One kind of household folding lift, belongs to a lift, especially a household folding lift
One kind of household folding lift, belongs to a lift, especially a household folding lift. Which consists of two steel plate beams, and which are connected by a plurality of inverted " U" -shaped soldering connecting card, a gap is formed intermediate, front and rear ends, respectively, disposed within the space formed in the track through the trolley back and forth may be connected to the hoist motor and . Thereby overcoming the irrational structure and inconvenient to use existing home lifts and other defects exist. With a reasonable structure, create a simple, low cost, easy to use, practical, and can use more than one machine can also be single-family household use, etc.
fault diagnosis system will be more perfect
Anhui Electric Forklift Corporation has developed with independent intellectual property rights to adapt the contemporary international market demand of high-tech , high value-added new electric forklift H2000 series , and in accordance with international standards for the construction of excellent service system. 2004 , large-tonnage "force " assembled electric forklift 1215 units, an increase of 73%. Experts predict that the new generation of electric forklift maintenance , operability will be stronger , display, fault diagnosis system will be more perfect . "Force " 25 tons forklifts recently successfully developed, the product is mainly used for stacking seven layers of container ( suspension Ground clearance 18.8 m ) , with international mainstream configuration , easy to manipulate , reliable and equipped with safety protection, condition monitoring and fault display means .
The second trend : professional , multi-species
The second trend : professional , multi-species Automatic storage systems, large supermarkets were established, and stimulated the growth in demand for indoor handling machinery . High-performance electric electric forklift , reach electric forklift, electric forklift trucks and other types of narrow aisle warehouse electric forklift rapidly. In order to maximize replace human labor with machines operations , improve production efficiency, adapt to urban construction sites as well as in narrow warehouse , docks, warehouses , accommodation , cottages, building layers and underground engineering requirements for use in the operating environment , small and micro electric forklift come into play , and got rapid development. Also there is a articulated electric forklift , it is mainly used within the narrow aisle materials handling. On the other hand , electric forklifts versatility also improved, which allows the user under the premise of not increasing the investment performance of the device itself into full play , to complete more work.
Short tower crane tower crane
Short tower crane tower crane, also known as crane. As the operating frequency is high, there will be some common failure. Troubleshooting 1, the brake slip and fall produce luffing crane trolley car after braking slip out 2, the brake smoke heat during operation 3, reducer temperature 4, reducer bearing temperature 5, gearbox oil spill 6, lifting slow 7, weakness or inability jacking jacking 8, lifting boost when noise and vibration 9, jacking system does not work 10, lifting fibrillation occurs when crawling 11, after lifting a load from the lower 12, the total failure of the Start button 13, lifting action trip 14, can not start lifting mechanism 15, traction abnormal excessive noise and vibration 16, traction mechanism bearing overheating 17, traction mechanism charged 18, traction mechanism defective brakes 19, traction motor temperature is too high or smoke 20, slewing mechanism will not start