electric lift
With the development of social science and technology, electric lift has spread to all corners of the social life, the use of more and more widely, whether it is architecture, civil engineering, and people's daily lives are inseparable from the electric lift machinery, many businesses seize this opportunity have invested in factories, electric lift machinery companies followed after rain shoots like everywhere in the major industrial cities, electric lift market is unusually hot, in short supply, it can be seen from the side, the rapid social development, promote the development of the whole industry as well as people's demand, however, as buyers lined company how to choose a good electric lift machinery goods become important topic.
Energy saving , environmental protection
New electric forklift will focus more ergonomic , improve operating comfort. Studies show that : the inner wall of the cab compact layout , help to improve productivity. If all of the controls can be arranged according to ergonomics , the driver manipulating the more comfortable , better to concentrate on work . Germany JUNGHEIRICH group companies are all in exploring further improve electric forklift comfort. In general, electric power divided by internal combustion forklift electric forklift and electric forklift . Internal combustion engine -powered electric forklifts to its strong power , wide application , the disadvantage is greater emissions and noise pollution , harmful to human health . To improve product energy efficiency and meet increasingly stringent environmental requirements , the main consideration from the lower engine emissions and improve the efficiency of the hydraulic system and the vibration, noise and other aspects . To be sure , less emissions , noise, small electric forklift certainly be welcome . Battery electric forklift , natural gas , liquefied petroleum gas and other fuels electric forklift will certainly get further development
One is Tarrif bridge factory
Components of electric forklifts drive supporting enterprise began in 1960 in Hangzhou, established " Hangzhou gear factory " that currently China's largest electric forklift gearbox manufacturer - Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., Ltd. electric forklift transmission branch ( referred to Hangchi Hangchi group or electric forklift gearbox Branch ) . wFollowed by Hang tooth reconstruction ,as established in Chengdu, Sichuan another country 's largest manufacturers of electric forklift transmissions of the " Sichuan gear factory ." From the early 1970s to the eighties, in particular to the 1990s, as China's rapid development of electric forklift industry , transmission component parts has also been rapid development. Defense conversion enterprises, Changsha Aviation Industry South Transmission Machinery Factory ( referred to as " Drive South " ) , Ganzhou rings Gearbox Factory , Shaoxing Advance Gearbox Co., Ltd. and a number of cross transmission enterprises have been established, so that one of our main transmission component parts transmission manufacturing enterprises basically formed a system . In the drive axle side, this period has established the industry has a typical representative of the two professional drive axle manufacturer. One is Tarrif bridge factory, in February 2001 and converted into a private cloud -yu fat city electric forklift Limited . Another factory in Jiangxi Fenyi bridge
after the start of the inspection engine
the best time to start successfully , such as making the second start, twice starting interval should be greater than 1min, not yet in stationary diesel engines and starter before the start button , in order to avoid severe impact damage parts. When the engine starts running , you should immediately release the start button or electric keys, avoid to damage the gears. When the engine can not be started several times in succession , the response to such diesel fuel system or starter checks , troubleshooting doing start. Second, after the start of the inspection engine after starting the engine should be at low speed , check the meter indication is normal, listen to any abnormal sound , and make the necessary adjustments. Check for oil spills, leaks , leak, leakage, if necessary, tighten or repair. Diesel preheated to 50 , the instrument is working properly before starting or after crane hydraulic pump and PTO shaft combined until the hydraulic oil temperature reaches above 30 , can the lifting operation . Third, the diesel engine running engine after starting , you should first low-speed operation for some time, so that the engine warm-up , after the instrument is working properly , that should stop the continued low-speed operation , enter the artificial state. Low speed diesel engine , oil pressure should not be less than 1000kpa. Special attention should be : diesel should run at low speed for a long time , because the engine crankshaft speed lower than the rated speed, the fuel injector atomization will deteriorate over time, will lead diesel engine does not operate properly ; Secondly , prolonged low-speed operation will the lubricant viscosity , oil pump oil pump running slow cause insufficient , leading to poor lubrication of the bearing parts of the bearing alloy occurs off the block and other accidents , and low speed diesel engine work is not stable, easy to produce shock loads .