non-operators or without professional training and examinations to obtain valid documents by non- operation. floating high operating personnel should be firmly linked to the seat belt , seat belt use and wear should be consistent with existing national standard , " belts " (GB6095) the relevant provisions. construction process, using Fine Mesh Safety Vertical nets buildings closed ( or take protective measures limb ) . construction process, should take effective measures on the construction site and building a variety of holes reclosable and firmly fixed. of personnel activities are concentrated above the entrance and erection of protection should be shed .